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Revelation Timeline Chart

Apostle Eric vonAnderseck’s Revelation Time Line opens the book of Revelation to the student. The Time Line begins where we are at now, the Second 8th Week. We are in the end times and God is releasing the 4 horsemen to go through the earth to shake mankind from his stupor. God is announcing the time of His coming wrath against those who refused His mercy. We are in the beginning of sorrows and the time of temptation is upon the church. The time of God’s wrath is coming. The first year of the tribulation He will take 1/3 of the earth’s population. They refused the blood of His atonement, therefore He requires the blood of their aspiration.
Spread out across the time line is the opening of the Seals, the Trumpet judgments, the release of the demon locusts seen in Revelation 9, the rise of the Beast, the False Prophet, the Antichrist Man, the Dragon, Mystery Babylon, the first rapture, the second rapture, the preaching of the 2 witnesses, 666, Satan cast of out heaven, war against Israel, Gog, the battle of Armageddon, the creation of the new heavens and earth, and the Baptism of Light.

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