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Faith Definition-Part 2:The Persuasion of the Prejudice -The Image of the Flesh

The Persuasion of the Prejudice: The Image of the Flesh

Faith Definition: What it Means to be Prejudiced

When we talk about the prejudice of man we will be talking about the inclination of man to be partial in judgment or to have preconception.  It is like the apostle James brings out :

(James 2:4)  "Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?"

It will bring our understanidng into God's perspective when we look at how the prejudice mind can keep believers tethered to the flesh.

Faith Definition: The Image of the Flesh is that which Reflects 'Self'

We will be looking at the image of the flesh being that which appeal to your passions and ambitions but it will not offer you a real commitment in forming Christ within.

When we see this failure in the image of the flesh we see how little value it holds in comparison to that which represents Christ and we can find strength to abandon the expectations of the flesh.  We can abandon the ways of the flesh that causes us to try to live up to the expectations of the flesh.

In the Kingdom of God the redemptive work of Christ in us, is what represents us. The image of the flesh represents those things that we see a reflection of ‘self’ in.  In the kingdom of Satan, your prejudices are what represents you thus man tries to live up to the expectation that supports this prejudice.

Why? Cause man strives to stay true to himself. Because carnal reasoning dictates that if you were to abandon all prejudice, what do you have left? How do I deny everything that I am?, you might ask.  Man must know who he is because he fears that his being will spin out of orbit if he has no image or standard to root himself to. This talks to us about man’s deepest desire to know and understand his origin, purpose and destiny.

So because of fear of loss of 'self', man chooses to continue to embrace images that speak to his passions and ambitions surrounding Christ. When man chooses to embrace the abuses of the expectations of the flesh it is because it was his passions and ambitions about Christ that persuaded him in the first place and not the grace of God. This brings us to the challenge : trust the power of His grace, that it sufficient and perfect in its design to set you free from tradition and deception which all functions with the prejudice of the flesh . When we trust in the working of His grace we can abondon the fickle passions and ambitions of the flesh.

Acceptance and Self-gratification

The promises of the images and the expectations of the flesh have to do with acceptance and self-gratification. Is this so strange? No, it is not actually. Satan apealed to Adam and Eve on the level of  the image of the flesh; he said ‘if you eat of this fruit you shall be like God’. Appealing to the image and expectation of the flesh and giving a false avenue to obtain these things by moving with the passion and the ambition to be like God.

How do we take care not to be carried away by the passion and ambition of the flesh to be like God?
By yielding to grace. A seeking heart works with God’s grace. What do you think would have happened to Adam and Eve if they had said to Satan ‘let us look at what our Father had said and let us go to Him with this matter’ ? If Adam and Eve had done this, Satan’s voice would have been dissolved.

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We learn what it means to walk after the flesh. Those that walk after the flesh, struggle to weigh their works against the conscience by the very power that is fueling their anxiety (Satan) (Romans 12:21). We learn what we are overcoming: (1) The drive of the God-Code to find ourselves apart from God, (2) The pursuit of life and purpose through our signature skills, (3) The value we place in our set of scales (Moral Code) we judge and justify ourselves, (4) The False Knowledge of this world, which is Satan\'s education, and (5) the fruits of death in the soul.

Seth: The Challenge of the Image of the Flesh

From the 2nd Book of Adam and Eve we read of Seth, the son of Adam and Eve and how Satan tempted him.

(Second Book of Adam and Eve Chapter 5:6)

'He (Satan) said further, 'But we dwell in beautiful places, in another world than this earth. Our world is one of light and our condition is of the best; our women are handsomer than any others; and I wish thee, O Seth, to wed one of them; because I see that thou art fair to look upon, and in this land there is not one woman good enough for thee. Besides, all those who live in this world, are only five souls.'

Seth Responds:

(Second Book of Adam and Eve Chapter 6:3 and 4)

But Seth said to him, "Thy speech has amazed me; and thy beautiful de-scription of it all."
"Yet I cannot go with thee to-day; not until I have gone to my father Adam and to my mother Eve, and told them all thou hast said to me. Then if they give me leave to go with thee, I will come."

Satan Continues to Feed the Prejudice:

(Second Book of Adam and Eve Chapter 6:7)

But hearken to me; do not tell thy father and mother what I have said to thee; but come with me to-day, to our world; where thou shalt see beautiful things and enjoy thyself there, and revel this day among my children, beholding them and taking thy fill of mirth; and rejoice ever more. Then I shall bring thee back to this place to-morrow; but if thou wouldest rather abide with me, so be it."

Seth: Choice of Grace - To not Follow the Prejudice

(Second Book of Adam and Eve Chapter 6:11)

'But Seth, when he saw how he kept on talking, and that he would not leave him-ran, and went up to the altar, and spread his hands unto God, and sought deliverance from Him.'

Like with Seth when he said to Satan ‘let me go and ask my parents before I go with thee’ and when Seth saw that Satan went on and on about this and would not let him go, Seth discerned Satan’s intention and deception which enabled Seth to not be carried away with His passions and ambitions to be like God.
Yielding to His grace takes us to the altar of Christ, that through Him we obtain this promise within God’s timing and command.

(Second Book of Adam and Eve Chapter 6: 12, 13)

Then God sent His Word, and cursed Satan, who fled from Him.
But as for Seth, he had gone up to the altar, saying thus in his heart. "The altar is the place of offering, and God is there; a divine fire shall consume it; so shall Satan be unable to hurt me, and shall not take me away thence."

What is at the Altar?

There is a joining for increase at the altar of Christ. There is a commitment in fellowship which describes a relationship with equal exchange in substance of grace and truth. When our expectations are molded with the words filled with His grace, then Christ is the result. Christ fulfills our expectation of God. At the altar of Christ the expectation of acceptance is met on the basis of faith.

Satan Forms the Prejudice with False Knowledge

Adam feels a need for confirmation of his worthiness because he feels he should be a god but his frailty and the weight of sin contradicts this fact. So Adam goes: ‘tell me that I am worthy of this inheritance because I sure don’t feel like it’. Satan is quick in response and goes: ‘sure you are, just follow your passions and ambitions and you’ll get there’

What has just formed in the mind and heart of Adam is another form of prejudice. This means a certain perspective has been formed outside of the knowledge of God. So Adam goes: ‘what do you mean… I can achieve godliness by perusing what I am good at and what feels right for me?’ And Satan comforts, ‘as long as your goal remains Christ…’

Can you see how Satan hybridizes the faith journey by a mixing of that which God has promised with the methods of the flesh? Satan promises the end goal but his method he suggests corrupts faith and leave Adam naked and ashamed. Satan approach man on bases of what man is prejudice to believe. He will approach you in the bases of that which has persuaded you.  So are you persuaded by your passions and ambitions for Christ or is your persuasion found in His grace and truth?

Grace and Truth: Let this be your Persuasion

When our persuasion is in His grace and truth we find the power of Christ that serves to inspire the will to choose to abandon all the prejudices and barriers of our former traditions by embracing His knowledge from above.

This is where we find His peace which serves as a consolation, assisting the soul to step out of those former places of false confidence and where His righteousness is ready and able to cover Adam’s nakedness. This is true when we realize that the covering that is promised in the image of the flesh, is false and damaging to faith.

We can take delight in Seth’s example of embracing the altar in the time of His testing, where he was challenged to follow the pursuit of the passions and ambitions of the flesh. Christ is our altar and Law of grace and truth, in Him is no fear; only soundness, equity, soberness- and singleness of mind that dissolves all objections of the carnal eye and the carnal mind.

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