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False Fruit Empty Soul
False Fruits Exposed: The Empty Soul
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Jesus spoke in prophecy through me in 1984 to address the false claims to fruit continually made by ministers who point to the testimonies of tearful conversions as a sign of God’s sanctification upon their revival efforts.
Jesus spoke of those who make these claims to fruit saying, “I have searched and the witness is true. The harvest of your labors is vain and those that you have gathered into your barn the rodent devours, and those that escape the rodents, the mildew devours, and those that escape the mildew you devour with your labors of your business.
What are these things unto Me, saith the Lord, when your fruit is as the wild trees which the frost has damaged? My ways are not hid, but you grope for the Me as the blind the wall.
Also My servant says that you have chosen you a leader and made him your king. Even when your mouths I have filled, you declare another whom I have not chosen. Are you angry at Me because I tell you the truth? Will you indeed turn your nose in innocence? You violate My ordinances and scribble laws that are foreign to Me, and say, “The Lord says,” when I was unaware of your doings. You measure Me according to the measure of a man whom I have created and you have lost yourselves in your labors.”
[Listen to the recorded teaching from Ezekiel 13, the Spirit of God addresses the false fruits of the false church just as He did in the days of Ezekiel. Don’t miss this prophetic teaching False Fruits Empty Soul”. Click the link in a Chrome browser to listen or download]
Tongues and Interpretation & Dream
July 3, 2015 my wife, Teacher Maria, spoke out in a message of tongues in her sleep and then gave the interpretation. She was addressing a crowd of people imprisoned in the false church. God was speaking through her to bring them back to the true steward of His knowledge to draw them back to God and the covenant He established in Jesus Christ, which is their first love.
God then ministered through Teacher Maria in a dream that followed: “In this dream I saw many that were seeking out Apostle Eric, asking his help to assist them to reverse the effects of the birth control they had been taking. Strangely, this was not gender specific. This is a Level-3 dream and speaks prophetically of the church awakening to the realization that despite extensive evangelism programs and revivals and emphasis placed upon inviting the presence of God, the soul remains empty of His virtue.”
The Fruitless Church = False Repentance
The voice of God in His true government is a sharp contrast to the cry that has gone up amongst the rebels. Wishing to defend their independence from apostolic stewardship as a God-given right to govern themselves, they point to revival meetings of the past and present as evidence of the “fruit” they claim to stand for God’s stamp of approval. 
We’ve all seen the theatrics before. The camera zooms in on a woman weeping out her contrition and love for Jesus as she rededicates her life to God. As she testifies of feeling God’s presence it is hoped that the evidence of tears mixed with the testimony will carry the weight of conviction that God was in their midst.
God is judging this sadistic practice to manipulate people with guilt and promises until their emotions spill over. These are not tears of true repentance, but tears of yearning.  These victims are not being impacted by the grace of God – they’re being manipulated by ministers who are not leading people into covenant.
After the meeting, after the music stops, after they go home, they wake up to the sobering reality that everything is as it was before. For some people that sudden reality that nothing has changed happens as soon as their feet hit the parking lot. What was that all about? What am I supposed to do now? Am I supposed to weep and cry and shout every time I go to church?
The people are not being given the words of truth that will free them to Christ and this is why you’ll find the same people making the same recommitments to Christ year after year.
The voice of the Spirit will be heard above the shout of the fool. False ministers want revival to be viewed through their eyes. No! revival is to be viewed through the eyes of God. From the eye of the Spirit, His people are being fed fables and this is why their soul is empty of the true fruit that allows them entrance into the bosom of the Father.
If your vessel is empty of the fruit that reflects the Son of God, you are denied the right of sonship, which is the inheritance of light all the children of God are called to.
Jesus said, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:8)
The fruit that God is talking about is not the inordinate affection the church has been addicted to – this bubbling over of the emotions, religious ecstasy some call the presence of God. This is not God – this is a demon.
Reversing the Effects of Birth Control
In the accompanying dream God gave to Teacher Maria, we see God addressing the barriers of false knowledge that keeps the soul barren of the fruit of God.
