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What are the Weapons for Spiritual Warfare?

True Spiritual Weapons of Warfare

I want to share with you a word of wisdom I received from the Lord a while ago: Weapons of warfare.

Warfare is the waging of war against an enemy. Another definition is: armed conflict. While reading through Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians, I found a scripture that confirmed this word: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.” (2 Corinthians 10:4)

Carnal weapons of warfare keep believers in bondage to sin

In (2 Corinthians 10:4) we can see that God has given believers weapons to fight the good fight of faith with. Christians cannot wage war without the proper spiritual armour of God. But when looking at all the different articles, books and teachings written by church leaders and pastors all over the world, it is clear to see that there is no oneness of mind concerning what these spiritual weapons of warfare are and how believers are to use them.

Some teachers claim that meditating on scripture and “throwing” these scriptures at Satan to ward off spiritual attacks is called spiritual warfare. Some use rites such as binding and rebuking the devil and claiming authority over unfavourable circumstances. And some say we have the authority to call down angels and order them to do our bidding. Saying the name of Jesus is also said to invoke great fear in Satan and his demons and they flee whenever they hear it.

What are the Weapons of our Warfare?

Another popular belief is that our weapons are in fact the fruits of the Spirit. We wage war against darkness by imitating Jesus’ behaviour. We are said to overcome evil with good behaviour and doing good to others. Fasting is also seen as a weapon which triggers a confrontation with demons. It is said that because Jesus fasted in the wilderness, He was able to withstand the temptations of the devil and so we are to do the same. These are only a few of the false doctrines floating out there.

As a believer I am sure you have tried some of these tactics to fight against Satan, and you have found that these weapons are not as effective as they seemed. After exhausting all these techniques believers still find that they are powerless against sin. They struggle with fear, doubt, confusion, guilt and frustration. Many ask: Where is the authority over darkness that Jesus promised I would have in (Luke 10:19)? Where is the victory over sin? Why am I still struggling with the same old problems day after day?

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It is because of false knowledge that the true weapons of warfare have been lost to the church. Satan deceives man by providing philosophies that may look godly, but is in fact removed from God. Learn how false knowledge keeps the soul looped in darkness and how God has provided the knowledge of His Son for our discernment and overcoming
The reason for believer’s lack of victory over sin is that since the death of the first century apostles, Satan began to place the wrong weapons in the hands of the church. The result of this is that believers now fight with carnal weapons that God does not empower and, as a result, believers are not living in victory over sin and they are not bearing forth fruit unto God. (Ephesians 6:12) brings out that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but is spiritual. Therefore, we as believers need to throw down these carnal weapons Satan has used to weaken faith with and we must pick up the spiritual weapons that God has authorized to empower faith.

The spiritual weapons of Christ sets the soul free from the yoke of sin

Just as a soldier cannot enter the battlefield with the wrong weapon, such as a butter knife, a toothbrush or a wooden spoon, so also we, as soldiers of God, cannot go into battle with weapons that God does not empower. God has designed specific weapons for our overcoming which He enters into. These weapons are called the contact points or tools of the covenant.

It is important to understand that when God doesn’t enter into a contact point, this contact point is carnal and that which is carnal is powerless against the enemy. We cannot fight the carnal nature with carnal weapons. We are in need of the spiritual armour of Christ.

During these final days before the rapture of His church, God has once again raised up His true government, and the true knowledge of Christ is now returning believers back to the cross and back to the priesthood. The knowledge of false pastors and teachers has disarmed believers, leaving them defenceless in the spiritual war against darkness. But the holy knowledge that comes through God ordained, living apostles once again places the proper weapons back in the hands of God's soldiers, so that they can fight the good fight of faith. A disarmed army cannot stand in victory.

The knowledge of Christ gives direction for faith so that every believer can put on the proper armour for his fight against darkness. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood was sprinkled on the tools, or weapons, of the second covenant. Jesus' blood sanctified these tools and empowered them for our contact with our Father. These tools, or spiritual contact points, are our weapons of warfare. They are the armour we are to daily put on. They are the vestments of the holy priesthood of Christ.

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In this video Apostle Bronwyn Botha instructs from the lesson The Flesh. She teaches about the battle that takes place in the mind and how believers are to overcome.
We do not stand in victory over sin by rebuking the devil and binding and loosing angels or demons. We do not stand in victory over sin through the carnal rite of fasting. We do not stand in victory over sin by imitating the fruits of the Spirit. We stand in victory over sin by coming in contact with the tools Jesus has bought for us with His blood. We stand in victory over sin by putting on the armour of our priesthood (tools) through which we are able to resist Satan’s inspiration.

It is essential for believers to be educated in the knowledge of Christ. If you are ready to let go of the false knowledge that promises victory but delivers guilt and shame please visit and sign up for free online courses that will truly empower faith.

To read more about the spiritual weapons that the Spirit of God enters into to make faith living, follow this link to the free online course called the Tools of the Covenant and learn what it is to experience the fullness of Christ.

To understand the battle of the mind and how Satan uses the flesh against you, do the free online course called The Flesh and discover true spiritual warfare.


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