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The Elements of the Gospel

This course introduces you to the 12 Elements of the Gospel, the ABCs of the covenant. To learn to speak God’s covenant language, a believer must learn the 12 Elements of the Gospel. We know that the purpose of every alphabet is to make words. We know that Jesus is the Word of God.  In this course you will learn how God uses the Elements of the Gospel to communicate Christ to us.
Christian Life begins by learning the ABC's of God's covenant
If you have ever been in a foreign country and do not speak their language it can be difficult. It is impossible to significantly interact with others to complete day-to-day operations when there is a language barrier. You soon begin to understand why it is beneficial for you learn to read and speak the language of the people to properly communicate with them.
That being true, the first thing most people do when they go to a foreign country is get a base of knowledge. They learn about the language, custom, and currency of the country they are visiting or moving to. Well, when we come into covenant with God we become citizens of heaven and need to learn how to speak God’s covenant language. God starts you off by teaching you your ABCs.
Just as every letter of the alphabet has value, and knowing the value of the letter helps us know how to place it in a word, each Element of the Gospel possesses a certain value of Christ. Knowing that value helps us to place that Element, thus helping us to express or communicate Christ and identify His work in us.
You will learn how each Element is designed by God to express Christ. Special icons are designed to help you easily identify and learn each Element and the meaning and action behind them. Icons are pictorial representations of each Elements that visually communicates their meaning.
In addition to learning how to place each Element in God’s alphabet soup, you will also learn how the Elements work in pairs (binary) and how they work as a whole and easily apply this to your salvation.
God has made it abundantly clear that salvation is the process of bringing man back to Himself. Sin separated man from God and salvation is the act of God coming in the flesh to establish Himself as the contact point to join man back to Himself.
God uses words such as: “covenant” to describe that salvation needs terms that man agrees to; “tether” to describe that salvation is the act of God joining man back to Himself; “faith” to describe man’s participation in salvation; “fruit” to describe God’s purpose for joining Himself to man; “Spirit” to describe the power needed to affect this divine change; “circumcision” to describe salvation as a transition whereby the old man dies as the new man emerges.
Salvation is in a person, Jesus Christ. The 12 Elements of the Gospel describe the work of our redemption in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ is seen in the design of each Element, fulfilling the plan of God to join you to Himself, free you from sin, heal your soul of Satan’s scars, and create the likeness of Christ in you.
Finally, as you observe the specific composition and structure of the Elements of the Gospel and their behavior (reaction) and the changes they undergo during cycles of growth, you will begin to also make a comparison between the Elements of the Gospel and chemistry to understand God’s intelligent design for each Element.
You will be helped to think about the reaction of grace upon faith, the reaction of charity upon truth, the reaction of holiness upon righteousness, the reaction of sanctification upon justification, and so on.
This exciting course is divided into four (4) lessons, followed by a Study Review. You can use the review to help you get the most of your lessons. I am confident that as you prayerfully study this course God will issue grace for your understanding and grant you an experience in Him for your spiritual growth. 
All scripture quotations are from the King James version of the Bible. 

Lessons in the The Elements of the Gospel Study Course
  1. The ABCs of the Covenant
    To be a covenant Christian a person needs to learn to speak God’s covenant language, a believer must learn the 12 Elements of the Gospel. We know that the purpose of every alphabet is to make words. We know that Jesus is the Word of God. God uses the Elements of the Gospel to communicate Christ to us.   Think of each Element as a letter in Jesus’ name, so that putting ...
  2. Elements and Chemistry
    Just as chemistry can be understood by the table of Elements, so can we understand our salvation and walk with God through the 12 Elements of the Gospel. Chemistry is a look at the science of matter and how changes take place. Chemistry is concerned with the composition of matter (what is a thing made of), the behavior of matter (how it reacts), the structure of matter (how is it put together),...
  3. The Charisma of Christ
    The word charisma is Greek and it means “favor given” or “gift of grace”. This is what God wants us to know about salvation through Jesus Christ. He is the gift of grace whereby we can take on the divine likeness or divine nature. The whole purpose of salvation is to bring us back to God so God can restore the likeness of Christ to the soul.   The Charisma o...
  4. The Binary Elements
    Binary means “consisting or composed of two.” (Webster). God set the Elements in binary order to illustrate our participation with Him, which is what a relationship is all about. Christians are many times told that God does not expect anything from them, but then they expect a relationship with God and are confused when nothing is happening. There is no reciprocation going on. &...
  5. How the Elements Are Proclitic
    Proclitic is a word used in grammar to indicate the closely attached relationship between two words. A proclitic is a word pronounced with so little emphasis that it is shortened and forms part of the following word, for example, you in y'all. (Oxford Online Dictionary). Let’s do a little bit more digging to find out more about how some words are proclitic.   Clitic: A wo...
  6. Spiritual Unit of Measure
    In every facet of life knowledge has to be ordered to be properly applied. We understand our function in this world by the laws that govern our human experience in this world, and we have constructed measurements that standardize those laws and regulate our experience. For example, the U.S. system measures liquid by ounces, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons. A cup is a unit of measure used...
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