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A Welcome Message from Evangelist Zachariah La Pinta

Evangelist Zachariah La Pinta Evangelist Zachariah La Pinta

What man calls the church today is far removed from its first love. The pulpit is used to confirm what is common to man as the way to serve and know God. In practice and often even in preaching, the confession of sin is valued above the confession of Christ. The law of the flesh God set on the nature of fallen man to keep them from destroying one another as they wander apart from Christ like brute beasts is treated as the voice of God and used to judge the Christ-likeness of one another. The scriptures that were once written through the grace of living stewardship preaching Christ on the throne in heaven and in the heart in truth is instead twisted to point to itself as the living word to reflect the boast of Adam's independance, so that in all things, the body is severed from the head, and just as the body removed from the head is dead, so a knowledge of truth removed from the stewardship of government is absent of the operation of the Spirit of God. And just as Satan will counterfeit resurrection in the antichrist man by indwelling his dead body with an unclean spirit, so also does he counterfeit life within this dead faith, with strings of intellect, passion, and principle, making the corpse to dance by the antichrist spirit who declares himself to be God even as he slays his children and desecrates his temple. This is what man calls the 'church'. This is faith apart from Christ's headship. This is faith apart from the oversight of living apostles.

By reason, Satan uses the imagination to call a consensus within man to direct faith. He does this in order to create an image of agreement between the facets of man's flesh that man would behold his own record in it and be mesmerized. Satan teaches man to call this pleasure the witness or peace of God. But it is not the peace of God. It is the pleasure of the flesh which defiles the conscience, destroys faith, and denies life.

We see this outwardly manifest when christians hold conferences, mixing democratic processes with scripture quotation to 'discern' the 'move of the spirit'. Apart from God's grace-elected knowledge stewards, man chooses a yoke he can see himself in, setting himself as government, cloaking himself in scripture for justification.

This is how Satan teaches man to keep his faith separate from grace, by rejecting the ones God sends to teach him. He does this by directing the imagination to join scripture with frailty to project a more favorable image of man to aspire to (an aspiration). He then tells man that he must apply biblical/moral principles to his lifestyle in order to obtain this likeness. Once the soul has grown comfortable with this constant pursuit of 'seeking' Jesus instead of abiding in Him, Satan has sowed his testimony into the soul (fruits of iniquity) and into the conscience (searing of moral conviction). So man becomes extremely resistant to true government which does not confirm his paper hat, nor the vanity and vexation he has laid claim to as faith, which in actuality is an emulation through self-sacrifice, a boast of false humility. A graven image.

There was a dream God gave me awhile ago about my old house being cleaned out of all its furniture and blankets. These things were going to be thrown out, but before that, they were being kept in a warehouse that I went to, thinking that maybe the furniture and blankets didn't have to be thrown out, that maybe the fabric was fine and it just needed to be restitched. As I examined the items closely though, I saw that I was wrong. The fabric was all worn through and full of holes. The fabric was worthless. That's why these things needed to be thrown out.

This illustrates the condition of what man calls the 'church' today. God's will is not our assimilation. God's will is our sanctification. No matter how Satan teaches man to use his imagination to weave the facets of his flesh into faith, it's always going to be insufficient and bring faith crisis rather than remedy because the flesh cannot carry the fullness of the work of the Spirit, cannot increase the soul in Christ's likeness, and cannot remove the fruit of iniquity that diminishes it. Christ did not die to breath life into an old way. He came to provide a NEW and living way in Himself. The Father did not sprinkle the blood of Christ upon the tools of the flesh but upon the spiritual tools of the 2nd covenant, those things that carry Christ's record. New wineskins for new wine. Through Government and Truth, Christ is once again setting Himself as the vessel of our faith to carry the fullness of the work of the Spirit into the soul and back into the Father. By the womb of Truth, the Spirit delivers us into the bosom of the Father. The fruit that we carry, carries us. Light for light, Christ alone is the door of life.

We are freed from the yoke of the world only as we bear the yoke of Christ. Christ sets his yoke upon the soul through the ones He sends by the power of the Holy Spirit. That power is the grace of the apostles' calling to make known the elements of the gospel. In this way, we recieve Christ by receiving the ones He sends, by bearing their yoke. The yoke of his Government is the environment of Truth that God provides for our reciprocation through the preaching of living apostles. In this way, God closes the window of man's imagination to deny Satan power over faith so we can walk justified by the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Here, the grace of God is our witness, his equity is our peace, his charity is our spiritual sacrifice, and the light of his glory fills the eye as we know Him through fruit.

Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Government, the Truth, and the Spirit. Praise God for restoring his sword to the church through the headship of Christ in living apostles, that we might know the circumcision made without hands. By the operation of the Spirit in the Word of God, sealed and sanctified in Him.

I encourage you to use the aids on this site to learn about the new and living way Christ bought by his blood and set in Himself and how God engages us on the terms of his covenant to blot out our transgressions, join us to Himself, and restore his likeness to the soul.

Welcome to Second 8th Week

Grace and peace to you as you choose to learn of his language of truth to love God in the same way He first loved us; with his living Word, Jesus Christ.

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