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Precept and Line or Apostolic Stewardship
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
In this teaching, God speaks of the problem He is correcting in the church. That is, the long held tradition and belief that truth can be taken from the pages of the Bible without a proper foundation of knowledge first being laid within the heart by living apostles who are called to steward the knowledge of Christ.
God Breaks Precept and Line Spell (Bart@Flickr)
This foundation knowledge is to be laid within the heart of each believer by way of instruction so that the understanding of each believer is aligned to God’s will as He expressed it through the covenant of Jesus Christ.
God Addresses the Habit of Man to Bend Truth to his Logic
There is a habit of man that God is addressing today. That is, the habit many have to bend truth to mirror the equity of their own logic. God spoke through Isaiah saying, “But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” (Isaiah 28:13)
Who is the “them” mentioned in the above verse? Who is God addressing in this manner? There are those who point to the Bible and say how much they love God. The word of the Lord to them is this precept. And this is how they build their faith, linking one scripture to another scripture to ensure that they have the mind of God. They are using scripture as a plumbline to measure truth.
In the mind of God, His word is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1). All scripture is measured to Him to reveal Him. That is something completely different. When the word of the Lord to you is the precept of scripture, truth is inverted to bring witness to self as you take s a little from this part of the Bible to link it to some other scripture in the Bible. God knows the habit of man to approach Him on the basis of his logic and to call that linkage of scripture true faith.
We’ll get into HOW that is done, but I want us first to see the end result. And this end result is going to surprise you because you don’t expect it. We generally hear quoted only the first half of Isaiah 28:13 as if God is giving a recipe for sound faith. But this scripture isn’t about how to have sound faith by using the scriptures as a plumbline. That’s where you got off track.
Listen to what God says through Isaiah about those who follow the plumbline gospel: “that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” The result of the plumbline gospel or the precept and line gospel is not soundness of faith—it is a broken faith.
Do You Have a Love for Precept but not a Love for God?
As God pointed out to Isaiah so He points to the church in this generation, saying that there are those who claim to be His people who are not His people. They have a love for the precept, but they don’t have a love for God. The precept of scripture is taken out of context of the covenant to see what the scriptures says about “me” – my problem, my circumstance, my vision, my needs.  The Word of God is taken to reflect self – to serve man’s need.
The covenant knowledge that the Bible speaks of to direct faith gives us eyes to see Jesus Christ. When the scriptures are taken out of context of the covenant, you don’t see Jesus. The precept is used to align expectations about “what God will do for me” and the voice of God is made to speak from the precept in the voice of one’s own aspiration and principle, to give substance to the imagination to project what God will do for me. This is a tradition of the flesh God is addressing for healing.
From many letters and comments to me, God has confirmed this correction in your hearts. After years of indoctrination in the tradition of the flesh and not seeing the outcome as you had imagined, after trying to recreate and reinvent faith, you’re beginning to see the Spirit shatter this myth about truth being understood as the precept of scripture.
God is also shattering an equally deceitful and devastating myth that truth should be in part. You’re beginning to understand that when truth was thought to be found in a scripture (rather than in the record of Jesus Christ), truth was always “in part”—not whole – not complete.
In my message and teaching “Precept and Line or Apostolic Stewardship” God speaks the following:
“The apostles knew that though the Bible itself is inspired of God, it’s how the scriptures are handled and interpreted that is not inspired by God. Ministers of unrighteousness will handle the word of God in the direction of their aspiration and thus turning the grace of God into lasciviousness. That which God provided for the salvation of man was redirected into man’s carnality.”
To hear more, click on the link “Precept and Line or Apostolic Stewardship” using a Chrome browser or click on the YouTube video below. I’ll be teaching further about how to rightly divide the Word of God.
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God has broken the "Precept and Line" myth!
