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Uncovering the false prophetic movement and Jezebel prophecyUncovering the False Prophetic
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck

You’ll often hear us talk about the false prophetic movement and Jezebel’s prophets. In this area of deliverance for the church and transition into the true priesthood prophecy, Apostle Eric vonAnderseck recently delivered two messages. God goes to the very root of the system that created false prophecy.

[To access the audio teaching “Uncovering the False Prophetic” CLICK HERE.

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Jezebel’s Prophets Tested

You too can be equipped to test Jezebel’s prophecies when you read them or hear them –to reject them. This is a decided victory for the Body of Christ. Jezebel’s brand of prophecy used to be a huge influence and sadly, in some places, it still is. Wanting to see God active in their lives and desperate to hear the voice of God, believers abandoned the call of God to build the foundation of truth in their hearts and thus left themselves wide open to seducing spirits.

When given the means to discern the spirit behind the false prophetic movement, one believer said, “I had not realized the depth and scope of this deception until reading the teachings put out by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to something I have ignorantly been a part of for a very long time.”

After learning how to operate in the priesthood prophecy, a woman wrote, “I cannot express to you my gratitude. Words are insufficient. After finishing the training course “Priesthood and Prophecy” and learning how God had intended for prophecy to be understood and operated in, I don’t understand how something so simple as priesthood prophecy could have been overlooked. The difference is night and day. How did we miss God?

After learning to discern the flesh from faith, one minister stated, “I took this course [Priesthood Prophecy] with the course “The Flesh” and would recommend the pairing to anyone looking to understand true prophecy and what it’s all about. Apostle Eric paints another image of prophecy I had not heard of or seen anywhere in the body.

“I have come to realize how the devil used my natural drive (what I learned was the 5 facets of the flesh) as my ‘ears’ and ‘heart’. When prophesying into life’s I really thought I was doing the will of God. I used to say that I sensed that God was saying this or leading me in that. It wasn’t until I learned the 5 facets of the flesh and how they act upon the soul that I learned to discern WHAT I was sensing and how that describes the heart following its own rhythm. I Thank God for the restoration of the priesthood and the faithfulness and obedience of Apostle Eric to bring this much needed knowledge to the church!”

What is Jezebel Prophecy?

A Jezebel prophet is not necessarily a woman, but a prophet (man or woman) who speaks from the same spirit as Jezebel, from the wisdom of this world. God identified this spirit operating in the church through Apostle John in the book of Revelation when addressing the habit of ministers to prophecy to the needs of the flesh.

As the Lord brings out in the audio teaching “The Axe is Laid to the Root of the Tree”, the wisdom of man is to resolve the issues of the world and self by the commandments of God. Jezebel prophecy and ministry is to replace the commandments of Jesus Christ with the commandments of men. The commandments of men are rooted within the social issues of the world (what’s going on in my life, my desires, my yearning, my needs, my struggles, etc.). The wisdom of the world is to follow the rhythm of the flesh, which is tethered to the kingdom of darkness.

Let’s work this out practically with an exercise in discernment. I’m going to use an example prophecy received and shared by Chuck Pierce. I’m choosing this “word” because it is a very common utterance. I’ve heard a variation of this “word” hundreds of times over the past 40 years. And I know, if you have been in those circles or observed that form of prophecy, you’ve heard this too. Here it is…

"You have a burning desire within you. I am bringing that to full fruit where you will be so sold out! You will be so sold out that you won¹t even recognize yourself. What you are about will be all about ME. Even now, I know that this is your heart¹s desire!

Even when you are resisting this, I know that that truly you want Me. I know that that is who you really are and what you really want! I will bring that desire to full fruit. You will be that one who lives for ME and ME alone. You can rest in that, and you can trust in that. Wait for ME to make this happen!" [end quote]

Testing Prophecy Against the Scale of Truth

The first thing that we should do when hearing prophecy is to test it against the scale of truth. There are two kingdoms, two frames of knowledge, two sources of power – God or the devil, the kingdom of God or the kingdom of darkness. We either prophecy from one or the other.

Testing prophecy has to do with testing the frame of knowledge and source of power. When mentioning the names of ministers who are caught up into wrongful and hurtful practices, we’re not judging the person, but rather holding them accountable to Christ. Are their words drawing sympathy from the flesh to confirm the fallen nature of man, encouraging believers to follow the rhythm of the flesh or are the words drawn from the foundation of truth to confirm Jesus Christ to encourage believers to follow the rhythm of the Spirit?

