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Simple Faith Series

SIMPLE FAITH is one of 2 Series of courses offered under IDCCST® Christian Education. The courses are designed specifically to transition Christians OUT OF the mixture of faith models and man-made gospels and INTO Christ’s New Covenant, so believers may experience healing of the soul by spiritual regeneration and renewing of the mind.

Clear distinctions are made between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant terms, promises and faith activities enabling you to understand the boundaries of the New Covenant and special restrictions God placed upon faith to express the likeness of Christ.

Simple Faith mirrors the original KOP Series (also known as the Foundation Series), but is written in a more digestible, easy to read  style, highlighting important teaching points to help learners get the most out of their studies.

Nowhere is this more observable than when introducing students to the 12 Elements of the Gospel. Special video teachings, lessons, and illustrations make learning the elements fun and interesting. Do you know what the 12 Elements are and why God gave them a binary design?
Know this: Satan tries to hide the simple of faith of Jesus Christ from you by confusing you with false knowledge. Satan wants to keep your mind busy with knowledge he knows God does not use. Satan wants to counsel our hearts to influence our minds to think about faith in ways that God does not. Faith is then dead because we do not have the right kind of knowledge to build with.
Learn how God made faith simple by giving us knowledge for faith:
  • What does the Bible say about my faith needing knowledge?
  • ·What kind of knowledge does faith need?
  • Where do I find this knowledge?
  • What do I do with this knowledge once I have it?
Simple Faith Courses are free online studies that will help you learn everything about the New Covenant faith Jesus shed His blood to provide for you. Simple faith is about removing the testimony of Satan's accusation against Adam and restoring the divine knowledge for the divine inheritance of Christ.
Use the "About Simple Faith" button below to access the 3-part introductory course where you will learn why God is pointing out to us the importance of having His knowledge to build faith in the image of Jesus Christ.

Lessons in the Simple Faith Series Study Course
  1. The Law of Grace and Truth
    God had to establish a way for Him to remove us from the kingdom of darkness and to remove the kingdom of darkness from the soul and to establish this power in Christ. How would this be done? It requires labor with knowledge (truth) that the Spirit would enter into to empower to make living within the soul.  Here we have the Law of Grace and Truth. God always uses laws to set the bou...
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