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The Element Grace

Through the studies on the elements of the gospel, you are building the altar of Christ in your heart. When you reviewed the lesson entitled “Understanding the Altar of Christ,” you learned that all 12 elements make up the altar and that each element has a specific boundary or designated expression in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The element of grace gives structure to the altar of Christ when the stone remains whole and unchisseled by philosophy and private interpretation of scripture. This lesson will help you construct a basic understanding of this element.
Grace is the 1st element of the gospel and shares a binary relationship with the element faith. God initiates towards mankind with His grace, and we respond to what God has initiated. Grace therefore, depicts God’s responsibility.
When we talk about God initiating towards man and man responding, what law do we see in action? We see the law of reciprocation. Why did God establish that law? God set that law into the elements of the gospel to establish our contact with Him for increase.
    G   =  God initiates      =  The law of reciprocation   =  Contact for increase
     F   =    Man responds   
There are three manifestations of grace:
1.  Grace for salvation recognized by this symbol G/S
2.  Grace for growth recognized by this symbol G/G
3.  Grace for calling recognized by this symbol G/C
As we review each manifestation of grace we are going to be looking at three main characteristics of the element:  K.O.P.
K  =     Key definition - The element will be clearly defined
O  =     Operation - The spiritual function and craftsmanship of God
P   =     Purpose - The object towards which God is striving

Lessons in the The Element Grace Study Course
  1. Grace for Salvation
    You’ve heard of the grace of God, scripture talks about the grace of God, but for some reason, the only time grace is thought about is before a meal when “grace” is said. Certainly there must be more to the divine grace of God than thhis. Yes, there is! Apostle Peter teaches that we are to “grow” in the grace of God (2 Peter 3:18). But before we talk about &ld...
  2. Grace for Growth
    We’re now going to go on and define grace in another setting. Grace for salvation let us understand how God uses the power of grace to draw a sinner to Him. After the sinner is converted and has come into covenant with God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the believer must then receive instruction in order to know how to serve God with perfect faith and how to grow in the grace and...
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