Apostle Paul mentioned two ministers of his time that were bringing harmful practices to the church: “Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.” (1 Timothy 1:20)

Also named were those who withstood Moses. “Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” (2 Timothy 3:8) God does this to provide negative role models, to teach us what not to do and that the church might know whose teachings and practices to avoid.

There’s no escaping it. We speak from the culture we are born into. The culture of the flesh is the mark of our first birth. The experience of the fallen man is that which we learned to speak of and nurture before coming to Christ and remains a strong influence after we are born again. Speaking of God from the perspective of the flesh (rather the covenant of Jesus Christ), you’ll hear this rhythm of the flesh consistently spoken of in Jezebel’s prophecy.

Discerning Why a Prophecy is False

I’m going to go over the first four of Apostle Eric’s basic discernment points with you:
1. The focus of false prophecy is on YOU. It is psycho-phecy.
2. The focus of false prophecy is on a progressive reality.
3. False prophecy is elusive and ambiguous.
4. False prophecy directs faith to obtain a witness from the flesh.

1. The focus of false prophecy is on YOU. It is psycho-phecy.
The first and most obvious thing you need to know about false prophecy is that the prophecy is addressing YOU, which is backwards. Prophecy is supposed to be a return (reciprocation) of the knowledge of Jesus Christ to God. We honor God in prophecy by returning the gift of His Son to Him in the utterance (prophecy) of His knowledge, which truth is the light of the soul.

Revelation 19:10, “…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Not the testimony of self, the struggle of self, the psychology of self (psyo-phecy) that weighs heavy upon the heart, but the testimony of Jesus Christ.

In our example prophecy, the voice of God is turned from the testimony of Jesus Christ (covenant knowledge) to address the person’s state of mind and heart. In true prophecy, faith is reflective of Jesus Christ to carry grace to the heart for the labor of faith to express Jesus. In false prophecy faith is reflective of self. Knowledge is weighed upon a false scale to give witness to man. Even though the words are about God knowing this and that and doing this and that, the frame knowledge is given is the flesh, not the covenant.

It might help to explain it like this: False prophecy reads more like a lot of country western “Jenny, Billy, you did me wrong, crying in your beer” songs. People agonize over the same things: romances lost and won and lost again; stolen hearts, lost opportunities, paying the price for lying and cheating ways, having learned lessons the hard way.

In reality, God does not address the defiled conscience, but cleanses it with truth. Hence, we see the connection between the utterance of true prophecy and the regeneration of the soul (the virtues of Christ are daily born in the soul).

2. The focus of false prophecy is on a progressive reality.
The next thing that is observable with false prophecy is that the voice of God speaks of a progressive reality rather than the present reality of the covenant of Jesus Christ. All true prophecy confirms Jesus Christ in His covenant. False prophecy confirms a deep seated desire to be a part of that reality and reads much like a Hallmark Card, soothing bruised feelings, addressing the wayward, wandering heart, and eventuality of fruit and fulness if only you did this or that or were patient.

We observe in our example prophecy the absence of the reality of Christ, the absence of His covenant and in its place the subtle, but discernible voice of the flesh to promise that “someday” the heart’s desire for zeal will be realized and it will be God’s way all the way. Hence putting confidence in the pretense of promise that is not joined to the reality of the covenant.

In this progressive reality a person is escorted into a false rest. God designed the soul to only experience completion in Himself and to enter into rest after laboring with Him. We daily labor with the knowledge and tools of Jesus Christ to find completion in Him and thus He is our rest. The experience of rest is tangible to the soul. When you begin to experience it after the foundation of truth is set in your heart then you’re equipped to discern when a false rest is held out as your hope (as in the example prophecy), to understand the devil’s wiles to draw upon the soul’s longing for rest, but to join it to another frame of knowledge the Holy Spirit does not use to confirm Christ.

“And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.” (Colossians 2:10)

3. False prophecy is elusive and ambiguous.
What most can pick up at this stage of discernment is that personal prophecy (in that it is about you and speaks from the pretense of promise and possesses this broad appeal to the fallen nature of man), is by its very nature, ambiguous.

Googling the meaning of the word ambiguous to help us nail this down a bit, I found this definition helpful:
“Having or expressing more than one possible meaning, sometimes intentionally; (Of language) open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning: ( &

Something you need to know about the language of the flesh – it is ALWAYS open to a very wide interpretation. The covenant of Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is not. God’s knowledge for faith has a very specific frame and function. You see this as you learn the 12 elements of the gospel, how God designed each element to function in faith for you to know Him and experience Him. God did not leave this open to the interpretation of the flesh.

