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The journey of faith
Fables and the Journey Mask: Part One
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
You might be asking, What has changed in Christianity in the past 40 years. The answer depends upon your perspective. If you are following current trends, nothing has changed for you, you’re still on the same journey – towards truth.
If you are part of the restored church, your perspective changed with your experience. True restoration begins with the apostles’ office being restored. The purpose of that is to restore to the church the original foundation of truth, the terms of the covenant of Jesus Christ, the covenant tools and contact points empowered by God; to restore the priesthood of each believer; to get Christians back into step with God’s will – to heal their soul of Satan’s scars and to transform the soul with the virtues of Jesus Christ.
This is an extreme shift away from that which has been historically accepted: that truth, in its full representation of Jesus Christ, cannot be known; that truth is in part, that truth is progressive, that each can follow an imaginary Jesus and call that my truth, and that God does not care about doctrine, He cares about intent. It is believed that if you have good intentions and mean well and are sincere in your efforts you should be able to keep false knowledge balanced.
As many claim this confusion to be the will of God and shout the praises of the ministers they followed in this way of error, the church remained shrouded in darkness and believers continued to suffer. If you do not have the complete and full blueprint of truth then you are on a journey quest, seeking truth.
The journey towards truth means that truth is yet unknown. It means that truth is mixed with false knowledge and the whole is leavened. When a minister speaks of “truths” h/she is admitting to leavened doctrine. This is what God is rebuking.
Since truth is the fulcrum for discernment, then the journey towards truth lacks true discernment as all discernment is based upon half truths and leavened truths, which are the devil’s breeding ground.
When making truth a quest, one needs to normalize ignorance by making it fashionable. This meant that a person was given permission to pursue truth while at the same time abandon it. It meant praising the journey towards truth, thus elevating the journey as the will of God rather than the possession of truth to be the will of God. This duality of purpose is a tremendous burden for the soul to carry as the guilt and shame of coming short of the glory of God continues to hound the conscience.
The Spirit of God begins to point out that the one journey that was embarked upon towards truth has now multiple purposes. If we think about what happens in the absence of truth, we begin to see massive cascade faith failure:
  •  The absence of truth means the absence of the witness of the Spirit. As one searches for the witness of God, the witness of man volunteers its services to conceal the absence of the true light of God.
  • The absence of truth means the absence of the true purpose. As one searches for purpose, the natural man interprets God’s purpose according to the rhythm of the flesh, which compounds the struggle.
  • The absence of truth means the absence of grace. As one searches for the grace of God that once was experienced so tangibly when first hearing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the aspiration of man volunteers itself to be that voice and faith remains dead.
  • The absence of truth means the absence of holiness. As one searches for the true holiness that should be experienced on a daily basis, the moral code of the natural man volunteers to be the voice of the conscience and the choice of the will is in service to the moral code, which law condemns man.
  • The absence of truth means the absence of righteousness. As one searches for the true standard by which God measures faith, the natural man again steps forward to offer his signature skills, talents, desires, and needs as the scale by which faith is to be measured. As one’s logic is reasoned on these scales, the true scale of Christ is rejected.
You should begin to see that I am describing the common experience shared in the current Christian culture. The very roots of this confusion is the false journey towards truth. Whenever a minister sees that truth is still out of reach, he claims to be the voice of reason calling for “balance”. He does this to sell believers on his idea that his partial truth should be accepted as the norm. When God restored truth to the church as a whole blueprint through my calling, believers no longer needed the flesh to balance false knowledge.
  • The absence of truth means the absence of spiritual government. Jesus did not give His apostles half truths to deliver to the church. Jesus did not give His apostles progressive truths, or speak of truth in the plural. He said, “I AM truth!” The apostles, as they were called and chosen of God, were equipped with the entire blueprint of truth. Nothing of Jesus was missing and nothing of man was added. Truth was pure.
