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The Flesh - Win the Battle for Your Mind

Are you one of millions who can’t seem to overcome the battle that goes on in your mind? Help is on the way! Discover the biggest mind game Satan plays and how he uses The Flesh against you. Learn true spiritual warfare. Get the knowledge that has been hidden from the church for centuries.

Now at last, the help you need to win the war in your mind. Our 12 lesson series The Flesh teaches you how to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil. Learn about the 5 distinct facets of the flesh and how Satan exploits each one! Identify the challenge the mind faces when faith is placed in the record of man.

Win the Battle for Your Mind: Free Online Course will set the captive free

If you are like most Christians, when it comes to understanding the flesh and how to overcome it, you feel like pulling your hair out in frustration! This Adamic nature of mine, this carnal mind. . .it seems too often to rule. What is this fleshly nature? And where is the power of the Spirit to rule over it?”  

To answer this frustration, much Christian education has focused on defining the carnal man, the Adamic nature and explaining the battle that goes on in the mind. It is easy to pull from the works of the flesh listed in Galatians 5: 19-20 and extrapolate what the carnal man is, what he says, and what he does.  

A person trying to define the carnal man by reading those verses could say, “I know what the carnal man is: he has impure thoughts, he is jealous, he worries, he is controlled by self, his has a critical spirit, is frustrated, defeated, full of envy, and self seeking.” Once the flesh is put into this box, efforts are poured into changing thought patterns and behavior.

It can be hurtful to pour so much effort into Christian integrity and continue to be subservient to the flesh. But what is even more hurtful and damaging to your faith is the fact that Satan takes from your Adamic nature (the flesh) things that appeal to you and then makes them appear usable for faith.

The core problem in Christianity is not a lack of understanding how the flesh is acted upon through our principles and aspirations. It is the lack of understanding the design of the flesh and how Satan has exploited the flesh to mix it into faith to rule your mind. That is where the real battle for the mind takes place.

The battlefield of the mind is the battlefield of the flesh. Our job is the define the flesh so you know what you are fighting. The aim of this course is to enable you to understanding the flesh by acquainting you with each of the 5 facets of the flesh, and to teach you to differentiate between the flesh and the Spirit. This is one of the most important courses in your studies with Second 8th Week Ministries. It is yet another ground breaking course from Second 8th Week Ministries and is part of God’s plan to bring the church back to the true message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your ability to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil depends on your ability to properly identify the flesh and gain the skills you need to avoid mixing the flesh into faith.  

This course is divided into twelve (12) lessons. After each lesson you are asked to answer three interactive multiple choice questions concerning what you have just studied. Click on the answer of your choice, and a dialog box will appear telling you if your answer is correct or wrong. All scripture quotations are from the King James version of the Bible.  

I am confident that as you prayerfully study this course God will issue grace for your understanding and grant you an experience in Him for your spiritual growth. If you have any questions, please submit your questions in the form provided, and a member of Second 8th Week spiritual government will reply as soon as possible.

Lessons in the The Flesh - Win the Battle for Your Mind Study Course
  1. Weighing the Spirit Against the Flesh
    The battle in your mind takes place on the battlefield of faith. There is a war taking place between two kingdoms, the kingdom of the flesh and the kingdom of the Spirit. Know this: The knowledge you serve is the kingdom you are tethered to, which is the kingdom that rules over you.   This is why the Bible says, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the fle...
  2. The Natural Man
    To win the battle of the mind it will be important to understand that the flesh is also regarded as the natural man, the carnal mind, the old man, and the brute beast. The natural man wants to shed his carnality; to put it off, to completely remove it from him, but he cannot cast off the carnal mind. There is a due process that must be observed for the old man to die and the new man in Christ t...
  3. The Flesh
    Winning the battle for the mind has everything to do with understanding the 5 different facets of the flesh. So let’s now talk about what these are. When we think about the flesh, the first thing most people think about is our human body.But seeing that we were assigned to function with it in this dimension, would cause someone to become rather confused if being a Christian meant that we ...
  4. The Knowledge of This World
    Many well meaning Christians are trying to war against the devil with the knowledge of this world, which is the wrong tool for spiritual warfare. So, for you to win the battle of the mind, it is necessary to learn the difference between the knowledge of this world and the knowledge of God. The knowledge of this world is the first of the 5 facets of the soul and we are associating the know...
  5. The Signature Map of the Soul
    Did you know that the most difficult thing to overcome is yourself? To win the battle for the mind it is necessary for you to learn once and for all that the signature skills and talents that God gave you describe who you are—they do not describe who Jesus is.   It was taught for such a long time that it was a good thing to serve God with the good things He prepared within yo...
  6. The God-Code
    The battle is on—The battle for your mind. Satan has 6,000 years experience using your flesh against you and he knows every trick in the book to get your mind geared to the wrong thing.   As you begin your new journey of faith in Jesus Christ, one of the most important things to know is that the 5 facets of the flesh is the make-up of your soul and  is known as the reco...
  7. The Moral Code
    As God transitioned the church into the true apostolic ministry, He restored the understanding of the 5 facets of the flesh, which is the record of man. We're now covering the 4th facet of the flesh -- the moral code. As you learn each of the 5 facets of the flesh and how they operate upon the soul, you’re learning how different the record of Christ is to the record of man. The two ar...
  8. The Fruits of Iniquity - Part 1
    This lesson will acquaint you with the 5th facet of the flesh “The Fruits of Iniquity”. I am helping you learn about the natural man that you are overcoming by associating each of the 5 facets of the flesh to one of the 5 senses of your body. We can associate the fruits of iniquity with the sense of smell because the presence of rotten fruit is detectable by the nose. Have you ...
  9. Fruits of Iniquity - Part 1 - Summary Notes
    We can associate the fruits of iniquity with the sense of smell because the presence of rotten fruit is detectable by the nose. Our prior experience in the kingdom of darkness with its knowledge and tools produced the fruits of darkness within the soul, called fruits of iniquity. the fruits of iniquity speak of the condition of the soul because of Satan’s sowing within the...
  10. Fruits of Iniquity - Part 2
    Gaining Closure, Coming to Terms, Becoming Accepting   The mind does a lot of labor to convince yourself that God is behind you as you weigh your thoughts on the scale of the moral code. The scriptures are used as God’s voice to you in a circumstance, giving you either a promise, rebuke, direction, or wisdom.   There is a certain sense of closure you experie...
  11. Fruits of Iniquity - Summary Notes
    There is a certain sense of closure you experience when you address your ill-will, bad habits, past mistakes, inclinations, or pain you suffered. “Closure”, “coming to terms”, and “acceptance” evoke powerful emotions of well being that are mistaken for the substance of Christ. The substance of Christ is: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentle...
  12. Aspiration - The Jezebel Yoke
    In this course “The Flesh: Win the Battle for Your Mind” you gained quality information about yourself and the makeup of your soul to understand the drive you have with each of the 5 facets of the flesh. You learned strategies to identify when the adversary of your soul draws you into temptation, using your flesh against you and you learned what you can do to gain the victory. &...
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