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The Book of 1 Peter

The  Book of 1 Peter | Free Online Audio Sermons
This is an in-depth expository study of the Book of 1 Peter. The entire book is expounded, with special attention given to Apostle Peter’s confirmation of the foundation knowledge of the faith that all apostles lay in the hearts of believers. This is a cardinal doctrine of the faith and therefore a vital message for the church today.
The audio teachings covers the identity of our Shepherd Jesus Christ who is the  Mountain and Steward of our faith; how Jesus wants us to use His new holy knowledge; what it truly means to be born again, revealing the priesthood of all believers. This is a very practical work, showing believers how the Spirit purifies them, how to properly use grace to renew, refresh, and cleanse the soul, and explains how each Christians is a living stones put into living a living tower called the Body of Christ.

The Complete Book of 1st Peter

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2011-04-28Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1St PeterChapter 01:1Chapter 01:25
2011-06-10Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1St PeterChapter 02:1Chapter 02:25
2009-12-18Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1St PeterChapter 03:1Chapter 03:22
2011-06-27Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1St PeterChapter 04:1Chapter 04:19
2011-01-31Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1St PeterChapter 05:1Chapter 05:14

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