Revealing the Triggers Behind Many “Aha” Moments
There were many “aha” moments when a perceived truth clicked. A resounding and exuberant “Yes!” escaped your lips when you realized that holiness is important, grace is important, love is important, that God desires faithful hearts, that worship should be meaningful.
When I say that “something clicked” I am not meaning that the Holy Spirit is teaching you. What’s happening is that you are responding to the basic instincts God placed within your soul.
You have strong natural instincts with the design of your own soul. God designed your soul with a moral compass, signature skills, and God-Code; and because of the fall of Adam, you are also saddled with the fruits of iniquity that were born in your soul from time spent in the kingdom of darkness.
It’s man’s nature to use these facets of the flesh as a trust worthy scale to weigh motive, to determine value, and to determine what direction one must take to find completion and wholeness. Christians are taught how to resource scripture to put God’s voice to these scales of the flesh, to then call this joining of scripture to the flesh, the will of God.
When an idea about holiness found in scripture clicked with one or more of these basic instincts, you’re simply responding to that witness. The scriptures that talk about holiness, love, and forgiveness are responded to by your moral code, “Yes! That must be right!”
The witness you feel is born of the flesh (you’ve found agreement with the moral code or God-Code or signature or what this says about the fruits of iniquity you’re dealing with at the present time). This false witness is reinforced by others who are of the same mind as they are or have experienced the same plight. They also follow the same aspiration and affirm in you what they want to see in themselves. And you delight in that witness of the flesh and call that fellowship. But it is feigned unity as it is born of the flesh and not born of the Spirit.
You can now observe the extraordinary strength of Satan’s 3-fold cord of deception: how the aspiration is entwined with the imagination to find agreement with the flesh and is further strengthened by the voice of confirmation offered by others.
Let’s look at a few more examples. When you say that God wants to make you whole, many scriptures can be found that speak about that, but not having received instruction in doctrine from the apostle God appointed to set the foundation of truth in your heart, your understanding of the precept is governed by these powerful instincts that present themselves first to you. And as Esau, you follow that basic instinct and in the end despise your true birthright in Christ.
Here’s another example: God wants you to be loving and forgiving. You know this to be true and scriptures can be found that speak about that, but again, not having received instruction in the doctrine of Christ, your thinking about how love is to be expressed is being governed by the moral code not by the pattern of Christ. The moral code is used as a scale to divide right from wrong, to convict of wrong doing and scripture is quoted to confirm that likeness of the moral code.
Consequently, you’re describing love and forgiveness by the moral code which falls short of the glory of God (the righteousness that God placed in Jesus Christ) and using the moral code as your scale in place of truth. This is why you don’t experience the power of the Spirit that makes holiness, love, and forgiveness a living daily ongoing reality.
God had purposed to give you truth to measure your faith to Jesus Christ as the true scale to reflect and express Him. But the moral code holds much promise to the flesh and is pursued as if it is the true virtue of God.
Two Things Every Christian is Found to be Doing Wrong
When a believer is not instructed in the doctrine of Christ, he spends his entire Christian life doing two things:
(1) trying to make all the differing and conflicting ideas about faith work together to obtain a witness from the flesh and
(2) butting his head against the wall, trying to figure out what went wrong as each transgression against faith passes under the rod of Christ’s righteousness and is found wanting.   
At different points of frustration you’ve thrown your hands up in the air and loudly and proudly protest, “God is in control. Just let God do what He is going to do.” Translated, that means, “I don’t know what the will of God is, what the covenant it, what faith is supposed to be like, so just let me do what I want to do!” Faith does not work that way, does it?
Wanting to believe that God is in control seemed like a good thing. In fact, there are lots of scriptures that point that out. Teaching others that it is right to believe that God is in control also seemed like a good thing too. I hear you saying, “How can that be wrong, Apostle Eric?”
The problem is that this statement is a response to your basic instincts to satisfy the need to bring completion to the moral code, to follow through on what you thought was right and good to receive that confirmation of the flesh.
