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Holiness the lost meaning and unreachable standard In today’s incomplete gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

“ Holiness The Lost Meaning And Unreachable Standard In Today’s Incomplete Gospel “


The church after 2000 years of darkness has been satisfied with a less valued and an  incomplete gospel. Why a less valued and incomplete gospel? What do I mean when I say this. Well first of all God has brought a paradigm shift to the church by apostolic stewardship. We now by the revelation of the Father of Lights have the blueprint that shows us the fullness of Christ. Christ is represented in his fullness by the 12 elements of the gospel. This is the foundation of truth that is set in the believer by the measure of grace given to the apostles office. The true gospel of Christ is revealed not learned, just as light penetrates darkness, so must the light of the gospel penetrate the darkness of the soul. God planned it this way so believers will not go into their own reading of truth and private interpretation using the darkness of their own moral code by the imagination, but be guided by Gods grace in His called stewardship. The mystery of Christ is given in the measure of grace to  His government of apostles.

When the truth is known the lie is able to be discerned. We are discerning the lie of Satan and what he has changed and removed from the gospel that was taught by the original apostles of Christ.

Lets look first at the first 5 elements of the gospel that are for the salvation of the soul and we will come to understand what happened to Holiness and the other elements of the gospel.

Grace, Faith, Righteousness, justification and Sanctification.

These today do not have the value God has given these stones ( elements ) these stones consist of Christ who is manifested in the apostles grace by His Living Record.

Christ is not expressed through mans disambiguation, but in the value given by God through His stewardship, there in covenant the stones  of the true light of Christ now shines in truth.

Grace by mans definition Gods unmerited favor, this means one who does not deserve Gods excellence or worth. This definition has removed deliberately and automatically the operation of God in the work of salvation, for it says  that  we are not deserving of the work of Christ in the soul.

Grace by apostles definition – Gods communication to man for the drawing of faith from the heart for the work of Salvation to begin.

Faith by mans definition – The confidence and trust in God to provide for the needs of the flesh. 

 Faith by the apostles definition – The humbling of the heart by grace for obedience to respond to His work of grace for salvation of the soul  

Righteousness by mans definition  – Mans fleshly efforts through the moral law having to do with his conduct and behavior applying the 10 commandments or scripture for uprightness and standard in his own eyes.

Righteousness by apostles definition -  God declares you righteous in Christ for Christ is your standard and you are  abiding in Christ and the process of salvaging the soul now initiated

Justification by mans definition – God vindicating those who “repent” but sinner has no responsibility to God or need for coming into agreement with God by covenant for salvation

Justification by apostles definition  - We act in Gods interest by the revelation of the Spirit to carry faith in covenant which is according to His will, for the preservation of our salvation.

Sanctification by mans definition – being purified from sin makes man holy This is ambiguous how is this done ? It also  mixes this element with the element of holiness.

Sanctification by apostles definition – God separates you from the world by the power of the baptism of the  Holy Spirit as he seals you in himself for salvation, This element is binary and not mixed with the next element of holiness.

In these first elements of Salvation we see Satan having muddled and muddied the definition to remove the value of Christ in the stones. The altar of Christ being devalued and broken by his influence and mans acceptance of his influence, giving  to man a definition for them. Therefore the next element of the gospel was not only muddled but lost to the church. Which is the element of Holiness

The church for this reason says this is the last frontier for here is where the seed ( word ) fell on the road and the birds ( the kingdom of darkness ) came and snatched it out. They snatched out the element of holiness by first making it their definition in saying it is a state of being or quality of blessedness or saintliness that in the churches view is not yet visible or difficult to achieve or its unattainable for its members due to not being able to  separate from frailty by their efforts they then try repressing frailty.

Satan here has simply kept the church in darkness of not only the true definition of Holiness but the way of holiness. This is why only these first 5 elements of mans salvation are the ones heard from in the church even though they also have been pretty well confused by him. He was very successful in keeping the church in the dark about what holiness is and how one attains it.

The definition of apostles for holiness – The separation of the church from the world by drawing near to God for obedience through the second covenant priesthood using the tools sprinkled by the blood.

This is what Satan’s big cover up is toward  the church. The tools that bring the reality of holiness to the church that draws her near to God, he has had a successful campaign, so that  the other elements not yet heard of from the church, which are of experiencing the Peace of God, Rest from the works of iniquity, believers walking in truth in the church and  Charity coming forth from the lips, regeneration of the soul by His fruit and the renewing of the mind, the church sadly has not even been close to discovering.   

The apostles office by the grace of God has brought in the true meaning of the 12 elements of Christ and the altar has been repaired by apostolic stewardship for those who would begin to recover for faith the element of holiness to begin to live and walk in holiness, and  to receive by revelation the other elements, the precious stones of the rebuilt altar of Christ, for the experience of the fullness and reality of the living Record of Christ.

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