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New Kingdom Economy
New Kingdom Economy Discerned
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
An excited bride-to-be proudly displays her engagement ring to her friends saying, “Look at what Jack gave me! Isn’t this diamond beautiful?” As she oozed with admiration for the token on her finger, her friends did not want to tell her that her ring was a cheap knock-off.
The same thing is happening in the church today. As God transitions the church into the restored covenant to place the true value of faith upon Jesus Christ, the devil is still placing his knock-off tokens upon the finger of many sincere, but ignorant believers.
For example, now that God has shifted the tithe back to the priesthood of Jesus Christ according to the true pattern of the New Testament, the devil has invented another way for his false doctrine to gain acceptance. You’ll find that those claiming a “kingdom economy” as the paradigm shift for the tithe, presenting the same tithe under different colors.

What’s Being Taught:
“Many Christians have sincerely asked whether tithing is their responsibility today or was it just a duty under the Law? In this teaching, you will learn that there is a better way than tithing in the New Testament. God has called to great grace. This message will challenge and encourage you as you shift INTO the economy of the Kingdom which will result in ample provision to meet your needs and all the needs on the earth.” [end quote]

What is being proposed is not the paradigm shift. Can you see it?
-- The tithe teaching USED to be about money—it still IS about money.
-- The tithe teaching USED to be about getting my needs met – it still IS about getting my needs met.
What the devil is doing here is trying to present the tithe in a monetary way. The token is still money. The devil has simply invented another kind of program where money is in play.
God has already transitioned the church INTO the new covenant priesthood where the tithe has entirely changed. The tithe in the old testament USED to be money – the tithe of the New Testament is Jesus Christ. He is the token you are to exchange. You’ll need stewardship to teach you how to do this.
Here are a few links to the lessons where Apostle Eric vonAnderseck has posted what you need to know about
-- the connection between the priesthood of Jesus Christ and your tithe to God.
-- why God will not accept any token other than Jesus Christ.
-- why money is not the token.
-- the operation of grace upon the soul when truth is the sanctified token that is exchanged.
-- how to offer to God spiritual sacrifices of prophecy
-- how Satan ruins the priesthood by directing it towards the flesh.
God wants you to escape Satan’s snares.
God wants you to learn how to offer to Him an offering He accepts.
God has provided sanctified stewardship to teach you and guide you in this way of the covenant of Jesus Christ .
We invite you to use these links to make the transition into the priesthood of Jesus Christ…
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