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Covenant Faith Charts & Illustrations

The 12 Elements of the Gospel

The 12 Foundation Stones describe the nature of Christ to us that we then walk in through covenant. By studying these Elements of the Gospel you are learning the ABC’s of the covenant. This is the first step to reversing what Satan has done to destroy faith. You have to have a basis of knowledge for your faith to work from before you can experience Christ and take on His likeness.

This faith illustration helps a Christian understand how God intended Christ to be understood. A believer must learn the 12 Foundation Stones (the essential Elements of the Gospel) to speak God’s covenant language. The Elements are the ABCs of the covenant. These are your building blocks to build a firm foundation of faith. You are learning about God’s spiritual DNA, the pattern whereby the likeness of Christ is formed in you. To help you understand and learn the elements of the gospel we are going to illustrate each element for you. That will give you a better idea of what God is doing through Jesus Christ to save, heal, and deliver you.

The icons in this faith illustration will help you to easily identify and learn each foundation stone and the meaning and action behind them. Icons are pictorial representations of each Element that visually communicates their meaning and relevancy to Christ. Tour the Basics will help you fully appreciate and understand why God gave us a covenant language in Jesus Christ and make the connection between the knowledge of Christ and His likeness. Free lessons offered on this site will teach you all you need to know about the Elements of the Gospel and how to use them. 

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