The wording of prophecy that is born of the psychology of this world is designed by the devil to be vague, general, and easy for you to apply to yourself. He’s doing that to gain a false witness from the flesh. And that leads us to our next point of discernment.

4. The focus of false prophecy is on obtaining a witness from the flesh.
The next thing we’ll talk about is how all false prophecy draws a witness from the flesh and why God calls that witness a lie. There are 5 distinct facets of the flesh you need to know about. When the Holy Spirit speaks of the “flesh”, God is not speaking of the skin of our bodies, but rather the 5 senses of the soul.

When separated from God, Adam began to use self (the 5 facets of the flesh) to gauge reality. Let’s look at them again:
1. The knowledge of this world
2. The signature of the soul
3. The God-Code
4. The moral code
5. The fruits of iniquity

This is the natural man. These 5 facets make up the record of your own soul, which record God calls a lie in that the nature of man is inclined to draw upon these 5 senses to weigh reality and to gain a witness. The true record the soul is to acknowledge, mold with, and submit to is the record of Jesus Christ.
1 John 5:9-10, “If we receive the witness of men (in the record of the natural man), the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar (choosing his own record as the truth); because he believeth not the record (Jesus Christ is the covenant knowledge and frame for faith) that God gave of his Son.”

When speaking from the culture of the flesh each of the 5 facets of the flesh find a voice that resonates deep within the heart to yearn and long for the way things should be, the way things could be, the way things would be if this or that practice or principle was put into action.

This manifestation of unrequited love will strike a familiar cord of soreness within each believer that is lost in the same wilderness, walking a circular path in search of truth, using the 5 senses of the flesh as a compass.

In our Inclination Workshops we walk through the 5 senses of the flesh to observe how they manifest in our daily growth cycle as we work with the Holy Spirit to overcome self, the world, and the devil by the power tools of Christ. When you gain those discernment skills you’ll begin to see how each sense of the flesh is being drawn upon as a witness to self and observing that taking place in false prophecy is a good thing. God is helping you to cut these cords that bind you to the wrong system.

Since you probably don’t have that under your belt just yet, we can take a general look at our example prophecy to learn why it “feels” (there’s a witness there) like God is speaking to you. I want us to go back over the prophecy, line by line.

Print a copy of the prophecy or write it out so that you have a copy of it in front of you that you can mark up. I’ll ask you to highlight the portions that struck a familiar cord, like you can relate to it because you feel the same way. We’re going to learn about the witness of the flesh to learn what you are being asked to confirm. We’ll accomplish this as you make a notation about the response being drawn from your heart (the flesh) to confirm what you are feeling.

I’ll show you how. We’ll do a few together. When you read the section that said…

“You have a burning desire within you”… did you say, “That’s me! It’s like God is talking to me too!”
“I am bringing you to full fruit where you will be sold out!... did you say, “I want that!”
“you won’t even recognize yourself”… did you say, “I believe that can be me!”
“What you are about will be about ME”… did you respond, “That’s what I want—all of Jesus, none of me.”
“I know that this is your heart’s desire!”… did you respond, “I KNOW God KNOWS how I feel.”
“Even when you are resisting this”… did you respond, “God knows my weakness and accepts me anyways!”
“You will be that one who lives for ME”… did you respond, “It’s as if God is speaking directly to me.”
“I know that that is who you really are and what you really want!... did you respond, “I have hope again!”
“you can rest in that, and you can trust in that”… did you respond, “I’m feeling strong again, like I can make it! God is there!”

Now that you’ve finished that assignment, run back over the sections you’ve highlighted and see how much you’re being read into the part. Did you notice that a story line developed in your own mind about yourself and your experience with lacking zeal, wanting zeal, wanting to become the reality that God sees you to be. Look again at the first point to properly discerning prophecy, The focus of false prophecy is on YOU. It is a very personal, but intrusive probe into your psyche. And this is how spiritual exploitation takes place.

One of the 18 inclinations of man (inclination #3) focuses on the inclination of the natural man to develop a relationship with God that is based on the rhythm of self. A form of exchange takes place that is common to man, but hostile to God.

“For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” (Romans 8:5,8)

The prophecy, although attempting to speak about what God WILL do for you, is not speaking from the perspective of covenant to direct faith to engage with the knowledge and tools of Christ where the exchange takes place.

