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The Splintered and Shattered Church
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
I’ve made very strong statements in my thesis about the condition of the Body of Christ that has probably angered many, but certainly opened eyes and has had the most profound influence upon the church. As the Lord tasked me to the work to restore the church to truth, I recall how many pastors and church leaders had shared with me their utter dismay and confusion over the state of the Body of Christ.
Its no secret that the church is splintered and shattered. There are about 38,000 distinct Christian denominations, all praying, preaching, and claiming to be of the Lord, speaking for Him, in His name; all claiming a measure of truth, while at the same time admitting that God revealed to them that these partial truths did not represent Him.
The image of Christ when truth is shattered (Flickr: Tim Bouwer)
I want to share some of the revelations received as God has rebuked the church:
1) “In a vision I saw I was embracing a headless Jesus.” (1983)
2) “The Lord showed me that I must build with His tools and not my own.” (1983)
3) “I saw black clouds over the church.” (1983)
4) “The Lord then said to me, ‘You’re dubbing the wall with untempered mortar.”(1984)
5) “I saw a blanket over the church and Satan was striking the people on their heads and they were fighting among themselves.” (1984)
6) “I saw a plumb line in the Lords hand and he said ‘I will not pass this way again’.” (no date)
7) “I saw a throne and it was shifting.” (no date)
8) “The Holy Spirit told me denominations were a tool the enemy uses to bring division in the church.” (2007)
More Than 33 Million People Have Left Denominational Walls
According to recent statistics, more than 33 million people have left denominational walls. That is a staggering number. The church is splintered, shattered, and divided, but ministers do not see themselves as part of the problem. Interestingly, when commenting on God’s need to chastise the church for having abandoned His covenant, truth, stewardship, and priesthood, Christian leaders feel they are “safe” or “exempt” from God’s chastisement because they do not consider themselves to be a part of a denominational church.
Typically, ministers respond by saying, God can’t be speaking to me. Even though He revealed to me that I’m not walking in the truth, He’s not really speaking about me. I’m not one of those people who are causing division. I am of a humble heart (even though I resist grace). I left organized religion and now I’m just listening to the Holy Spirit. How can I be part of a problem I don’t want to be a part of (and trying to fix in my own way)?
In my thesis, the Lord unfolds how those leaving the denominational walls, did so hoping to escape the turmoil and void they felt in their hearts, hoping to leave behind all that was wrong with the church. But they actually carried their error with them, which multiplied as many raised up independent heads (ministries and voices), thus building new non-denominational walls. They each wave their own flag of truth, making themselves their own captain (or apostle).
A common thread is shared among all independent ministries and voices: We want unity! Some stated, “Those 38,000 denominations should all be seated under one house.” But God was not unifying the church in error. Jesus is not sharing His house with the 38,000 differing philosophies about Him. Instead, God raised up a steward to restore the true house of God and the covenant knowledge of Jesus Christ. That means that doctrinal cleansing is taking place.
While desiring a oneness in Jesus, their experience taught them that truth is divisive. But it is not truth that is divisive, rather the private interpretation of scripture that sows schism. What they had considered to be “truth” was merely private interpretation of scripture they wanted to defend.
A new battle cry was heard, “We want unity, but we can’t agree in doctrine so we will find unity somewhere else.” The devil cleverly stepped into that gap to engineer many ways through which false unity might be found. But the Lord revealed His mind against feigned unity and spoke the following words through me in March of 1982, “There shall be a unity that shall not be feigned and a oneness that will not be deceitful.”
The Greatest Unifying Aspect of Christ
What is the greatest unifying aspect of Christ? Truth is the greatest unifying factor. This is why Jesus provided a pattern and record in Himself for our faith to be measured by Him, to reflect Him, to express Him. Without the accurate body of knowledge which is the new covenant terms, your faith would not be restricted to the one and only spiritual map the Holy Spirit uses to guide you along faith’s journey back to the bosom of the Father.
The most dangerous, demon-inspired mindset is that a believer can extract truth from the Bible by simply reading it—and that truth can be in part, not whole. What I’m talking about here is private interpretation of scripture – that is where schism comes from. When truth is in part so also is faith not complete in Christ.
The pattern we see in the book of Acts is that the church received instruction in doctrine. Apostles first laid the foundation of truth in the hearts of the saints and then they were able to interpret the holy scriptures according to the pattern and record of Jesus Christ they had received.
When the church strayed from the pattern they received, the Lord used apostles to bring them in mind of what they had received from stewardship. They had to believe the “apostles’ doctrine” about God’s purpose for tongues, about God’s purpose for prophecy, about the priesthood, about works of faith, about God’s purpose for faith to reflect Jesus Christ; how to grow in grace, how grace is issued daily, how to overcome themselves, the world, and the devil. When the apostles brought correction (doctrinal cleansing) they were not being divisive, but rather preserving truth as God had called them to do.
God put a restriction of faith, that it must remain true to the pattern He gave through His apostles. Believers could not invent their own purpose for tongues and call that the pattern. Believers could not invent their own purpose for salvation and assign themselves to be the voice of God to the church.  
7 Manifestations of a False Apostle
It was thought impossible, seeing the weak nature of man, for the church to come into the unity of the faith, to embrace  one truth – one doctrine of Christ. In fact, when God restored truth to the church it was seen as a barrier to one’s aspiration, so truth became undesirable.
