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The Book of 2 Thessalonians

 The  Book of 2 Thessalonians | Free Online Audio Sermons

The exposition of 2 Thessalonians, although a small book, is a very important portion of Scripture. Apostle Paul identifies a healthy Christian as one whose faith grows exceedingly, partaking of grace and contributing to charity. The apostle expounds on the tether of grace and its purpose to reflect the likeness of Christ.

With special emphasis on the mystery of iniquity and how a Christian today can identify that spirit at work in the world and more dangerously, in the church subverting faith. The season of change from the Second 8th Week to the 7th week (Tribulation), the rise and fall of the Beast, false prophet are expounded upon. Series ends with a special teaching on the anointing of the Holy Spirit, why the spirit of this world presents logic as the compass for faith, how to discern between true brethren and false brethren, and how to rest in God’s consistency.

The Complete Book of 2nd Thessalonians

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2010-11-01Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2nd ThessaloniansChapter 01::
2011-05-30Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2Nd ThessaloniansChapter 2---
2011-06-02Apostle Eric vonAnderseck2Nd ThessaloniansChapter 3---

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