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Government truth and Spirit is the three fold cord that God is restoring to His church in these end times, in order to restore her in the unity of faith and charity. When the knowledge of truth proceeds from the government of God it retains the purity of Christ and the Spirit makes living the faith of all those who partake of it.
Evangelist Monique Babst

Evangelist Monique Babst Monique Babst is a confirmed Evangelist in the government of God and valued member of Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week, ministering the grace of God to those seeking to build upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ. She is a regular contributor to the Prophetic Path and teaches Body ministry, helping believers regain their Christian priesthood by learning how spiritual sacrifices of prophecy work, how the anointing of truth works, and how the spiritual tools of the Second Covenant work. As God brings the church into a new era, Evangelist Monique is here to help guide your faith into the new work of the Spirit, pray for you, and answer your questions.

Recent Posts by Evangelist Monique Babst

Ichabod: The Glory Has DepartedDid you know that the ark of God and the contents of this ark have a spiritual connotation in the new covenant of Jesus Christ? Did you know that the present condition of believer’s faith testifies that the ark of God is missing from the church today? Many believers do not know that Jesus is the ark of the second covenant and that if that ark is missing from their walk with God, they will experience a defeated Christian faith. Learn what the ark of the first covenant contained and how it is applicable to Christian faith. By restoring the ark of the covenant to the church, God’s glory is returning to the church and believers faith no longer have to stand in the power of the flesh, but can now stand in the power of the Spirit.  more...
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Serving God: How to please GodMany believers think that it doesn’t matter how they serve God, as long as they are sincere and do their personal best. Believers think it is acceptable to use their imagination to serve God, because all of us are unique and therefore we can each serve God uniquely. This is a lie Satan has told Christians to keep them away from service to God within His covenant of faith. It does matter to God how we serve Him. Learn how God provided the covenant of Christ so that we may know what service is pleasing to our Father. The promises of Christ are only fulfilled when we keep the terms God has set for our service to Him. more...
Category: Covenant Faith | Last Revised: 0000-00-00
Is Perfect Faith Possible?Many believers are confused about what faith is and the idea of faith being perfect is strange to them. This is because there are many man made doctrines errantly defining faith. These definitions often differ or even contradict each other. But did you know that faith can be perfect? When faith is defined according to what God purposed it to be and not what man has in mind for it, then faith stands in the knowledge and the power of Christ. more...
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What are the Weapons for Spiritual Warfare?Most believers do not know that when God commanded man to fight the good fight of faith, He had specific weapons in mind. Believers cannot wage war against the enemy by using their imagination with scripture, for this leads to a dead faith. The weapons believers need to overcome self, Satan and the world, God has provided within His covenant of faith. Learn more about why believers are struggling with the battle of the mind and how this situation is remedied when the true armour of God is returned to the Church of Christ. more...
Category: Spiritual Warfare | Last Revised: 0000-00-00
The Blessings of God: Physical or Spiritual?The false doctrines on the blessing of Abraham, the prayer of Jabez and that Jesus came to give us life abundant in the flesh, have been preached from many pulpits. Learn how these doctrines place the hopes and expectations of believers within carnal blessings and ruin their appetite for the spiritual blessings of God’s Kingdom. Learn what the true blessing of Abraham was to him and his seed of faith. more...
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