Do you see what God did? God placed the foundation in the knowledge of the covenant to manifest and test hearts. Who will love Him based on the terms of the covenant and who will say they love Him based on the truths of their own aspirations?
And this is what we see taking place today. We’re seeing false apostles separate themselves and identify themselves by their aspiration – using aspiration as common ground – using aspiration as the shared language, to then impart these “revelations” to the Body of Christ.
When false apostles speak of laying the foundation as a master builder, they are not speaking of laying the foundation of truth in Jesus Christ. They are not speaking of the knowledge of Christ or His covenant. Every aspect of faith has been switched over to the language of the flesh to describe the joint efforts of their aspiration to bring to pass that which they have envisioned through their imagination. Let’s look at a few examples.
1. Where God had planned for His apostles to build faith according to the record (knowledge) of Christ to instruct the saints in the terms of the new covenant – false apostles talk about building confidence, building structures, and the need to build up people in general.
2. Where God speaks of the like precious faith through Apostle Paul (called the “common faith” by Apostle Jude) shared by believers in that each foundation stone reflected Jesus perfectly – false apostles talk about the common ground shared by the aspiration of each believer. There are many communities which share common philosophical viewpoints, but God does not enter into these false habitations to build His house.
3. Where God speaks of grace as the revelation of Jesus Christ – false apostles speak of a false grace that flows with their aspiration. You can discern that in how the revelations speak of future unfolding of events and what God will do for you. That is the voice of aspiration, which is the driving power of the God-Code that has been joined to the flesh to service man, which thing God hates.
4. Where God speaks of a spiritual growth cycle that follows the pattern of Jesus Christ for the regeneration of the soul in the likeness of Christ – false apostles speak of that which the carnal eye perceives by the moral code, which they use as the scale for their righteousness, which thing God hates.
5. Where God speaks of the language of the Spirit that is formed in Christ to express Him, which language all true believers speak – false apostles speak about people who bond together because they share the same language of the flesh, which thing God hates.
6. Where God speaks of the design of Christ (spiritual DNA) in each of the 12 elements of the gospel to express Christ within the heart – false apostles speak of spiritually transmitting their aspiration from one person to another. This impartation of the spirit of the world is not the secret place of the Father.
7. Where God speaks of the flow of grace for charity, He is speaking of the priesthood of Jesus Christ where prophecy testifies of Him – false apostles work from the priesthood of the flesh, seeking to change the natural world around them. What’s happened is that they’ve become frustrated with the cap of death God placed upon the God-Code of the soul and they want to remove that!  And God will continue to frustrate their efforts for He did not design faith to reflect the light of their signature, but to reflect the light of Christ.
3 Manifestations of False Unity
Based upon these false assumptions, the second most dangerous, demon-inspired mindset is that unity can be had through some other way. If we can’t be united in truth, we’ll find another way. As a result of this demonic deception, the church endured every kind of false unity movement imaginable. I’ll just list the 3 of the most notable:
1. The Laughter Movement: Unity was thought to be within grasp of the church in this grotesque manifestation of the flesh, strangely thought to be the release of the coveted power of God. This is feigned unity.
2. The Worship Movement: Unity was thought to be found within the sacred halls of music, where hearts would find solace and oneness in the harmony one could create with sound. It was thought that music was something everyone could relate to and agree upon and enter into a shared experience. But the Spirit of the Lord was not in this hall of shame where equity is placed in the likeness of man. This is feigned unity.
3. The False Prophetic Movement: Unity was thought to be found in the collective voices of those who volunteered to be the voice of God, giving “words” that spoke into each other’s lives. Finding ways to test these vain words against the needs of man and the winds of time, many were drawn into this deceptive web of the devil. This movement produced the priesthood of the flesh. This is feigned unity.
As pastors and church leaders made the transition to apostolic stewardship they began to say things like, “I can see it now. It was veiled to me before. Truth is the very essence of Christ. Unity can only be in truth.” And, “God did the thing I did not think possible. He has restored the church to one truth.” And “I can see now that the diversity I thought was my freedom, was actually the bonds of Satan. I was looking for unity in the wrong places.” And…
“My reading of the Bible changed after being instructed by the Spirit under the oversight of Apostle Eric. I had already read the Bible and had a general familiarity with it. But it was not until coming into contact with God's anointed steward to learn of Christ that my understanding was truly opened.
Acts 8:30 "And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?" 8:31 "And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him."
Luke 24:45 "Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,"
Everything I thought I understood looked like the scribbling of a child with a crayon in comparison to what the Spirit began to open up for me now that I was working with His spiritual government, foundation of truth (apostles doctrine), and the Spirit (baptism with tongues) in recognition of the Headship of Christ manifest in these gifts from above.” -Apostle John Welty
Emerging Victorious Over Private Interpretation of Scripture
Do you want to emerge victorious over the demon-inspired mindsets that have ruled the church for so long? Then let’s get started. Overwhelmingly, the first question I get asked is, “How did it happen? I thought I was working with the Holy Spirit when I read the Bible. How did my sincere efforts end so tragically?”
The first thing you have to learn is the difference between reading the Bible as precept and line and reading the Bible to see in scripture the confirmation of the pattern of truth laid in the heart by apostles. These are 2 different tracks. The first tract, precept and line, is the tract Satan laid for faith to be divided. Read the article “Precept and Line or Apostolic Stewardship”. This will begin to assist you to understand the hidden dangers of the precept and line error as God compares it to apostolic stewardship.

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