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Faith ≠ Guesswork

The role faith plays is obedience.

Guesswork is a estimate based on little on no information.

We know that faith is not guesswork because obedience to God is not based on misinformation but the revelation of the Spirit which is the totality of God's word.

"So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God."  Romans 10:17

"I guess it's faith?"

Many when faced with circumstances that contradict their aspiration question when circumstances turn in favor of their aspiration whether or not it was because of faith in God.  Maybe you didn't think you would get that job but turns out that your exactly what the company was looking for, there is a sense of relief because your suspicions weren't true, in this case you don't mind because the expectation of receiving a paycheck for your work allows you purchase those things you need and that is good. It is common for man to reevaluate his decisions, thinking that if he could figure out the pattern he thinks twisted God's arm of compassion that he can make application in other circumstances that may arise that may not be in favor of his aspiration. For example, a scenario goes well with someone you know and facing a similar situation that someone offers you advice or maybe you yourself recall the scenario thinking that if you make the same application as they did the results would be the same. And we know where that leads just to name a few when the council is not taken or if the outcome is unexpected:

"I can't believe she didn't listen to me, what was she thinking?"

"If only he did what I told him to do he wouldn't be in the mess he is in today."

Ouch! Death stings when we confuse God's mercy with his compassion. What I mean is that God did not set a pattern in Jesus Christ for favorable circumstances but to express perfect faith. Although God grants us sovereignty of will to choose faith he does not grant us sovereignty of will to set the scenario's for the testing of our faith. The Inclination of Man to Judge is to think that our voice matters, however God doesn't wait at our gates for wisdom, we wait at His gates and receive His wisdom when we are willing to die to our own.

If man had the power of destiny he would not choose unfavorable circumstances. We see this concept played out in Hollywood especially around the holiday seasons where those who deem their childhood unfavorable dread returning home to see their loved ones, I mean with every opportunity afforded to them they made sure that they chose that which would allow them to get away and have a "fresh" start at life. But as those stories go on we see that those memories aren't forgotten or replaced as the pain returns upon visitation.

So what is faith? Many Christians quote the scripture "Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen," but what does this mean? We know that you don't have to be a Christian to hope for things, people hope for things everyday, one can hope that they don't get hit by a car when crossing the street, they may even hope that they have the hours needed at work to pay their bills, they can hope that the plans they made go accordingly and so forth. So what is Apostle Paul addressing here to the Hebrew saints when he says "Faith is the substance of things hoped for?"

The true hope of faith has nothing to do with favorable circumstances, it has nothing to do with God's compassion but is where the Spirit of God carries the testimony of God within the soul. If circumstances turn in your favor this is simply God's compassion not because Christ in you. Christ in you is what you want because God's compassion cannot carry you to His bosom which is the destiny of the righteousness. Without the likeness of Christ being formed in you there is no tether to God's kingdom whereby He identifies you as a son. So the next time you ponder whether or not the circumstances you face are of faith or the lack thereof, know that it is neither. The signature map of your soul is being played out which includes, everything in your genetic make-up, from the color of the eyes to the emotional and intellectual compositions; the things that make us all unique and different; the things that bring attention for honor (gifts and talents) and the things which bring attention to dishonor (social place, wealth or poverty) and also includes the time and manner of death. And so this is why God says not to despise the poor. 

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"The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up."  1 Samuel 2:7.

In other words God is saying do not regard with contempt or scorn those who are poor. Why? Because He has not given man a choice in these matters.  Therefore you don't have to try to fit yourself into someone's else signature neither do you need to attempt to fit other's into your own, these things are already written and are bridged as God wills. Simply put our choices of faith are not in the Signature Map of the Soul; our choices of faith are not in the flesh. With that being said I would like to draw from Second 8th Week Ministries Spiritual Workout Results Guide (SWRG) Users Manual because many upon reading that our choices of faith are not in the flesh may come to the conclusion because of the deceiver's craftiness that God asking them to stop making a living to function in the flesh and that is not the case. The excerpt below is from the section 'The knowledge of this world' under the 5 facets of the flesh:

"Let me make it clear from the start so the Deceiver does not mess with your head. When we talk about God challenging the knowledge of this world, God is not asking you to stop using the knowledge of this world to make a living to function in the flesh. You have to eat and sleep, put a roof over your head, and pay the bills, and make decisions about these things."

I would also like to draw from the Revelation on Revelation series by Chief Apostle Eric - Volume 2 (page 18 or Audio Time hack 44 if listening to Audio Version).

Where Apostle Eric addresses how those who preach the gospel of frailty rather than the gospel of faith are falling prey to seducing spirits and supporting fables.

"If God gave you the gift of poverty, then why are you trying to escape from it? If God gave you the gift of wealth, then why are you trying to escape from that? Whatever gifts God gives to you, don’t affront him with those things. But in giving of thanks, God blesses you, no matter what station you're in, no matter what gift God gives you.

We can see this with the virgin, Mary; the gift God gave her, she did not try to escape that, neither did she go to the book of Deuteronomy or to Genesis and try to find certain scriptures there for event theologies to address her circumstances so that she'd have a boast. She didn’t do that either.

God put her in that lowly state; that's why she said, “God has regarded the lowly state of his hand maiden.”24“And now everybody is going to call me blessed”; not because of the lowly state(46), but because of the revelation.

You can have a blessing in the gift, or, you can have a curse in the gift. As long as you're trying to escape the gift, you always going to struggle with Themistic law. But if, with thanksgiving, you accept the gift that God has assigned to you, and work within that gift, then God will bless you with his peace."

What a blessing it is to know that faith is perfect when joined to the record of Christ, knowing that whether we are assigned by God the gift of poverty or the gift of wealth we please God!

False religious leaders may say that God accepts us the way we are but what they mean to say is that God is not condemning Adamites for sin as Jesus said He that is in sin is condemned already what is important to know today is that God is not asking belivers to restore their own soul, this Adamites couldn't do even if they tried.

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What he is commanding from believers is that they engage their faith on the ground of Jesus Christ which is the terms of the Second Covenant which requires the foundation of truth to be set within your heart by apostles today and in turn God will heal the land, which is your soul this is what ministers of unrighteousness fail to understand because they themselves have yet to yield to Apostolic Stewardship.

"The way of the Lord is covenant and only those who enter therein and abide are on the prophetic path that leads to His bosom."

"The choices of faith are not in the signature map of the soul but in Jesus Christ."
Learn to walk the simple covenant faith Jesus provided by His death and ressurection: 

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