That is spiritual fornication. Yes, that’s what God calls building satisfaction with the moral code. Your faith is bent on pleasing self rather than resourcing the record of Christ to build the house of God, to please Him. God qualifies faith in Jesus Christ, not the moral code. In this way God tests your love for Him. Will you follow your basic instincts to satisfy yourself or will you follow the record of Jesus Christ to please God?
One was taught to seek completion through the moral code rather than abide in Christ. While seeking completion in the moral code a person would mentally abandon himself to “do the will of God” to “show submission” by following this or that scripture. But mental abandonment (to abandon oneself to God) without recourse (to guide faith in the wisdom of the covenant) brings derision not faith.
Learn How Satan Exploits the God-Code of the Soul
You might also have heard or have said yourself, “Leave the outcome to God. God knows what He is doing.” This statement is very similar to the one we just looked at, that God is in control. There are many variations of the same theme of justification. To say that we must leave the outcome to God for He knows what He is doing, may initially sound like very solid advice and “safe” to proclaim, and scriptures and Bible stories can be found that support these ideas.
On the surface these kinds of statements feel safe because you’re standing on scripture for justification to continue in long held traditions of man rather than transition to the new covenant stewardship, terms, tools, and priesthood. These innocent and wise sounding statements are actually very dangerous.
I want you to see how the devil uses these kinds of statements to exploit believers. In truth, they  are barriers the devil places in the way of awakening to the shift that God initiated in a place where you were not looking for it. The devil suggests that it is ok for you to pour yourself into another season of conferences and revival meetings because this is the place where you can scoop up more “words” that speak to the aspiration.
Without you being aware of it, the devil is working through your natural appetites to redirect faith. The hunger of the God-Code of the soul is being drawn upon for satisfaction. I’m talking about the appetite for progression, which is one of the 12 facets of the God-Code. Each word received ties into the journey mentality Satan gave the church to keep believers wandering, feeding the soul hope based on the design of the God-Code rather than the record of Jesus Christ.
Faith is Made Complete in Jesus Christ
When I talk about faith being made complete in Christ and not in the portions, I’m not only speaking of the portions of Christ seen in the types and shadows of Moses (which faith is not to follow), but I’m also talking about the portions of God found in the design of the soul (which faith is also not to follow).
God designed your soul like His to preach to you that you were made in His image, but God had not intended that you find Him in these portions. I’ll talk more about that and unfold more of those mysteries in my upcoming book “The God-Code: The Secret of Life”.
In the current Christian culture, a believer was taught to pursue the fulness of Christ in the portions of the moral code or in the portions found in the God-Code, or in the portions found in the types and shadows, to use the precept as their guide to bring fulness to these portions of God they found within their own souls.
God continued to frustrate those efforts. Meaning, the Holy Spirit would not bear witness to Christ in the portions and the will of man soon grew weary of this heavy burden (carrying faith in the portions of the flesh).
To overcome this frustration, some continue to make modifications to their faith. The doctrines they embraced yesterday are today locked away and abandoned in forgotten boxes in the attic. Some revisit the attic saying, “We need to get back to holiness.” Trying to reflect on the past to correct the future. This is false discernment.
Some try to simplify faith by agreeing to all the important historical facts about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection (and resolve to leave the rest alone), some try to agree that evangelism is important and so they focus on that, some try to come into the same mind that Jesus is central, Jesus is love, Jesus is forgiving and they try to focus on that.
But you’re continually overwhelmed with the many things that don’t fit, are missing, and the stark reality the Holy Spirit bears upon your mind that what you are believing is not in line with God’s will. You must conform to Christ to take on His name. Otherwise you are a bastard, a stranger in the house of God.
Getting Back to Where I Felt the Presence of God
When you were first illuminated by God’s grace and first felt faith being drawn from your heart you experienced a powerful and clear presence of God. But the experience was shortened in that you were not led to come into covenant with God, were not given the foundation of truth, and did not have a priesthood. The covenant is the environment where your experience with the grace of God grows with continual contact.
