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KOP Series

KOP Series (Foundation Series) of courses is everything you’ve come to expect as God, in His wisdom, presented the original foundation teaching to Apostle Eric vonAnderseck to cover everything the apostles of the first century church taught believers, from the Elements of the Gospel to the priesthood of your faith and the tools of the New Covenant, to dream interpretation, the cycles of your growth, and the power of grace.

Whether you use the newly written Simple Faith Series or the original KOP Series, you are encouraged to dig into each lesson prayerfully and to work with the Holy Spirit who will assist you to restore your faith to the original pattern of truth. Our program, God’s Intelligent Design for Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation® (IDCCST ®) is Christian education written by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck and his wife, Teacher Maria vonAnderseck, and offered only by Second 8th Week® Ministries. What you will find here you will not find anywhere else.

Let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn in your Second Covenant Courses...

  • The New Covenant terms, commandments, and contact points that join you to God.
  • How to serve and please God as royal priests, offering to Him spiritual sacrifices of prophecy.
  • God’s divine power for divine change in the inner man….the power to heal the soul of Satan’s scars and restore the soul to the likeness of Christ, taking on His very nature.
  • The 12 Elements of the Gospel and how God designed their binary and proclitic values.
  • The Law of Reciprocation in Kind and how God designed this law into the elements.
  • The 5 Definitions of Grace and the 9 Operations of God in grace.
  • The Law of Grace and Truth and why it is better than the Law of Moses.
  • A thorough teaching of the distinctions between the First and Second Covenant.
  • A ground breaking new look at the cycles of your growth and how they follow Jesus’ example: Revelation, Resistance, and Reward.
  • Ground breaking teaching on “THE FLESH” and its 5 facts: (1) The Knowledge of This World (2) The Signature Map of the Soul (3) The God-Code (4) The Moral Code (5) The Fruits of Iniquity
  • Learn the difference between the works of debt and the works of the covenant.
  • Dream Interpretation. You’ll learn the difference between level one, level two, and level three dreams and how to understand dreams of regeneration.
  • Workshops focused on mastering the 18 inclinations of man.
  • Unique training for those called by God as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.

Self-paced Workshops, Free Downloads, Free Online Mentoring, Printables, Video & Audio Teaching
designed in Jesus Christ for Christ-Centered spiritual transformation of your soul.

Lessons in the KOP Series Study Course
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