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The Altar of Christ

You’ve heard it before and maybe you’ve said it yourself, “Lord, I give my life to you, show me how to live it and how to be the person you want me to be. I give my issues and habits to you and ask you to please change me!”A lot of people are willing to lay aside the things they think offend God, they just don’t know the how-to’s of it; they fast and give up things, thinking God will give them strength, but the release does not come. They were taught: If you have a problem with anger or gossip, look at the scriptures that speak about these things, take the scripture to heart, and then God will do a work there.

The altar of Christ and the Christian Priesthood. Free online study

But where is the power? I have heard it over and over again, Christians saying, “I am going in circles with this thing! I just keep coming back to the same point of bondage—nothing changes! I feel so defeated!”

Don’t let that happen to you! Decide that you will take the steps you need to walk with God as He planned. God is not playing tricks on you, telling you that you can live for Him while all the while knowing that you can’t.


The answer is in your Christian priesthood. It is so important for every believer to understand their spiritual priesthood and how powerful it is. This course “The Altar of Christ” is your first step towards building faith on the solid ground of the priesthood and learning how to offer spiritual sacrifices to God.
We’re going to be talking about two altars in this course:  The Old Covenant altar made of stones, which pointed to Christ, and the New Covenant altar, made of knowledge, which is Christ Himself. 
In previous courses we talked about knowledge as wood to be set in order to build the house of the Second Covenant. In this lesson you will learn how the knowledge of Christ is also as stones of Jesus’ altar. You will learn why your faith needs an altar, and how it is built with knowledge. You will also learn about false altars, and how to overcome the altar of self.
We will compare the Christian priesthood to the Levitical priesthood to gain insight into the design of our service to God today and the true blessings of our faith when we serve God at the altar of Christ. Did you know that the battle for your mind is fought and won at the altar of Christ? Because the altar of the Lord is constructed with knowledge, your thinking is conformed to Christ and Jesus is the frame of our thoughts.

This exciting course is divided into eight (8) lessons, followed by 2 additional Study Guides: Getting a Fresh Start and Summary Notes, both of which are packed full of information that will assist you in your faith. You can use the review questions at the end of each lesson to help you get the most of your studies. Even though several answer choices may be true, students must identify the choice which has the most support in the lesson.

I am confident that as you prayerfully study this course God will issue grace for your understanding and grant you an experience in Him for your spiritual growth. All scripture quotations are from the King James version of the Bible. 

Lessons in the The Altar of Christ Study Course
  1. Why Faith Needs An Altar
    Years of false indoctrination has resulted in much confusion in the church concerning what makes a believer’s faith acceptable to God, and how and where that faith is to be practiced. In addition, Christians are confused about how to listen to God, how to discern God's voice and hear from God. To learn to practice faith acceptably and learn to hear the voice of God, the first...
  2. The Altar is the Place of Sacrifice
    Noah offered sacrifices to God at an altar:  “And Noah builded an altar unto the Lord; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.” Gen.8:20,     Abraham offered sacrifices to God at an altar: And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order,...
  3. The Altar Gives Structure to Our Faith
    Although the New Testamen altar is spiritual, it nonetheless has structure. It is this structure of truth that we are going to look at next. In 1 Kings 18:31-38 we see that Elijah took 12 stones and built an altar, which represented the 12 tribes of Israel as one. These 12 stones represented the 12 Elements of the Gospel. As Elijah constructed an altar with 12 stones, we, as New Testa...
  4. The Altar Must Be Made of Whole Stones
    In the Bible we learn that the stones of the altar had to be whole in order for the altar to be accepted of God. This important teaching comes from the Old Testament where God commanded the children of Israel saying, “Thou shalt build the altar of the Lord thy God of whole stones: and thou shalt offer burnt offerings thereon unto the Lord thy God,” Deuteronomu.27:6.   ...
  5. The Priesthood Functions at the Altar
    We are first going to look at what it means to be “called” and “chosen” of God and then make a connection that to the altar and function of the priesthood. Abraham was called out among all people, and God made of him the great nation of Israel. We read about that in Genesis 12:1-3:   1. Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, a...
  6. Priests Partake of the Sacrifice
    The Lord God set the priesthood apart for Himself to teach us that our eternal inheritance is in Him. God is our inheritance. God is our possession. Every soul that is born into God’s house is to function in a spiritual priesthood to be sustained by God. God teaches us through the Levitical priesthood how to be a partaker of Christ. If Christ is your righteousness, He will sustain you by ...
  7. The Altar Sanctifies the Gift
    When God provided the altar as the place of sacrifice, and the whole stones of Christ to give structure to faith, He was sanctifying the altar, giving value to the things of Christ, and separating it for service.   Sanctification has to do with a setting apart. We understand that we cannot serve God our own way. We understand that to show God we love Him we must serve God His way. ...
  8. Spiritual Sacrifice of Prophecy
    What is a spiritual sacrifice? Spiritual sacrifices are spiritual worship. We talked about how Jesus Christ established a new priesthood in Himself, how believers are to function as priests at the spiritual altar of Jesus Christ, and how God values Jesus Christ (not Moses). Therefore, Jesus Christ is the acceptable sacrifices that we offer to God. This is the Second Covenant Priesthood. &nb...
  9. The Restoration of Stewardship and Priesthood
    What God is initiating now in the second 8th week concerning the establishment of His stewardship and priesthood is called the regeneration or the restitution of all things. The restitution is preparing the way for the return of Jesus, as we read in the Bible, “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy pro...
  10. Getting a Fresh Start
    Common words you read in the Bible now hold new meaning. Learn wht the Bible says about "worship", “altar”, “stone”, “sacrifice”, “priesthood”, “tabernacle”, “worship”, “vain worship”, “praise”. These are words God uses to describe the reality of Jesus Christ for the New Testament chur...
  11. Summary Notes
    [ebook]1.    When faith is not made complete in Christ in covenant with Him at His altar, the soul continues to live the reality of sin. 2.    The false altar is where sin is battled out in the mind. The true altar is where Christ is reflected in the knowledge of spiritual sacrifices. 3.    For the Holy Spirit to transform us from within, for new...
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