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Covenant Faith Charts & Illustrations

Discerning Fivefold Ministries

Chart lays out proper church government and fivefold ministry under Jesus Christ and why the Bible says that apostles are first in the order of church government, and how that works. If you can understand how God gives a measure of grace to each calling and how the church is unified by truth, you can then understand how grace and truth work together to unite the Body in one faith. We can also understand that unless a body of elders comes into the understanding of one doctrine of Christ it is impossible for them to bring the Body into one mind of Christ. The work of the ministry is dependent on government first setting order to truth. Absolution of sin is the freedom from the working of sin in the soul. That expression of Christ is made possible when grace flows through the Headship of Christ, through His government, and out to the Body. We can understand now why grace is the missing link. (Ephesians 4:5) (Philippians 1:27)

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