Today the false apostolic movement and false prophetic movement challenge the true apostolic movement, claiming that truth was being progressively restored to the church over the past 500 years, citing the holiness movement to have brought to light the need for holiness and that the prophetic movement brought to light the need for prophecy.
However, bringing to light what is wrong in the church, what is needful (as to see what is missing) does not mean one has the calling or grace of God to bring correction. Ministers simply call themselves forth as voices of authority, but lacking the whole blueprint of truth use themselves as the template, thus removing faith from the record of Christ to the record of man.
God has now restored His spiritual government to the church. All 5 callings in the government of God are again functioning as they were in the early church, beginning with the apostles calling. As a result, believers have seen the entire map of their Christian experience change.
As God restored the understanding of each of the 12 elements of the gospel, faith again reflects Jesus Christ perfectly. This is an extreme shift away from faith reflecting and expressing the nature of man where faith was always struggling to be set upon the proper path. If you have not transitioned into the restored church, your faith is forced onto the unbearable and miserable journey in search of truth.
What’s in Your Wallet?
As believers turned out their empty pockets over the past 40 years they were always hearing the same slogan from ministers to encourage them to read their books and try their 9 keys to a better spiritual life, or 5 keys to better spiritual warfare, or 4 steps to a better relationships with your spouse or children. Now you know where each false journey started.
A new spiritual journey was fabricated from the very things a person saw missing from their experience of faith. In the false religious system you’ll always see holiness out of reach, strong faith out of reach, the will of God out of reach, the power over sin out of reach. When seeing holiness fail, faith fail, healing fail, strength fail, one would follow the bread crumbs laid out by ministers who themselves were on the same ill fated journey.
A believer would give themselves over to the teaching laid out for them by each minister’s testimony: “I suffered doubt like you, but no longer, now I confess scripture, plead the blood of Jesus, and enter into meaningful /powerful worship.” Yet, catch up to that minister 5-20 years down the road and he confesses that doubt still plagues him, holiness still eludes him, and faith is still a mystery to him and he does not know what truth is.
Sadly, none of the ministers who stepped forth to be a light for God’s people had learned the terms of the new covenant. None had learned how to identify the grace of God (the first element restored to the church) and how the Holy Spirit flows with the tools of the covenant. None understood God’s design for faith to function with the grace of God to reflect Christ and how we daily experience the powers of the world to come. None understood the purpose and plan of God for the regeneration of the soul in the image and likeness of Christ. The due process for this divine exchange eluded them.
This extreme shift away from truth and the covenant of Jesus Christ meant that the soul, in the absence of grace and truth, begins many bogus spiritual journeys to fill up that lack. Believers used to buy into the promise that if they did this-that-and-the-other-thing that holiness would someday be realized, or that if they allowed others to prophesy into their lives that they might someday know the will of God, or that if you could just make it to the next conference they might learn how to walk in the power of God.
This article is about the many false journeys of faith offered to believers and how each journey is masked by testimonies of God’s compassion, which become the fables one uses as a witness (the witness of man) to confirm the journey as God-intended and God-approved. What fables are you carrying in your wallet, intending to cash in on God’s blessings?
The Union Between Fable and Promise
Behind every false promise about what God will do for you to shape what happens in your life stands a multitude of fables. It’s the fable that the devil uses as a lure to hook Christians into believing that this false journey is God’s will for them.  Learn what you can do to shield yourself from fables and to remove yourself from the false journey of faith.  
God restored true spiritual government to the church to deliver the church from every false journey by providing the church the restored blueprint of truth. Never again fall victim to faith that has been derailed because it is put on a journey with FABLES.
  • Learn what fables are and how they destroy your faith.
  • How did fables become so deeply rooted in the church?  
  • What is the false journey of faith and where does it lead you?
  • What secret hides behind the mask that Satan hopes you don’t find out?
  • How are you victimized by setting the promise before the covenant?
  • Banish the worry and frustration that comes with each journey.
