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The Elements of the Gospel

This Bible study course is written to aid a Christian to have a basic understanding of the Elements of the Gospel in order to comprehend what they are reading in the Bible. For example, one needs to understand what grace is to know what God is saying in this verse: “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8).

The Elements of the Gospel Bible Study Course. Learn about the 12 Foundation Stones of our faith.

The Elements of the Gospel is the record of Christ, which pattern of knowledge is God’s DNA. As DNA is the pattern that carries the genetic code from parent to child, and is thus the recipe for life, so also is the record of Christ God’s recipe for life in Him. Exploring the way spiritual life works by studying the 12 Elements of the Gospel is the greatest adventure of all. We learn how to take on God’s mind and take on the likeness of Christ.

The Elements of the Gospel are God’s building blocks of knowledge. You need knowledge for faith, and that knowledge needs to identify Christ so that you can observe Christ, and then reflect Him perfectly.  For you to identify, observe, and reflect Christ, knowledge needs a frame. Faith needs a house in which to function.       

Knowledge also needs tools because faith needs to be expressed. Faith needs to take an action for you to enter into your rest. Knowledge labours to reciprocate to God so faith needs an altar to reciprocate His likeness that you may partake of His divine nature and grow in Him.

Finally, the language of the Spirit is expressed by the Elements of the Gospel. God gave us language to allow us to consider the process of the Spirit to ignite the knowledge of Christ. Christ is being formed in you only because the Spirit is giving life to the pattern of truth.

This course is divided into seven (7) lessons. followed by 2 additional Study Guides: Getting a Fresh Start and Summary Notes, both of which are packed full of information that will assist you in your faith. You can use the review questions at the end of each lesson to help you get the most of your studies. Even though several answer choices may be true, students must identify the choice which has the most support in the lesson.

I am confident that as you prayerfully study this course God will issue grace for your understanding and grant you an experience in Him for your spiritual growth.  All scripture quotations are from the King James version of the Bible. 

Lessons in the The Elements of the Gospel Study Course
  1. Spiritual DNA
    God’ s purpose for the 12 elements of the gospel is to give you the language of the covenant of Jesus Christ, to give you eyes to see Christ, to give you the means to take on the likeness of Christ, to give you the foundation of your faith, to give you the power to be an overcomer. The Pattern of Life Think of the 12 elements of the gospel as God’ s DNA. What is that, you ...
  2. The Word of God
    The purpose of this lesson is to further your understanding of the foundation of your faith. In the first lesson you learned that God’s DNA is the instructions encoded into each of the 12 elements of the gospel that tells your faith how to function.   [Reminder: Remember that the 12 Foundation Stones are the 12 Elements of the Gospel. Each Elements is a stone set in the found...
  3. Covenant Language
    We need some language to allow us to consider the spiritual processes that go on daily as we keep covenant with God. Being in covenant with God is a carefully laid out plan that assures that our faith meets God’s expectation perfectly and that the spiritual processes that need to take place to join us to God, are taking place.   For example: How do we please God? How does God...
  4. Definition of the Elements
    INTRODUCTION   The 12 Foundation Stones are the essential Elements of the Gospel. This breakthrough Christian teaching revives the original and ancient foundation that our forefathers, the first century apostles, first laid for the church, as they carefully placed each stone of Christ in the hearts of those who believed. We thank God for restoring this vital knowledge and we owe a ...
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