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Where do I find God?

A Welcome Message from Apostle Deidre Linden

Apostle Deidre Linden Apostle Deidre Linden
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Have you ever noticed when water is really dark and muddy that you don’t really want to get into it? It’s almost as if deters from you getting in, but when water is living and clear it’s as if it just invites you in! So if I were to drop a coin in that water and say ‘go find it’, do you think it would be easy? Of course not! That’s like finding a needle in a haystack! It seems impossible and exhausting at best! So if we would struggle to find a coin in dirty water, how would we possibly begin to find God in the dirty waters of the world?

Man’s whole life is spent in search of meaning or discovery of self. You see when man says that he is on a journey of self-discovery or finding the meaning and purpose to life, he is actually saying that he is in search of God, whether he is cognitively aware of it or not. That’s because we were made in the image of God, for God. Simply put, there is no other purpose to life other than that and while many might be content with walking around in dirty waters, there are many believers who are not, who seek the living waters of God. It is they who profess to have a relationship with God, yet still believe that there has ‘got to be more to life than this’.  

Somewhere something is wrong: so the question begs ‘what went wrong?’

In answering the question “what went wrong” we can look at the fall of Adam. Satan presented Adam with a counsel (false knowledge or dirty water) that was contrary to the instruction of God (truth or the living waters) and when Adam heeded to this counsel (listened to it or drank from it), he fell. That created within every Adamite born thereafter a fallen imprint or design that all Adamites instinctively follow, meaning it is not in our nature to instinctively seek God according to His terms, we want to seek God according to our terms.

Man wants to draw up plans, call in a team of consulting experts, buy and design gear that will equip him to get into that water and then, when man thinks he’s covered it all, he dives into that water, head first, looking for that coin. A little while later he resurfaces with nothing, except that he too is now dirty.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The thing is the knowledge of God, His truth, cannot be found in the dirty waters of this world, it stands by itself, it is pure, it is holy and it is revealed to man by the grace of God alone. That is the very purpose of why God issues His grace to us: so that we will stop looking for Him in that which is corrupted, that which is dirty; God draws us near to Him through His grace so that we may once again be joined to Him by the second Adamite (Jesus Christ) who carries within Him the design to overlay the imprint of our fallen nature with the gold of His own.

Searching for God is a never ending journey if we are constantly looking in all the wrong places. Searching for something you know not where to find leaves man tired, exhausted and frustrated. God never intended to leave man with a void or with emptiness in his heart, feeling as if looking for Him is just without hope. That feeling as if you are never going to find God is not of God; He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and He has never left His people without hope. We are now in a time where God is restoring, through stewardship and the priesthood, hope to the humble hearts so all may find Him and return to Him.

God is found in that which proceeds from Him, not in that which proceeds from man.

God is found in His holy knowledge, not the knowledge of the world.

God is making Himself known by the call of His grace so all may come unto the fullness of Jesus Christ, no longer seeking the meaning of life, but walking in the Light of the promise.

My name is Deidré Linden and I am part of Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week. The coalition of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors are called of God to give unto all who seek Him, the knowledge that reveals His way, His truth and His life so that all may behold His face in His truth and live by the power of His resurrection.

It is my joy and honor to be sharing with you the truth of the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I pray that as you read the words of truth that are written here that the grace and peace of God abound to you.

“The knowledge of Jesus Christ is that stream of living water that purifies the soul, removing through its washing the stains of iniquity to birth within the peaceable fruits of righteousness”


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