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The Canon, Divine Authority Or Dupery

For man to bring together a collection of books and then claim divine authority on only those books for license to make a canon, is an attempt to straddle restrictions on Deity and take Gods Divine Order of Authority in a different direction which He never approved nor sanctified.

It is time to declare openly this hoax of a true canon as the final authority upon the church. The fear of Christians everywhere to not walk away from this fraud holds the church in the depths of darkness allowing her because of this false authority over her, to assign themselves fallaciously with self righteousness.

The sin of spiritual fornication in the originating of the canon by men working with seducing spirits remains upon those men who concocted this humbug distortion of a false Christ.  A Christ who lives in scripture and not in the hearts of men. Yet even so, in no way will God wink at those who insist on continuing  to cling to this reprobate system, for  its wicked birth of the precept.

When one flees this pseudo authority,  its wicked system of antichrist inspired self interpretation of scriptures ( mans precepts ) then the book of Enoch and other inspired books are able to be seen as a masterpiece of God breathed wisdom.

Yet it is not in the acceptance of more books or in their rejection, as the church fathers and councils went in pursuit of to find Gods true authority but rather, it is in the Apostles Foundation of Truth. For by this foundation and no other,  man discovers God's true and divine authority and the indisputable fact of  this is in the evidence it gives to the Church, the fulcrum for true discernment of what is of God and what is not and the bringing of equity to the soul and spirit of man, through the purity of the Word.  

Men want their own restrictions instead of the restrictions from the anointing of truth. Gods plan needed no hand of man to touch the valuable and precious stones of Christ, for it is the Spirit within the structure of truth who reveals those boundaries and not 66 books.

One question we should ask ourselves about a canon is why

would men want to claim divine authority in the first place? As

we will shortly see in the History of the making of the Canon, it

was more so, that man would find agreement with themselves

and not necessarily with God. 

Mans motive for this goes back to the fall, man is quick to be

more than willing to take short cuts to divinity  even if  that

means usurping or circumventing  Gods authority.

Even as Satan suggested to cast doubt in Gods authority,


"Is it so that God has said, You shall not eat of every

tree of the garden?"


Jesus said you are quick to give glory one to another instead of the only true God.

Joh 5:44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

A canon makes it convenient for man to pat himself on the back and find agreement one with another instead of those things God has sanctified for His truth to set us free.

It is subtle because man thinks he is defending God. The zeal of religion in the god code of man brought about a different path to keep the Word of God pure. Without Gods spiritual government man went down an erroneous path of zeal lacking and absent of Gods authority. Instead of advocacy for God these councils followed Satan’s doctrine. For the following shows  Satan’s inspiration.

I will ascend to the heights of the clouds I will be the most High, In this Satan was desiring  to be Divine Authority. This same aspiration Satan fitted to man to claim Divine authority by a Canon. In this way man could also become God without God. Doing so by  interpreting scriptures to his own imagination and aspiration. Satan was clever in assigning man this idea so that no mortal could claim his orders that he himself had failed to fulfill as the anointed Cherub,  being cast out of heaven.  

2Pe_1:20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture came into being of its own private interpretation.

The church in its zeal to keep the word of God pure by its invention of a canon, fitted hand and glove to Satan’s scheme and replaced grace and truth with just the text of scripture. By doing so fell from grace to the tragic results of Satan's philosophy in exalting itself above the stars of God.

Because of this error The Church  Instead of sitting upon;


the congregation of the righteous being tethered to the throne of God coming unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,


Instead of coming to;

Heb 12:23 the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,


Instead of coming to :

Heb 12:24 Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.


The church instead, sits on Agar the mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. Gal 4:25 Being governed by a darkened hard task master through the text of precept because of the authority being in a canon and not in living apostles.

The church that sits in bondage thinks it will be raptured as the true church, yet without it having to submit to the grace and truth of God, it will not be,  but it will be brought down to Hell. For this is  Satan's destiny  who attempted this and thought the same thing, the church must repent and put its trust once again not in the authority of scriptures but in Gods divine authority which are in the callings of God.

Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.


Precept makes one to be like the most High but without the virtues of Christ this is spiritual fornication.

To just be familiar with a bible and trust in divine direction for your faith in its 66 books without the callings, you may as well add another 6 to it for it is Satan’s system of inspiration and not Gods divine inspiration by the system of His covenant.

This is a system for  self  which  = 6,  Inspired by Satan which = 6,  the text alone without the record and the witness = 6 spelling  the system of 666. For this system is meant to teach you to reject Gods dignities within His Spiritual Government.


3 sects of Christendom in the beginning of the 3rd century.


Churches for lack of Apostles, sees the letters of dead apostles as authoritative

1) The Petrine churches, comprising the church of Rome and other churches which recognized Peter as the chief of the apostles and the visible head of the church on earth;

2) The Pauline sects, which accepted Paul as the true exponent of Christianity;

3) The Johannine or Eastern churches, which regarded John as their founder.