If you are returning repeatedly to the altar of repentance it is because your soul is empty of the fruit of God. You haven’t been given the covenant knowledge the Holy Spirit works with to develop Christ in the womb of your soul. This condition needs to be reversed.
The forming of Christ within the womb of the soul is a process called regeneration. That process takes place daily as a person uses the spiritual tools of the covenant. Jesus died to provide these spiritual tools to enrich your daily experience of Him.
False ministers teach people how to by-pass God’s due process of regeneration of the soul by creating an environment where the emotions get a thorough dunking into the cesspool of guilt, shame, remorse, and wishfulness about the anointing and power of God which are then fabricated at the apex of the meeting as people fall under the spell of seducing spirits. This is a foolish game.
God’s Compassion Turned to Fables
It might sound like a contradiction to say that God did touch people in the midst of that mayhem and confusion, but God does and will continue to pour out His grace upon mankind. When you’re at the gulf course – when deep sea diving – in your dreams. God is in that secret place, awakening the seed in the conscience for you to know Him.
But you need knowledge to come out of the trance of death – you need knowledge to know God and serve Him in righteousness. False ministers want to put you into a trance. They want to keep you asleep, in that hypnotic place where you will say and do  whatever suggestions they’ve implanted within you. At the snap of their fingers you’ll fall down. At the snap of their fingers you’ll break down and cry. You’re being used to spin another generation of fables.
“And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4:4)
God’s compassion is poured out daily, but that first impact of grace that you felt, which is holy, upon which the name of Jesus Christ rests, was taken to build a kingdom for the flesh and the name of Jesus placed upon everything the hands of the false minister touches.
The tired claim that is being made by false revivalists is that we can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. In other words, they’re hoping you can’t tell the lie from the truth and will continue to accept what they tell you, believing that somehow the good thing God is believed to be doing will rise to the top and remain untainted.
However, Jesus says the opposite. He said, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.” (Matthew 16:6) and The Spirit of the Lord speaking through Apostle Paul said the leaven needs to be addressed and removed.
6 Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?
Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us: (1 Corinthians 5:6-7)
If you’ve got a loaf of leavened bread and you are told to throw out the leaven, you’re going to have to throw out the whole loaf. You can’t pick apart the bread to get the leaven out. There is nothing edible. The leaven is throughout the bread. And false doctrine is just like that. Everything false knowledge touches must be thrown out. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.
Ministers say that they have the skill to repurpose the tithe to take the tithe through the transition. But, as they’ve come out with their “new” teaching on the tithe, you’ll notice that nothing has changed. The tithe used to be about giving money and it is still about giving money.
The leaven of false knowledge about the tithe is still there, still polluting truth. You won’t escape that condemnation until you turn to God and accept the stewardship through Him He is making the changes He has sanctified to represent Jesus Christ.
Recording Digest: July 5, 2015, teaching from Ezekiel chapter 13, beginning with verse 10, God brings out that the stewardship of Ezekiel is being made manifest in the church today. God speaks to correct those who are seducing His people.
God promises to deliver His people out of the trace of false revival… “I will tear them from your arms… I will split open these cages of doctrines… no more shall My people take up your lies in their lips.”
July 5, 2015 message: Crumbling Wall – 5:54 into the recording.
As the church runs parallel to ancient Israel, God speaks of a flood of the waters of His grace that will sweep away the false justifications built as walls to protect the aspiration of false ministers, which in reality serve as barriers to grace. These are the walls God is addressing and correcting with doctrine. These are the walls that are beginning to crumble.
July 3, 2015 God gave Apostle Shanell a vision: I was praying in tongues and saw a military group in a small village during a heavy rainstorm. The village started to flood and a building was about to collapse. One of the walls was going to crumble and an elephant tried to save it by standing on its hind legs to support the wall.[end vision]
Looking at the symbolism in the vision, we first of all look at the elephant. The elephant symbolizes the projected aspirations that were at one time obscure and not easily discerned by those entrapped within the false religious system being openly exposed.
