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Covenant Faith Charts & Illustrations

Second Covenant Tools

Spiritual tools is like buying tickets to a sports game or a concert. You use your money to buy a ticket to get into the event before hand. When it is time to go, you present your ticket at the gate and you are allowed entrance. The ticket only has value in that system because it was designed for that specific function. This is to make sure that the money for the event gets into the correct hands. No ticket, means no entrance.
Gods Kingdome works in the same way. Before the foundation of the world, God determined that Jesus Christ would be the prototype of our salvation. He is the token of our faith, (what we present to God for fellowship and fruit) any thing less and God denies us entrance (into His Kingdome), which is why the tools that we are using have to reflect Jesus Christ. God provided spiritual tools which reflect Christ so that man could be reconciled to Him. This is the new covenant and what the old (law) could not do. (Romans 8:3-4) The Spiritual tools are the second covenant tools, not the physical tools which Israel used under the law of Moses.

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