You were denied the instruction of doctrine by apostles so now truth is mixed with error and you’re trying to recreate that feeling you had when you were first illuminated. Whether your recreation efforts are poured into revival meetings, conferences, book signings, or forging new leadership allegiances,  you’ve called these efforts “faith”. Instead of living in the presence of God by restricting faith to the terms of the covenant, you’re “pursuing God’s presence” with the things He has not authorized or sanctified for your faith.  
Each effort to revive and renew and awaken your faith is merely an attempt to reinvent your  passion for God by going back to the first illumination which was so liberating. The bonding love of the charismatic movement was shallow, misleading, misdirected, and misleading. Why? There was no stewardship, no authority to monitor the work of God.
You had allowed yourself to believe that all you need to do is wait and God will bring everything into focus, while at the same time allowing yourself to resist the stewardship and covenant God has restored for you to build the proper foundation of truth where nothing of Jesus is missing and nothing of man is added.  
When truth is in part so also is faith not complete in Christ and you are always looking for that part that was missing from your faith. You can’t get away from the conviction of the Holy Spirit that you’re misrepresenting Jesus Christ. You would come to the same cross roads again and again. These are places of decision where you saw again that all your efforts yielded so very little and change is necessary.
Every time you pursued one thing over here, you felt like you were neglecting something else over there. God bore upon your mind that something is missing from your faith, something vital is missing from the church – something is wrong with the church.
As we’ve seen, typical responses to the Spirit’s conviction are varied, but here is a list of the major responses. A few we’ve talked about already – holiness – truth. I’m sure these others will also resonate with you.
1. We have to get back to holiness
2. We have to get back to the cross of Christ (covenant)
3. We have to get back to the purity of truth
4. We have to get back to discipleship
5. We have to get back to pure worship
6. We have to get the fire of God back into the church
Holiness, the covenant, pure truth, discipleship, pure worship, the fire of God – these are all things that ministers say they have been trying to get back to for over 30 years. You must know, that the reason why these vital things have been and remain missing from your faith is that they have not  been a part of and remain missing from the blueprint of truth you are using to express Christ.
If it isn’t in your blueprint – you’re not going to see it active in your faith – and it won’t be part of your experience. Can you see, if holiness is not part of the blueprint of truth that you received, then you cannot go back to holiness. You can’t go back to something that you were never a part of. This will help you understand the importance of the blueprint of truth as taught by true apostles. Only true apostles will give the church the complete and whole blueprint of truth where nothing of Jesus is missing and nothing of man is added.
Are You Building Upon Scattered Scriptures or Upon the Foundation of Truth?
Without the unchangeable blueprint of truth as the foundation of faith one builds upon, believers try to build faith upon scattered scriptures found here and there. They take a little from here and a little from there to try to come up with the plan and will of God. They want to know about grace so they take a little from the book of Acts and a little from the book of Galatians and a little from the book of Ephesians to explain what they’ve read about grace.
But the witness of the Spirit is absent from this “here a little, there a little” concept of grace. The witness of the Spirit is absent because the Spirit only gives witness to Jesus Christ, not man’s attempts to define grace by precept and line.
God addressed this habit of man to bend truth to his logic. He spoke through Isaiah saying, “But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” (Isaiah 28:13)
Are you using the scriptures to prove holiness? Are you using the scriptures to prove your love for God? This means that you’re using the precept in place of the blueprint of truth. If you’re trying to prove holiness on the grounds of what the scriptures say, then you’ll never know the fulness of Christ in holiness and continue to look for that experience. In frustration you’ll be scratching your head in perplexity saying, “The Bible says this, but my experience doesn’t seem to line up with that. What’s wrong?”
- God identifies this mindset as the hypocrite – One that is true to themselves. They are true to the record of their own soul while claiming to be true to God.