The False Journey Offered to a New Generation
What is the most common complaint amongst Christians? More than anything else, believers say that they want sustainability in their faith. They’re tired of being run into the ground every time a minister sets up a revival tent or announces a must-attend conference, promising God will move – you will be healed – changed – swept away – empowered!
Believers are tired of the slogans and promises that do not connect them to God, but in fact leads them to work with the drive of their own passions. They are tired of the crash that comes after the hype. 
You will recognize the familiar slogans and promises below because they have been made over and over again over the past 40 years, recycled and offered again to a new generation, offering the same hope with the same outcome as you find yourself on the same journey again!
1.  “Come and see God move in our midst! Come expecting a miracle! Come expecting a healing!”
2.  “If you are wondering whether or not you should come to our service tomorrow, I can guarantee that you will walk away changed! We have some amazing speakers…”
3.  “We have amazing praise and worship leaders! “Come to our ‘break out’ sessions to learn how to worship God.”
4. “Our main purpose is to spark revival on the inside. We are passionate about seeing people filled, equipped, and released…”
5. “It is absolutely key that we tap into the healing power of Jesus and receive freedom from rejection. Jesus paid it all for us so that we could know and enjoy complete acceptance.”
6. “Get into the HEALING presence of God! David worshipped his way out. Worship releases the healing power!”
7.  “Identify and confront the strongholds. Don't allow your mind to lead you--take authority & cast down wrong thoughts.”
8.  “Step out of the comfort zone and enter into the miracle zone.”
9.  “We have planned a powerful four days. We are extremely excited about what God is doing.”
Quickly running back through these common statements, we’ll identify the pretense of Satan’s promise to believers…
-- you don’t have the power of God, but if you come to the meeting, you can tap into God’s healing power,
--God isn’t moving in your life, go where the healing power of God flows,
--you don’t have the anointing, but you can be sparked, filled, equipped, and released,
-- you are bound, but you can have authority over strongholds.
--you have so many needs, you can find a hidden miracle zone where God is moving.
--you don’t know how to worship God, we’ll teach you how.
How is it possible that after the church devouring, digesting, regurgitating 40 years of the same teaching from a multitude of Christian authors claiming to be the voice of God, that you still don’t have these things they promised you? And yet you want to go another round?
Every time Satan makes a promise to you about what God will do for you or what you need to do to get God to move on your behalf, he is coming from a place of lack and sending faith on a false journey towards those things you are lacking. Hope is not faith. False hope is not faith.
Ministers famously talk about what God’s will should look like, hoping that they would be seen as the ones who possess the calling, wisdom, and knowledge to lead the church into that experience. On the contrary, the minister is simply stating what h/she does not possess. This is so important, I’ll say it again: The minister is simply stating what h/she does not possess. But having gazed into the looking glass of Satan’s promise, they have been taken captive by him to do his will.
Keep in mind that these things sought after are the very things you should be abiding in every day and would be partaking of every day if you were in covenant with God and instructed in the doctrine of Christ by the steward He called to build the foundation of truth in you. God reserves the word “faith” to associate only with the covenant terms and tools of Jesus Christ. Faith is reflective of Jesus Christ.
We said that every false journey starts with specific promises made to areas of lack. Each promise is linked to two things:
1.  scripture and
2.  a testimony.
The promise sounds great (scripture seems to validate it), it feels right (the natural man uses the scale of the flesh to measure it), other people say it works for them (the witness of man agrees) –but Satan hides behind the journey mask stringing you along because he knows you will not find God nor the power of salvation on the journey he created for you to fall short of the glory of God. We’re peeling back the mask to reveal the spirit and influence behind the journey so that you can at last remove your feet from that well trodden path to destruction.
The Fable Sells the Journey
Scripture + scale of the flesh + the witness of man = the tradition of man void of the power of God.