That means you’re always left in that place where you’re confirming what you’re hoping God will do and what you’re feeling you’re lacking, and you’re taking a breath and wiping your brow thankful that God accepts you as you are.

When the prophetic utterance speaks the truth about what you feel, the confirming witness is of the flesh. You’re being asked to come into agreement with the flesh and the condition of the soul apart from the sanctification of Christ and work of the Spirit.

In that is the prophetic utterance spoke the truth about how you feel, it has a “truthful” feel to it. Seducing spirits are simply reading the files of your soul and speaking truthfully about your brokenness, yearning, and desire, speaking what is true about the nature of man.

This does not mean that the vessel is speaking from the mind of God. The mind of God is revealed through Jesus Christ, the door, knowledge, and contact point of the new covenant. The Holy Spirit works with the knowledge of Christ to confirm Him as the altar of the soul. The Holy Spirit does not speak of your wants, desires, needs, yearnings, etc.

You’ll typically get a thousand likes and “Amens” on a prophecy such as our example prophecy when its posted in Facebook. Why? Because it’s going to speak to the masses and everyone is going to agree that a familiar cord has been struck. They’ve hit the nail on the head. Not hard to do seeing that it is psycho-phecy – divining the nature of man to resolve the state of the conscience.

One woman shared her transition experience to priesthood prophecy saying, “I was brought up in the faith under teachings promoted by leading ministers of the Charismatic/Faith movements. Although I had a sizable collection of Christian books by many authors, Kenneth Hagin, Bill Hamon, & Joyce Meyer stand out as having shaped my understanding about how God speaks and how to prophesy into people’s lives. I had all their books.

“It wasn’t until I was taught how to operate in prophecy God’s way that I could look back to see the spiritual addiction. I was emotionally hooked on getting personal words for myself and hearing the words others got. They all did it. Whether worked into their teachings or spoken over you… Personal prophecy lines were a regular feature. I thought, wow, God’s moving here. I want to be where God’s moving. There was such a hunger in my heart to hear the voice of God – I didn’t see the deception. It was painful to break the spell. I don’t think I wanted to come out of that trance and I could not have done it without the help of the Holy Spirit.”

The Spirit, speaking through Apostle Paul admonished, “Awake thou that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.” (Ephesians 5:14)

The church is now awakening. The light of true prophecy that is breaking the spell of false prophecy.

What Does Resistance Mean?

When reading the part of the prophecy that speaks of being zealous for the things of God, remember that getting hooked on Jesus does not mean you have to become a victim to the wiles of the devil. Did you highlight the section of the false prophecy that read “Even when you are resisting this, I know that that truly you want Me.”… did you say, “I do feel conflictive at times. I want to conform to God, but there is a part of me that…”

What you may not know is that this conflict or RESISTANCE is addressed by God in your daily growth cycle. You won’t be in need of someone to confirm resistance by the voice of the flesh when you work with the anointing to it in your growth cycle. Once you get acquainted with your growth cycle and priesthood prophecy, the devil will not be able to blur those lines for you again.

The New Covenant is the New Culture of the Soul

When we are born again into God’s kingdom we are given a new culture of faith and learn to speak the language of the Spirit to speak from God’s perspective. This is why instruction in the one true doctrine of Christ is essential. If you have not done so already, you’ll need to learn and study the 12 elements of the gospel until they become a part of you, the foundation of your thinking. The change in language is a phenomenal miracle.

You won’t be able to partake of the change in language while clinging to the culture of the flesh. This is why God introduced a new wave in the church: new prophecy emerged as the foundation of truth was restored by apostles God called and anointed with this knowledge.

Jezebel Prophecy Uses Substitutionism as her Foundation

As God restored the apostles office through the ministry of Eric vonAnderseck the original foundation of truth was restored to the church; the priesthood of each believer was restored, the tools of the covenant were restored, and the stewardship of the grace of God was restored to the church.

As the Spirit of God assists you through these points of transition, He’ll be closing the gap on the doctrine of substitutionism, which is part of the root system supporting false prophecy. Jesus is NOT our substitute, but the propitiation for our sins.

We’re offering the following transcription to teach the distinction God places between substitutionism and propitiation. Once you see that clearly, you’ll be further equipped to free yourself from the yoke of false prophecy.