- God identifies this mindset as the sinner – One that resists God’s grace to pursue His presence in the portions.
- God identifies this mindset as the idolater – One who uses the scriptures to discover themselves. They serve the creature (make the scriptures speak to their need) rather than serve the Creator according to the terms of His covenant.
- God identifies this mindset of the blasphemer – One that places the mark of God’s sanctification upon his own person, moral code, and logic rather than on the covenant, name, spiritual tools, and priesthood of Jesus Christ; one who brings God down to the level of their passion.
Carte Blanche Authority
Ministers love the precept and line philosophy because it gives them carte blanche authority to do as they please, to draw the will of God from scripture to apply it however they choose. They use the scriptures to confirm their ideas and philosophies (idols) while still claim to be a servant of the living God.
Ministers of unrighteousness draw a little from this book of the Bible and little from that book to string together a series of scriptures that work well to help people see how the Word of God might be applied to their life – not seeing that they are falling backwards, and are broken, snared, and taken. It is only after a season where God addresses this error that they might consider how far they have strayed from the original pattern of truth. Even then, the devil is there to hand out new promises to redirect repentance towards writing more bad checks, refusing the stewardship God elected to restore the church to the true blueprint of truth.
What is the original pattern? Jesus is called True and Faithful because He is the original pattern – He is the true pattern for man’s redemption. Jesus established that pattern within Himself and when He established that pattern, He became the record by which we reciprocate in order to be embraced of God. The knowledge I am giving to you is the very face of the Father. The only way we can see God is in Jesus Christ. We know Him through knowledge – not the knowledge of the precept, but rather the knowledge of the record where nothing of Jesus is missing and nothing of man is added.
The pattern was set in the Father’s bosom before it was even initiated within this dimension. And when He initiated it within this dimension then He Himself came down for the purpose of sustaining the plan to bring us back to the Father’s bosom.
The Precept and Line: The Plumb Line Gospel
In my next article we’re going to start the road back together by taking a closer look at the Precept and Line indoctrination I also call the Plumb Line Gospel where everyone feels very confident to measure their faith principles to a scripture in the Bible, while neglecting the blueprint of truth, the terms of the covenant, and the stewardship called of God to restore the church.
In that article I want to talk to you a little bit more about the precept and line Christian and how and why that tradition so totally took over the church. For your encouragement, I want to share a word from the Lord about the changing of the seasons.
"Fear not the changing of the season! A change that is not going to be in rhythm with your flesh. There are many avenues of aspirations that will be presented to you, but don't step in the flow of those rivers, walk by faith. The evil spirit enters into your perceptions, even in interpretation of scripture called doctrines of devils. Satan took ownership of the interpretation of scripture. He took the gospel and put it within the context and perception of the mother of harlots (the house of Baal).”
God has restored to His church a language – the language of His kingdom – the language of faith. The elements of the gospel – the language of His house. It’s called a pure language, as the prophet said, “I will restore to My people a pure language”, that’s the language of faith. By this language of faith we now understand what the house of God is all about.
Another word from the upcoming teaching:
“Passion replaced faith and flesh honored its own achievements to mock and devalue My truth. The whoremongers, sorcerers, and idolaters – they use themselves as a record instead of Christ as that record. Adulterers and all liars – all these that scorned My holiness to justify their vanity, the fiery furnace awaits them. Those whose works will consume and the God-Code shall hunger in the famishing of that flame.”
[Eric vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Apostle in the government of God. He is the founder of Second 8th Week Ministries & founder of the Network of Apostles Today. He is the IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum author and author of over 100 ground breaking books and articles, spearingheading the return of the apostolic calling and anointing to the church.
Apostle Eric ministers extensively nationally and internationally. He is the pioneer of the new apostolic age and recognized as the leading authority in the fields of church growth, foundation building, spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, and the leading voice in the transition of the church into the new apostolic season and reformation.]


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