For every journey there is a fable that sells the journey. You’ll find that it’s not enough for a minister to  quote a scripture here and there to try to extrapolate truth into the experience you want. It’s the fable that sells the journey. Satan is as sly as any used-car salesman is profiled to be. Satan knows how to sell you on the journey – he knows all the selling points – he knows what you want to hear. His best tactic is to offer testimony after testimony of people who “felt the touch” of God. You’re thinking, If it worked for them, it will work for me.
Ministers of unrighteousness lean very heavily upon fables to support and give confidence of faith when they should be leaning upon the record of Christ for their faith.
What is a Fable?
2 Timothy 4:3-4
3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”
4   “And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”
Paul warned about fables rising up against faith in the last days. Believers who do not embrace the one blueprint of truth cannot endure sound doctrine (wholesome truth where all the ingredients of truth are present to reflect Christ) and are therefore susceptible to build faith upon fables.
What kind of fable was Apostle Paul warning the church about? He was not talking about the kind of fables that you find in fairy tales and myths. Paul’s use of the word “fable” was developed from his experience with correcting distortions in Christianity. He saw how through fables believers were subtly being removed from the Jesus of the covenant, which he preached, to a Jesus that was constructed of the imagination. 
Fables are born of true experiences that are then taken and redirected to give witness to the individual or indoctrination, but not to the covenant of Jesus Christ. We’re talking about experiences with answers to prayer, manifestations of the Spirit of God, the operation of the gifts, miracles, healings, divine interventions, dreams and visions.
God’s righteous judgments are seen every day as He moves upon lives in every denomination. He heals, He answers prayer, He issues grace for salvation to draw all souls unto Himself. 
Most everyone you meet has at least one testimony of divine intervention. Members within each denomination receive answers to prayer because God is compassionate upon the just and the unjust. Whether, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Full Gospel, Assembly of God, Calvary, or independent, unchurched, or those who profess the “bar stool theology”, all have experienced the hand of God’s compassion, all draw parallels to the Bible, and all use these testimonies in support of their belief system.
In contrast, the testimonies in the book of Acts were viewed in the light of the Headship of Jesus Christ through His government for the building of the church and not the self-concept of Jesus Christ.
The point is that God does these wonderful works in persons connected to a variety of denominational backgrounds. And every person uses the compassion of God to give witness to their set of doctrines, pointing to the miracle or answer to prayer as a witness that God is for them, standing on their behalf, championing their beliefs. But that isn’t true. God only confirms Jesus Christ. Furthermore, God only confirms Jesus Christ in the new covenant.
The Sinful Habit to Use Fables in Place of the Record of Christ
There are many testimonies to God’s goodness and compassion. We hear these testimonials and thank God. However, when these testimonies become fables they destroy faith. An element has been removed from the testimony, which removes Christ from the witness and an element has been added to the testimony, which seducing spirits use to confirm the imagination; the momentum of faith is then carried by the power of seducing spirits working upon human aspiration.
This sinful habit to use fables in place of the record of Christ has become the norm in the current Christian culture. Jesus Himself addressed this when testifying against those who use fables to deceive His people. He said, “Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity.”
Many have often questioned why the Master would use such harsh words to address those who worked miracles in His name. Let’s look at the scripture from Matthew chapter 23. Jesus said,
21 Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
Clearly the will of God is not in casting out devils, not in the raising up of a prophetic movement, not in the performing of miracles. The will of God is in the divine transformation of the soul by the divine power—the inner sign and birthmark of Christ. For this you need the blueprint of truth and an apostle who knows the terms of the covenant for which Jesus shed His blood. (2 Peter 1:3-4)
Yet the promise is made…
-- Come to the revival/conference. Listen to so-and-so share his testimony about
  • giving his last $35 and what happened after that.
  • being delivered from 20 years of pornography.
  • being raised from his wheel chair after being bound in it for 15 years.
