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The Apostles Anointing Is To See Christ

A Welcome Message from Apostle Andres Rios

Apostle Andres Rios Apostle Andres Rios
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God, as he called Noah and his sons in that covenant to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the earth, this being a type and shadow of Christ and the fruit of Christ, so has he now called those of the present Second Covenant to be fruitful in Christ, to multiply this Apostolic Knowledge that provides the fruit of Christ in themselves, and to replenish the earth with His knowledge,  that others by this anointing may also see Christ.

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross for this present  2nd Covenant.  For the shed blood is for those who would believe in His provision of the sanctified articles that are sprinkled with his blood and by these would He provide for us  all things that pertain to life and godliness making  us ready to meet the soon coming bridegroom.

Christ reflection is seen in foundation truth provided by Apostles, Foundation truth helps us to also see Him in the scriptures.

Luke 16; 27 “ And beginning at Moses He expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself ”. The scriptures are there to see Christ, all of scripture, even old testament.

This is why believers don’t do private interpretation for this leads one away from the pattern of truth to be able to see His reflection, but rather by foundation truth placed by apostles believers will see Him in this doctrine and in scripture. It is about seeing Christ not becoming a judge by having your own interpretation of the Living Word.

Of which those of precept ( who use scripture only ) are bound and hardened to the principle of their own rule. Christ liberates from  this,  through this knowledge  so one will not develop  a pharisaical attitude that inclines them to  challenge only  with the text, the holy faith provided by grace to see the Son.

1cor, 13:12 Paul said, “ now we see as in a glass darkly”, speaking of our walk of faith

If with foundation truth our walk by faith is difficult because of being in this earthly body, what is the state of those who have not foundation knowledge? It is as Jesus said, the blind leading the blind both falling in a ditch for they cannot even see, much less walk in faith. Mat 15:14

Paul said, it is by grace through faith that we see and build. God has given apostolic grace to stewardship. It is by this measure of grace that the foundation of truth is to be laid in the believer. Without this foundation of truth, grace for growth is not activated in the believer and faith without this grace is to attempt Christian growth in hypocrisy and to build blindly with false tools.

Rom 1:5 By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all

nations, for his name: It is by apostles that grace is come into the church for true faith in Him.


“We must be careful taking heed” the Apostle Paul says, “how we build”. He goes on to say. “for other foundation can no man lay”.

It is apostles who lay the foundation of Christ. For there is no other foundation. Yet many  reject this truth and even on this same foundation man in subtlety and even blatantly tries to build with his own tools and imagination instead of the tools of Christ. Though mans work shall be tested by the fire of God, and only Christ’s works,  those of His covenant will stand upon this one true foundation.

1Cor. 3:10 “ According to the grace given me ( an apostle ) as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation”.

Paul here is confirming the foundation being laid, is by apostles. We see as through a glass darkly meaning, by faith we see Him and not by our own sight. God uses His Foundation knowledge to minister grace for growth which is Gods part, with us responding to this grace by faith which is our part. We begin to abound in His knowledge by our continued reciprocation of this foundation of truth for with it  by faith we see Him, as in a glass darkly.

 As we maintain and continue as though pressing upon that glass ( faith ) , the eyes of faith being upon foundation knowledge to see Christ. Then afterward Paul says, of those who see Christ now by this apostles foundation, and then shall it be face to face.

Without the fruit of Christ in the soul born from the anointing of truth, there is no resurrection in righteousness for those who would hope in Christ from their own principle, for it is by His knowledge of foundation truth, that Christ justifies the many and by His fruit do they enter the realm of the King of kings.

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