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The Element Grace

Be freed from Satan’s false definition of grace this year. You’ve asked for it, and now we are coming out with the new Simple Faith Series on the Element Grace. Everything you would ever want to know about the grace of God in a simple, easy to understand way.

We start by thanking God once again for restoring each of the 12 Foundation Stones, the essential elements of the gospel to the church. What joy! What deliverance! Allow God to set you free in Him with this wonderful, ground breaking teaching that comes right from the heart of Jesus through His apostolic stewardship, to the church.

What is grace? Bible definitions and meaning.

Think of the Elements of the Gospel as a shipwrecked treasure galleon that sat at the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years. The torrential rains and violent winds of false doctrine sank these precious treasures of truth until now; at last God has raised up His government to reclaim what the sea of false knowledge took. The 12 Elements of the Gospel are now carefully cleaned and restored to the virtue of Christ and ready for you to use in your faith.

The tongue testifies of the altar the soul carries. If you want your soul to carry the testimony of Jesus Christ, you must learn each of the 12 essential elements, starting with the element grace, to build the altar of Christ in your soul. The 12 Elements of the Gospel are the foundation and altar of your faith.

How has the Deceiver’s belief system dethroned grace? How does this false belief system trick the mind? Why has it flourished for so long? Can we undo the damage?

This course holds many treasures for you, helping you to discern between the voice of Wilson (the echo of the imagination) and the voice of God. You’ll begin to question and see through false belief systems and false claims to being in a state of grace apart from Jesus’ sanctification.  

You may be tired of the information overload of the 21st century. Newspaper headlines speak to you about the latest catastrophes happening all over the world;  billboards speak to you about the latest products, movies, books, and opportunities for happiness. The onslaught of information can be overwhelming.

It is understandable that the voice of the world is filled with grief, pain, sorrow, and empty promises, for this is man’s condition, separated from God. But where is the voice of God, and how do you learn to listen to Him? God has a perfect plan for you to hear His voice every day when you are in covenant with Him.

The purpose of this lesson is to help you make the connection between the voice of God and His grace and to know how His voice can be heard. We will also spend important time disambiguating false grace from true grace to clarify what grace is not, thus removing hundreds of years of ambiguity and vagueness from grace. You’ll learn the 5 definitions of grace and the 9 operations of God in grace and learn why grace is called the virtue of Christ.

This course is divided into seven (6) lessons. followed by 2 additional Study Guides: Getting a Fresh Start and Summary Notes, both of which are packed full of information that will assist you in your faith. After each lesson you are asked to answer three interactive multiple choice questions concerning what you have just studied. Click on the answer of your choice, and a dialog box will appear telling you if your answer is correct or wrong. All scripture quotations are from the King James version of the Bible.  
I am confident that as you prayerfully study this course God will issue grace for your understanding and grant you an experience in Him for your spiritual growth.

If you have any questions, please submit your questions in the form provided, and a member of Second 8th Week spiritual government will reply as soon as possible.

Lessons in the The Element Grace Study Course
  1. False Grace – The Deceiver’s Belief System
    The Deceiver has so thoroughly changed the definition of grace that it no longer holds the power it once had. When grace is stripped of everything that makes it divine and given everything the nature of man seeks to emulate and aspire to, to honor self, you have the perfect seduction. Man’s false belief system of grace received from the Deceiver, has dethroned grace, causing grace t...
  2. False Grace – The Voice Of Wilson
    God has gone to great lengths to restore apostolic stewardship to the church to teach believers how to gain the victory over many false belief systems engineered by Satan to keep your faith sterile and to keep you confused with the many voices heard in today’s church.   The Deceiver made sure that false grace has a powerful voice that is hear and is listened to and is repeated a...
  3. What is Grace – 5 Definitions
    There are 12 essential Elements of the Gospel. Grace is the 1st element and shares a binary relationship with the element faith. When we talk about grace we are talking about how God communicates to us, sharing His thoughts, sharing His mind. 1 Corinthians 2;16 “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.” Psalm 33:...
  4. What is Grace -- 9 Operations
    What is grace? When the church got away from the true meaning of grace, she also got away from the true purpose of the operation of God in grace. For what purpose is grace given? Why is grace so very vital for our day-to-day Christian life? To get at the very heart of the grace of God we need to get back to God’s purpose for issuing grace to you daily, and that is to perform His craftsman...
  5. The Law of Grace and Truth
    God had to establish a way for Him to remove us from the kingdom of darkness and to remove the kingdom of darkness from the soul and to establish this power in Christ. How would this be done? It requires labor with knowledge (truth) that the Spirit would enter into to empower to make living within the soul.  Here we have the Law of Grace and Truth. God always uses laws to set the bou...
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