The promise is made that “God is moving” and you want to get in on this “move of God”. Yet, an instantaneous miracle or deliverance is not the regeneration of the soul. Miracles (outward sign) and regeneration (inwards sign) are two different works of the Holy Spirit. Both are done by the hand of God, but only one receives the rewards of eternal life. God receives the fruit of His work (inwards sign) within the soul back to Himself.
When you appear before the throne of God on the great day of judgment to receive your rewards or to be forever caste away from His presence, you will not be judged on the basis of a onetime healing, or series of deliverances, or miraculous answers to prayer you saw, received, or God performed through your hands. You will be judged solely on the fruit of Christ born in the soul through the due process of regeneration. God only knows us by this fruit. And that is why Jesus said to the miracle workers, I don’t know you. And if I don’t know you, you have no part in me.
Jesus was speaking of knowing God by the due process of regeneration when He said, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3)
Jesus also said, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 5:8) Jesus is speaking of the inward fruit of the Spirit born in the heart daily by those who are in covenant with Him, using His tools at His altar to serve Him His way. This is not discovered at a conference, but this mystery of Christ is revealed to His apostles to give to the church. When Jesus’ apostles and His teaching is rejected then you’ll see a push towards the outward sign of miracles to cover the nakedness of the soul.
Balance: The Subterfuge of Truth
Many times a minister will claim that the church needs balance. You might hear it said that, “When truth is in the process of being restored to the church, it usually swings extremely to the right, then to the left.” Yet this is not the plight of the restored church.
The restored church did not experience that and does not experience that. Seeking for balance between truth and error only happens when truth is mixed with error. When the one blueprint of truth was restored to the church, believers then regained their sight. They could discern between the flesh and faith, between truth and error, between the altar of Christ and the altar of the flesh, between false prophecy and true prophecy, between aspiration and grace.
The word “balance” is a word that is often thrown out there as a precautionary instrument against error  when one does not possess truth, and is said by those wanting to appear to be in authority. The idea is that with good reason and sound observation one can hope to strike somewhere in the middle.
On the contrary, when one possess the blueprint of truth as God planned, instruction in doctrine takes place. Doctrine = function. Truth being tethered to the throne of God is in perfect equity with Himself. That which proceeds from Him is governed by the anointing and returns to Him in charity.
So then, the word “balance” is another code word for “journey”. When a minister speaks of balance it is a sign h/she does not have truth and is on a fated journey in search of truth. In the past one could easily hide behind that language to deceive the church. Shouting for balance was seen to be made by the expert who was seeking to set himself apart by seeking for the high watermark of excellence. But these men and women were only citing those things that are commonly seen by all and writing about what they saw. This is not divine inspiration. Now that truth is restored to the church in whole (not in part), that same cry for balance is seen to be the confession of those lacking truth and believers are refusing that battle cry.
Are You Taking Ownership of God’s Compassion?
Let’s start from the beginning to learn more about the influence of fables in the church and how susceptible believers are to this unholy influence and practice. We’ll start by following the point made earlier about  God’s compassion. We’ll follow that point all the way through so we can clearly see how fables are made to exploit faith.
In His compassion, God provides a sign of His existence and love for all humanity to see and then to seek after Him to come into covenant to know and serve God with the knowledge and tools He sanctified with the blood of Jesus.
God answers many prayers as a sign of His compassion to open the conscience for the entrance of grace to be received. God heals the sick as a sign of His compassion. But Christians build with the sign rather than build with faith and they take ownership of the answer to prayer to confirm their belief system. This is how fables are born and in turn, how grace is turned to lasciviousness.
Fables are more prevalent in the church than one might think. How many times have you heard a minister testify of someone who tithed their last $35.00 and then unexpectedly received a check for thousands of dollars? Or about the couple that paid off a $42,000 debt and bought a new home and are now living debt free. The preacher then offers you steps you can put into practice that are tied to what they call “biblical principles”, teaching you how to put biblical principles to work or you to release the devil’s hold on your blessing to get what you want from God. If you accept the fable, you accept the journey.
