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I Need No Man to Teach Me
I Need No Man To Teach Me
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
It goes something like this. One Christian says that worship would be more meaningful if we did this-that-and-the-other-thing — and another Christian responds that he is going to go home and seek the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to guide him.
Scriptures are quoted on both sides and neither is convinced of the other, but both are adamant that where they stand is holy, sacred ground because “the Holy Spirit showed me”.
This spiritual sparring was normal when a believer did not know what true worship is. Christianity was likened to sword play where people who didn’t know the will of God for worship or prophecy or tongues or God’s purpose for the church could try to get at the truth by fighting each other.
Ideas would be exchanged and challenged in the hopes that from this sword play (a deviation from iron sharpens iron) would arise a truth that was God-born. It was hoped that the Holy Spirit was in the meshing of ideas and that God would guide feet along the holy path of knowledge. But the range of possibilities is endless and instead of coming into one faith, we saw the spawning of over 38,000 different Christian faiths.
The Holy Spirit brings correction to the church in the recorded message from Apostle Eric vonAnderseck “The Holy Ghost Will Teach Me”. Open the link in a Chrome browser for easy listening. The Holy Spirit addresses unfounded revelation and floating revelations such as the “pine tree” revelation that are broken from the Godhead.
A Shift Away From the Tradition of Man
What might surprise you is that God had not assigned the Holy Spirit to teach a believer doctrine. A shift away from this long held tradition of man is the miracle many are experiencing today as the church is reborn in the image of Christ.
The original plan of God was that His chosen apostles teach and instruct the church in the one doctrine of Christ. This is indeed the pattern seen in the gospels, the book of Acts and in the epistles written to the church by the pen of the Holy Ghost through in the hands of His apostles.
Truth was originally taught as the whole doctrine of Christ. Truth was not understood in bits and pieces. When Apostle John wrote saying “you need no man to teach you”, he was speaking to those he had instructed. He was writing to believers who already had the foundation of truth laid within their hearts. He was writing to believers who had come into covenant with God and could therefore discern truth from error. They didn’t need another to teach them another gospel – another Jesus. (1 John 2:27)
CONSIDER: Consider if you will that the church is not in that condition now as it was in the first century. Having read that verse from 1 John and having been wounded by many well intended sword welding people… the idea of not needing another human being to teach you was really quite appealing. It was natural to respond by saying, “I’ll take truth in my own hand” (but I’m claiming to be taught from above).
When you hear that God restored apostles to instruct the church in doctrine, your initial response is to compare that to your experience with ministers in the current Christian culture. The last thing you want to do is to make yourself vulnerable to a person’s failings. You’re right. That has been your experience in the current Christian culture. A person learned from experience that doctrine is always changing and decided that truth in whole could not be known so judged the will of God by past failures.
In that defeated state it was comforting to quote a philosophy from a scripture to try to protect your comfort zones. “I don’t need any man to teach me. The Holy Spirit will teach me”. You’re trying to reenact the event described by Apostle John, trying to place yourself in that state by claiming scripture without having gone through the due process of being first instructed by apostles.
CONSIDER: Consider if you will that the heart of every believers desperately yearns for that connection with God where they know that they know what truth is and that their faith is authorized, sanctified, and empowered by God – and that their painful wandering is at last over.
The idea believers are prone to hang onto is that the Holy Ghost teaches every believer doctrine (without first being instructed in the ABCs of the covenant). The truth is, it hasn’t worked out as they had planned. After 50 years of claiming that the Holy Ghost teaches doctrine, the church continues to be split in error and confounded, not understanding the one truth for which Jesus shed His blood.
The False Journey Exposed
If you spot a weary looking traveler, take pity upon him for he has most likely been on this dry road, in search of truth for a long time. God did not disappoint you friend. God did not lead you on this journey. God had not intended the journey of faith to be a search for all the wonders He planned for you when in covenant with Him. God carefully planned for you to abide in all that His love provides through Jesus Christ.
I would say to that travel-worn stranger, “Weary traveler, come here and rest a bit by the fire which I have built for your care”, and he will say that he must press on in his journey. Despite the fact that he is wounded, disillusioned, and desperate, Satan’s pretense of promise keeps driving him onward to experience more derision.
God is exposing those who say they want the truth or have the truth or are seeking the truth, but have become addicted to the journey of self-discovery and want to share that dirty road of ignorance with you.
Every idol has a mystery to it. That is why the world seeks after the truths offered by every religion. They aren’t interested in serving the one true God – they are trying to harvest the mysteries offered by every idol. False ministers do the same.