As God’s light is shinning upon these works of the flesh, no one can miss the “elephant in the room”. Further meaning from Wikipedia offers additional application: “‘Elephant in the living room’ is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed.” God again reproaches false ministers and speaks to their shame. They abominate the priesthood God sanctified and spurn and shun the stewardship which God anointed. That which you thought was a blessing will manifest itself in a curse.
July 5, 2015 message: Hail Stones 7:03 into the recording. God openly injures the pride of those who resist His grace and change through His selected steward. The hailstones will sweep away their lies, crush their harvests, and uproot their false confidence and remove all their efforts.
June 26, 2015 God gave Teacher Maria a dream: In this dream I saw a crowd of people and heard the sound of hail as it hits the ground. As the hail began to shower down upon them they all lifted up their eyes to look towards heaven and I saw into the heavens a mighty angel holding a large urn looking vessel from which the hail had been poured out. [end dream]
Below you will find a digest of many of the teaching points brought out by the Spirit in the recorded teaching False Fruits Empty Soul” preached July 5, 2015 from Ezekiel chapter 13. Download your copy by clicking the link in a Chrome browser.
1:17… Proclaiming liberty means introducing the God-perspective
2:54… this wall is being built by grace resisters right now to keep you out of God’s covenant
3:49… learn the difference between revelatory history and the revelation of God’s grace
4:16… the untempered mortar of the false prophets seen in God’s rebuke to the church today
5:00… what is religious logic?
5:38… why is knowledge absent of grace favored amongst false prophets?
14:21… the very foundation and root of the false religious system exposed and rebuked
14:42… substitutionism addicted the church to this
17:34… why iniquity MUST increase
20:20… God gives an edict against the mountains and reveals what they designed for your derision
21:18… God’s Word: “There is no equity in derision… there is no rest for your faith!”  Learn how false equity beautifies the aspiration
22:28… God’s Word: “The wall is no more because your aspiration will collapse
23:29… the false fruit of the false religious system – there is no peace – the struggle of the conscience produces guilt and death rather than life and faith
24:23… who are the prophetic sisters in the church today who prophesy or cheer on the derision of their own madness?
25:20… the meaning of the “women who sew pillows to the armholes and kerchiefs on the head”
26:41… Jesus identifies the false fruits and false promises of false evangelism
28:05… false revivalists keep God’s people asleep by doing this
28:49… God promises to deliver His people out of the trace of false revival… “I will tear them from your arms… I will split open these cages of doctrines… no more shall My people take up your lies in their lips.”
32:30…  a separation is taking place. As the angels bundle the tares the righteous are coming out from among them
35:05… God is speaking in an audible voice, in dreams and visions to rebuke the false revivalists
36:08… every Christian is to put OFF these tokens of the moral code
36:58… are you IN Christ? Find out what that means
37:41… you are walking in harmony with God if you are doing these things
37:59… SIN redefined
38:40… KINGDOM redefined – which kingdom do you serve?
39:51… RIGHTEOUSNESS redefined
41:36… the false anointing manifests this uncleanness
43:39… are you doing this to enter into the JOY of the Lord
44:46… the ANOINTING redefined
45:17… the FALSE anointing and the NIMRODIC system exposed
47:46… the Nimrodic philosophy linked to substitionism and false charity
49:08… how the spiritual face of Christ is seen in the true prophecy of faith’s journey who is Jesus Christ
50:05… God’s Word: “The wind of the Spirit has changed and only those of faith hear the move of the Spirit”
50:13… the true steward leads God’s people IN and OUT. Find out what that means
51:22… the real reason false ministers deny the knowledge of the covenant. Learn what they are hiding from you
53:20… are you following the steward that is born of the Spirit?
53:58… the new birth is with the gifts and tokens of God’s house
54:20… are you made free from the culture of man or are you weaving the culture with religion?
55:16… what is the false church doing today that the antichrist spirit has been doing for thousands of years?
55:58… the true unction of the Holy Ghost explained
57:12… if you have no priesthood, this happens to you
59:18… are you holy? True holiness defined for the saints of God
59:51… the false FRUIT of the false church examined. How to know what true fruit is
102:51… why the world loves the concupiscence of the false church
106:43… do you have a “LEASH” relationship with God?

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