But in that the experience was real (in the case of the person who gave their last $35.00 and did receive an unexpected financial increase, or maybe God healed a deaf person, or God performed a miracle) the doctrine that accompanies the testimony is not questioned; neither is the source of inspiration behind the doctrine discerned. The testimony, as it is directed by the aspiration of man, becomes a fable, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is fabalized (reduced to give power and witness to that which is common to man, rather than to confirm the covenant of Jesus Christ).
People imagine that God provides these experiences as an authorization or stamp of approval upon their faith and indoctrination and that’s why ministers build a pattern or blueprint with the testimony saying, If you will follow this biblical principle God will open the windows of heaven for you and pour out His abundant blessings to you. Or something of that nature.
Like I said, it’s not always about money. The drive might be about how to find the will of God for your life through prophecy. I’m speaking here of the priesthood of the flesh introduced by Bill Hamon whereby the issues and circumstances and politics of life are uttered in prophecy. Some have called this the Prophetic Movement. But true prophecy does not confirm man, but rather Jesus Christ. And now that the true priesthood prophecy has been restored to the church believers are equipped with truth to differentiate the prophecy that the Spirit of God enters into from that which seducing spirits enter into.
When God manifests His compassion to heal an affliction, the manifestation is used to confirm the indoctrination (the tradition of man as God breathed and God inspired). The minister takes ownership of the testimony to confirm his set of biblical principles and now the testimony has turned into a fable. When accepting the fable in place of truth, your faith is further weakened by being sent an yet another futile journey to resolve the issues of life.
Can you see the deception at work to overthrow faith by fables? What do you think you’re going to follow, faith or the fable? What persuades you, the knowledge of Christ for faith or the promise made to the well being of the flesh?
Faith requires the whole foundation of truth to be set within the heart. Faith requires stewardship and priesthood, a knowledge of the terms of tools of the new covenant for which Jesus shed His blood to give faith a frame to express Christ acceptably. Fables require nothing more than one’s imagination mixed with a scripture or two to express self.
If you don’t have truth, the fable will win out over faith every time. This is most vividly and clearly observed in Psycho-phecy spawned by the Prophetic Movement mentioned above.
  • The devil misdirected faith to address the ever changing needs of the fallen nature of man.
  • The devil kept faith on a false journey, searching for the will of God for self.
  • The devil kept faith looped to false promises and fables.
  • The devil designed prophecy to give utterance to man’s record.
Psycho-phecy is the turning of prophecy away from God’s true intention and purpose (to bind the Body together in the utterance of the knowledge of Christ – true charity), to divide the Body by giving utterance to the needs, suspicions, and desires of the natural man.
You might have heard Psycho-phecy referred to as the “nabi prophet”, which is not the true prophet, but the earmarks of the Bill Hamon philosophy, to speak or utter from the bowels of one’s own passion, imagination to quench the thirst of the God-Code of the soul.
Hamon redefined the prophets office to cover the lack of the grace of God. A person follows his own desires to prophesy about lack, need, desire, and the wholeness one seeks for when on the false journey of faith. And thus are the hearts tested before God to make known who is following the fable and who is following Jesus Christ.
True prophecy reflects the Son of God. The knowledge of His kingdom, as the wheat of the field, is harvested by the anointing, to reciprocate to God. Read Part two of this important, ground breaking lesson by clicking this link... "Has Your Faith Been Fabalized".
[Eric vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Apostle in the government of God. He is the founder of Second 8th Week Ministries & founder of the Network of Apostles Today. He is the IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum author and author of over 100 ground breaking books and articles, spearingheading the return of the apostolic calling and anointing to the church.
Apostle Eric ministers extensively nationally and internationally. He is the pioneer of the new apostolic age and recognized as the leading authority in the fields of church growth, foundation building, spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, and the leading voice in the transition of the church into the new apostolic season and reformation.]


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