Are you ready to pull back the mask to see who is hiding behind the journey you were told was God’s will? Then sit by the fire (the anointing of the Spirit) for a moment to receive a bit of instruction.
The Witness Empowers the Record
The Holy Spirit is called the witness or empowerment of truth (the record of Christ). His job is to confirm Jesus Christ, not the many philosophies and ideas about Him.
Our heavenly Father desires to restore the church to apostolic governance to return the church to the simple truth for which Jesus died. Once the foundation of truth is set within your heart then the Holy Spirit (as the anointing) uses the fresh grace from God’s throne to lead you through your growth cycles for the purpose of fruit bearing.
Believers have now made that extraordinary shift. They are receiving different manifestations of grace, yet drawing from the same foundation of truth, sharing grace with one another to build one house of God. They’ve put their swords of conflict away. That’s happening now. It isn’t something we are waiting for God to do, but it is happening now. It can happen to you too.
Rather than direct faith to the fruitless efforts to seek for truth, God wants you to abide in truth. The one truth that does not change where nothing of Jesus is missing and nothing of man is added. That is another major shift for the church and its taking place right now.
The reason for the demon inspired “pine-tree revelation” and “appeal to heaven revelation” is to distract the church from the true shift. Sadly, many believers will again be taken into this net of deception.
Believers ask me all the time if they can expect the Holy Spirit to help them decide truth from error for themselves. The answer is no. The power of the will that God granted to each soul is to yield to His grace, to come into covenant with Him and to serve Him at the altar of Christ. The restoration of the true altar of Christ’s knowledge is again another major shift that is NOW taking place.
God did not grant the will the power to choose truth through an avenue which God did not provide. God provided truth through His selected stewards of grace. To seek truth outside this sanctification is to seek truth outside of Christ.
Believers easily get confused over this method God chose to provide them a baptism of knowledge. When in the world, the Holy Spirit issued grace to convict the heart for the need of Jesus Christ. That same conviction to confirm Christ for faith does continue on once a person is sealed into the covenant and begins to function in their priesthood at the altar of Christ as the covenant terms are embraced.
The Many Languages Spoken by the Soul
There are many languages spoken by the soul. The language of the signature gifts, skills, and talents, the language of the moral code, the language of the God-Code. These all speak truth to the natural man. And the urge is to follow these voices in search for self. Once a truth of man’s own nature clicks, the inclination is to give this natural witness a divine authority. It’s hard for the natural man who is not instructed in the ways of the Lord to separate these different voices to discern the true voice of God.
God gave us truth, instructed through apostles, to teach us the language of the Spirit – the language of His kingdom. You cannot learn that on your own and the Holy Spirit will not teach you this language apart from God’s steward.
To understand the kingdom of God, it helps to think about how our judicial system works. Our courts do not judge after the courts of other nations. We don’t use the laws of another nation to judge our people. There might be similarities between nations, but the similarities do not make them a citizen of our nation or vice versa. In the same way, a believer cannot judge the steward of God’s house by the laws of the false religious system, but God will grant you grace to believe.
Believes are not aware that when they say, “I want the Holy Ghost to teach me” that they are not hearing His voice. They’re hearing these other inspirations. They’re trying to weigh truth by this other influence. God determined that the natural man not find truth in the same way in which he finds all other knowledge, by the instincts of the flesh.
It’s noble to determine that we want the Holy Spirit to guide us and to say so. And a person’s desires may be most sincere. But God does not judge us on the basis of our sincerity, but on the basis of Jesus Christ and His truth.
God said so when Jesus rose from the waters of Jordan. God took ownership of Him and said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him.” Faith pleases God when it is a mirror image of Him. We were created to know Him and express Him.
Not Everyone Who Claims to be an Apostle is an Apostle
I’m sure you would not be surprised to learn that not everyone who claims to be an apostle is actually called of God into that office. So how can you spot a false apostle?
False apostles do not believe that God authorized and sanctified one truth that is to be known and believed by the church – so obvious they cannot teach it and have to develop their calling in areas where God is not working, e.g. revival tents, revival meetings, miracle meetings, prayer gatherings, pine tree revelations; teaching people the art of personal prophecy, how to deliver a word, how to test words. All of these tangents are divisive as they are used of the devil to distract the servants of God from God’s true move.
Every revelation spawned by false apostles is Satan’s way of keeping believers moving along the same tragic path that leads to death. True apostles are a gift to the church. I hope you will embrace this shift with the love of God that I know you to have. As God challenges these long held traditions and comfort zones He’s revealing hearts and separating the sheep from the goats.


Last Revised: 2017-12-12

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