Transcription: Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Date: September4, 2015
Scripture: Revelation 1:3,6 & 1 Corinthians 4:8-10

Audio File: Listen to the audio recording of the teaching “Uncovering the False Prophetic”. CLICK HERE

Transcription Points of Interest:
1. Sinners approach God in that which favors themselves. And that's substitutionism.
2. Substitutionism is the very foundation of the spirit of antichrist.
3. The false religious system is taking the knowledge of God to rule in the aspiration.
4. God made us kings and priests: through this covenant, He is going to birth the royal seed, and by this covenant He was also going to give us a new priesthood, a holy priesthood.


Today is Friday, September 4th, 2015 and we're going to start here in the revelation of John. So, let's warm up a little bit regarding these things which John wrote as applicable to the things which we're experiencing today.

In Revelation chapter 1 we read here in 1:3, “the time is at hand”. And we're going to expound on that a little bit because he also mentions this at the conclusion of his letter, regarding “the time is at hand”.

Let's start right here in verse 6

Vs 6: “And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”

You can highlight the words, kings and priests here.
When he says, And has made, that is by this covenant because He says here in verse 5, “Unto him that has loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood”. So we see when he says the word, blood, he's speaking concerning the covenant, by His covenant, by this covenant; not by that which is favorable to our own signature, but that which is favorable to God.

Sinners approach God in that which favors themselves. And that's substitutionism. But the righteous approach God according to that which favors Himself...that which favors God. That's his propitiation.

Now, He's going to give gifts here, as we see in chapter 22...He's going to give gifts, and that's according to His propitiation. In substitutionism we're not qualified to give gifts to ourself. What gifts we provide for ourself will never match that which God is, regarding Himself because He is light. So we need the gifts of the light of His propitiation and not the gifts of the darkness of substitutionism.

Substitutionism is the very foundation of the spirit of antichrist. It's approaching God on the terms of themselves and their own terms, just like Satan, in the very beginning, as Jesus says, he transgressed in the very beginning, and since the very beginning Satan challenged God on his own grounds. That is, Satan wanted to approach God, for God to change His mind about this great plan. Satan was viewing God regarding that which was taking place and unfolding in the 7th heaven.

On the 2nd day God created the angels, and in that period of time in that 2nd day, God unfolded to the angels this plan, which He was going to initiate, as He was going to allow them to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth on the 2nd day. As He's going to allow them to observe these things, which the fallen Watchers understood what the oath of God was. By the Oath of God the heavens were created. By the Oath of God the earth was created, and by the Oath of God everything was established within this dimension. So the angels were present at that time witnessing the supreme power of God.

After witnessing the supreme power of God, God then addressed them regarding the next stages of His plan, that they would be involved with this, that they would not be those which would enter into the eternal inheritance as the baptism of Light. He says, But the apostle Paul brings out concerning they're ministering spirits sent forth from God to minister unto them (which is us), which would be heirs of salvation. We would be those who would benefit this engrafting, which would make us equal with God, taking on the divine nature.

So, here we see in verse 6, “And has made us kings and priests” In other words, through this covenant, He is going to birth the royal seed, and by this covenant He was also going to give us a new priesthood, a holy priesthood, as Peter talks about as being a holy priesthood.

“He has made us kings and priests unto God and His Father”
We know that the book of Revelation was written before the other epistles were because the other epistles were making references to these things. And we can see that the apostle Paul was reflecting upon that which the apostle John received here. And we can see this in 1Corinthians chapter 4, so you can put a marker here in Revelation and let's turn to 1Corinthians chapter 4, and let's look at why Paul said these things.

In 1Corinthians chapter 4 he says, “Now you are full, now you are rich, You have reigned as kings without us;” In other words, they were taking this knowledge for the purpose of ruling in the aspiration, whereas we are taking the knowledge and humbling ourselves to the revelation.

We see in the false religious system today that they're taking the knowledge of God to rule in the aspiration. But we are humbling ourselves to the revelation of God for the purpose of building His house.

So, here, the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 4, verse 8, he says here, “Now ye are full, now ye are rich, you have reigned as kings without us;” (as Greek heroes) “and I would to God that you did reign”... In other words, what he is saying right here, they're not reigning in reality, but they're trying to reign as kings in their imagination. Satan again is whispering in their ears, as he did to Adam, concerning the divine promise to know good and evil; that you can be as gods, knowing good and evil (Genesis 3:5).

What Satan was promising was that you could ascend to the pinnacle of your imagination by my counsel, and here Satan again (the spirit of antichrist) was whispering in the church those same promises of pretense. Satan had no power in order to fulfill these things, but he was making promises: the promise he was making was not his promise to make.

