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The Book of 2 Timothy

The  Book of 2 Timothy | Free Online Audio Sermons

This is an expository study of the book of 2 Timothy in which the specific principles of apostolic authority are developed and illustrated. The exposition of 2 Timothy is an in-depth analysis of the grace of God in the apostolic, comparing the reality of God’s calling to the pretense of those who try to play the role of an apostle without the grace.

Attention is given to rightly understanding how to lean upon the grace of God in your priesthood, how to interpret God’s will for the nations, and how to be established in the great and precious promises given to the church. There is significant application that brings the message of Paul home to the heart of the modern Christian as the study further reveals why apologetics is a ruse of the devil and ends with an admonition to allow the law of grace to govern the heart of faith rather than the precept.

The Complete Book of 2nd Timothy

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2011-06-23Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2nd TimothyChapter 01:1Chapter 01:18
2010-11-29Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2nd TimothyChapter 02:1Chapter 02:26
2011-01-27Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2nd TimothyChapter 03:1Chapter 03:17
2011-05-09Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2nd TimothyChapter 04:1Chapter 04:22

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