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The Book of 1 John

The  Book of 1 John | Free Online Audio Sermons
This is an in-depth expository study of the Book of 1 John, with special attention given to Apostle John’s tireless labor to bring to the mind of the church the Person who is called the Word of God—Jesus Christ.  Jesus taught us that the record is now established as faith in Him. This is the true pattern, which John acknowledges.
Teaching covers the 3 manifestations of truth and then moves to expound on the stages of a Christian’s growth with special emphasize on defining the little children of the faith  and how they become entangled in Event Theology and personal prophecy. Apostle Eric makes distinction between those who try to build a relationship with God the moral code and those who walk the proven path of righteousness and further compares the design of the Temple to the effectual working of Christ in the soul to anchor faith in the activity of the new priesthood in Jesus Christ.

The Complete Book of 1st John

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2008-04-16Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1st JohnChapter 01:1Chapter 01:10
2008-04-23Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1st JohnChapter 02:1Chapter 02:29
2008-04-30Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1st JohnChapter 03:1Chapter 03:24
2008-05-07Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1st JohnChapter 04:1Chapter 04:13
2008-05-14Apostle Eric vonAnderseck1st JohnChapter 04:13Chapter 05:21

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