We can see that in the false religious system, whereas the false religious system is inflaming the concept of revival by promise of healing and miracles, that God will do this, and God will do that. That's the spirit of antichrist. They want to reign as kings. They want to ascend. They want to get into position of fulfilling something that they can't do. So Satan made that promise 6000 years ago, and he's still whispering in the ears of the protestors, but they want to hear...

So, “Now you are full, now you are rich, you have reigned as kings without us; and I would to God that you did reign” that we are in position of the 9th week, “that we also might reign with you” in the 9th week, in the open sign of the millennial reign of Christ.

But then Paul goes on here in 1 Corinthians chapter 4
Vs 9: “For I think that God has set forth us the apostles last, as it were appointed to death; for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.”

The apostle Paul is saying here, I perceive that our position as stewards in these end times, as to remove this aspiration, the aspiration of believers that want to claim the Davidic covenant, which is to rule by the sword, but Jesus told Peter to put up his sword. “Yet we see those in the false religious system want to take the sword of this knowledge and oppress; they want to rule by it, and they don't want anybody standing in their way.

So here the apostle Paul says, God assigned us for this time in order to control this aspiration by giving you a covenant of His propitiation; we rule through the gifts, but we must be humble through God. We rule over sin by these gifts. But these things are not provided for us for the purpose of ruling in the aspiration.

We are not in the millennial reign of Christ yet, and we will never rule by the aspiration, even in the millennium. We will rule according to the covenant, which God will provide for us, not by our aspiration. So he says, “I think that God has set forth us the apostles last,” in this particular time. The apostle Paul says, last, in these end times for the purpose of guarding this plan; that is, to remove the aspiration...those that want to believe by the aspiration in the Davidic covenant.

“for we are made a spectacle” because for now we suffer such a boasting, as some claim that we promote. But the angels only confirm this new covenant and not man's traditions.

Man's traditions stand within those things of the Davidic covenant, that which Moses gave. The record of Moses is to challenge the state of the conscience, and to bring or put pressure on the thinking of man through that guilt. They cannot achieve these things through the imagination, but we will enter an inheritance by submission—the humble. So God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

for we are made spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.”
Paul is saying these things in order to shame the imagination, which they're pursuing.

Vs 10: “We are fools for Christ's sake”
That means, but we are viewed now as weak to the carnal eye because we lack the recognition of our own boast. Now you can see the recognition of boasting through the so-called Christian media. They boast of many things, and through their boasting they're attracting those of like aspirations...

Like during the 70s, the boasting of Kenneth Copeland, or Hagin, when he would quote Mark 11:23,24; You can have what you say. That was a false light; like a light bulb attracting moths at night. When you turn on your light at night, you notice that it attracts a lot of bugs, a lot of insects.

We can see that bats and lizards are also attracted to that which is attracting the insects, and they come there and feast upon the bugs that are flying around the light bulb—the bats and the lizards, they feast upon all these insects that are attracted to this artificial light.

Satan is the artificial light, and he's attracting those of like aspiration. And those of the aspiration are being consumed by the kingdom of darkness, as the bats and the lizards, the unclean animals. The false ministers are dining on them and plundering them because they're attracted to the false light. But we are attracted to the true light, Jesus Christ in whom there is no darkness at all.

We cannot find an aspiration in Him to feast the imagination of our aspiration. But we find in Him the face of God. We find in Him humbleness of mind: My yoke is easy, my burden is light, as Jesus said.

Jesus saying these things, He also says, I'm meek and lowly in heart. Jesus, being God manifest in the flesh, was not riding on the horse of His boast, as some kind of Greek hero, like Alexander the Great, riding up and down the ranks of his troops and shouting for the victory. And this is what the false religious system wants: they want a stewardship on a white horse that's riding up and down the ranks in order for them to enter into the boast of the shouting of the great victory. But that's not going to happen. And this is what the apostle Paul s telling the Corinthians.

My presence here in this gospel I'm preaching is not for the boas t of man or the honor of man, nor as being a Greek hero or some kind of Greek giant.

So he says here in vs 10, “We are fools for Christ's sake”
That means we are viewed as weak through the carnal eye of the world. They're looking for the boasting, and they think that the boasting of the things of the flesh, or using the text there, is what God is looking for. But he that glories, let him glory in the Lord, as Paul brings out.

Our glorying is in that which is submission to Him.


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