A collection of books to be acceptable to all of these churches must contain the favorite books of each.


These 3 were united to Catholicism accepting books from all them to unite them, but the union did not last.

To Irenaeus, more than to any other man, belongs the credit of founding the Roman Catholic church; and to him also belongs the credit of founding the New Testament canon, which is a Roman Catholic work. No collection of books corresponding to our New Testament existed before the time of Irenaeus. He was the first to make such a collection, and he was the first to claim inspiration and divine authority for its books.

The early beginnings of the creation of a canon came under the inspiration of the catholic church.

At the close of the second century the Christian world was divided into a hundred different sects. Irenaeus and others conceived the plan of uniting these sects, or the more orthodox of them, into one great Catholic church, with Rome at the head; for Rome was at this time the largest and most influential of all the Christian churches. "It is a matter of necessity," says Irenaeus, "that every church should agree with this church on account of its preeminent authority." (Heresies, Book 3).

The era of Christian Councils 300’s – 700’s AD.

Various councils, following this, adopted canonical lists. One council would admit certain books and the next council would reject them

The actions of none of these councils were unanimous or decisive. The list of books adopted was adopted simply by a majority vote. A large minority of every council during this era refused to accept the list of the majority. Some advocated the admission of books that were rejected; others opposed the admission of books that were accepted. As late as the seventh century (629), at the sixth Council of Constantinople, many different canonical lists were presented for ratification.


The complete canon of the New Testament, as we now have it, was ratified by the third Council of Carthage, 397 A.C., from which time it was generally accepted by the Latin church, some of the books remaining in doubt and disputed."

Mind you this was councilor authority and not apostolic authority. Along the way these councils forgot the reason that divine authority in a canon was sought, and that was to bring the churches together by the books ( text) and not by the apostolic anointing through living apostles.

We have seen what the text has done better yet not done, to bring the churches together, councilor authority has never worked for bringing the church to one faith. We have since the  3rd century witnesses to a bringing forth of more denominations because of this trust in the authority of the text.

Over 43, 000 denominations because of dependency in the authority of a canon. A canon cannot administrate and oversee the church of God as living apostles can. This is why God is bringing the church back to the authority of the callings of God to bring the church to  one doctrine, to one faith He established in Christ.

A Council coming together without apostolic authority sees a need for authority, and so looked for it in the authority of scriptures yet this is a headless authority. For the headship of Christ was discounted the council in doing so usurped the headship of Christ rejecting the Chief Corner Stone of the church that being Christ, who's Divine Authority works  with His Government of Apostles , His Truth and his Spirit only.

The Church scholars :

Not one of the five men who contributed most to form the canon, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Clement, Jerome, and Augustine, were not in agreement nor accepted all of each others books.

The Rev. Jeremiah Jones, a leading authority on the canon, says: "Justin Martyr, Clemens Alexandrinus, Tertullian, and the rest of the primitive writers were wont to approve and cite books which now this present age has them to be apocryphal." (Canon, p. 4).

Many Protestant scholars have questioned or denied the correctness of the Protestant canon. John Calvin, founder of Presbyterianism, doubted Second and Third John and Revelation. Erasmus doubted Hebrews, Second and Third John, and Revelation. Davidson thinks that Esther should be excluded from the canon, Eichorn rejected Daniel and Jonah in the Old Testament, and Second Timothy and Titus in the New.

Martin Luther in the 16th century rejected 6 of the current books in the canon and he was considered one of the highest authorities in protestant faith yet by him the church came to see the 66 canonical books as superseding the authority of the church.


So much disagreement down through history, this is divine authority? Or is this a duping  on the church of the most evil kind.


True Authority


When the authority of the callings, those called by the grace of God, being, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelist and Pastors,  was removed from the church and put on the canon, Satan’s work was complete. For now no authority within the church would be able to argue this point of the bible being the final authority. The church had, and has since then, been hoodwinked.

How could such confusion and disagreement in the councils and with church scholars knowing this history become so accepted in our present generation. To make us so gullible for the canon to become so authoritative and even to the point of becoming divinely authoritative,

I smell a rat, a deceiver and an archenemy of real faith and the true Living Record of Christ.


God is raising up again His divine order for church government in this 2nd 8th Week of Righteousness. Doing so,  to restore His authority by the callings, back to the church. 

It is  for the purpose of bringing  His church to the purity of Christ. This will be done not by the authority of books that man has given the final authority called a canon, but to God ordained  apostles under the Divine Authority of Christ the  Living Headship of the Church. 

That Christ may give forth to the Church  for its sanctification, the New covenant law of Grace and Truth something the text of scripture alone could never do.

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