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How to Judge Prophecy
Judging & Discerning Prophecy
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
As God has now re-established the authority of the office of apostle to instruct the church in the doctrine of Christ, house cleaning season is well under way.
There is a tremendous shift that has taken place in regards to how believers understand prophecy and I want to explain that shift to you so you too can benefit.
The prophetic has been abused by ministers who were not instructed in the doctrine of Christ. They left themselves wide open for deception and actually became a tool in the hand of the devil to abuse people via prophetic utterances and false teaching about prophetic ministry.
What we will do first is make a short list of prophetic tools that God is casting out of His house. These are the prophetic don’ts. Then we’re going to make a list of common mistakes that God is addressing and correcting.
The Short List of Prophetic Don’ts
#1 DON’T:  Prophetic warfare.
There’s no such thing as prophetic warfare and is not necessary as God empowers your faith in the priesthood prophecy. The power, divine change, and function of faith you’re looking for is daily experienced through priesthood prophecy.
#2 DON’T:  How to get rid of lingering spirits in your house or business.
The Holy Spirit does not enter into this belief system or these acts of misguided faith. Those who have entered into covenant with God are partaking of the power of God as the early church did and have left behind this voodoo-type baggage.
#3 DON’T: Anoint doors and windows for hedge protection.
Again, it’s been amazing to see the Spirit of God work in individuals as they learn to start to build a relationship with God from the foundation up and make priesthood prophecy their daily worship. As you learn to walk in the power of grace and truth your experience changes. Gone are the constant battles that takes place in your head against unseen forces.
Coming Out From Under Prophetic Ministers
I hear the same story over and over again from believers when they come out from under that strong influence present in all prophetic ministries. They say how surprised they are at how they had been blind to the aggressiveness that they had gotten addicted to and how they had thought that pouring out their aggressiveness with scripture was faith.
It was only after coming into the true priesthood prophecy and being able to experience God’s power in grace and truth and how God makes Himself available as they use the tools of the covenant, that the true liberty of Christ was understood. Now discernment was possible.
There’s more that changes. As believers discuss their post transition experiences they often comment that they were surprised how totally their imagination was called upon to “see” or “envision” something. At the time they didn’t realize that the way in which they were projecting for resolve with scripture was a product of their imagination. They had been told that was what faith was to do—envision what you want God to do for you and He will make it happen when you put it into action with prophecy.
Under that spell, it was impossible to discern true prophecy from false prophecy because you’re comparing one false prophecy to another false prophecy. There is no discernment in darkness. It’s only after making the transition to priesthood prophecy that the Holy Spirit can work that understanding in your heart.
Coming out of the false prophetic it was common to hear believers remark “I am just not the same person” or “I cannot believe how strong that influence was” or “I understand now that the release I felt was real, but it was not God” or “when my understanding changed, my experience changed”. Praise God for this time of deliverance for the Body of Christ.  
Common Discernment Errors God is Correcting
1. It is commonly thought that God honors good intentions and best effort.
2. It is commonly thought that God will lead you into a fuller truth.
3. It is commonly thought that we should pursue the peace of this world.
These are just the top three discernment errors God is correcting in the church right now. I’ve chosen these three because of the way they are woven together in the minds of those caught up in prophetic ministry, but we’ll tackle them one at a time.
1. It is commonly thought that God honors good intentions and best effort.
When not in covenant with God, one has to establish one’s own innocence saying, “My heart was in the right place and God knew that” or “I’m doing my best and sincerely making an effort to stay humble, to stay true to who I am, to see through the eye of scripture, to speak what I sincerely feel deep down in my heart”, etc.
God gave me a word – “PSYCHO-PHECY” – to describe prophecy that comes from one’s own heart. This word has helped believers understand an ungodly union, whereas the psychology of one’s mind and heart is joined to prophecy.
I cannot stress enough the need to build faith from the foundation of truth. Once believers receive instruction from apostles and build faith upon the foundation, their standard changes. Where their words were once changed with self measurements to fabricate bonds to establish innocence (self justification), righteousness and justification are now coming from the foundation of truth to express Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit confirms Christ in His truth; and as the record (Jesus) and the witness (Holy Spirit) are brought together there are many powers from God you experience in this true bond as your innocence is confirmed in Christ. God put a bond between the record and the witness. He’s establishing the rhythm of the Spirit for you to follow.
You are not needing to maintain your innocence through will power (which is why you had felt exhausted under the pretense of false prophecy). The Holy Spirit gives substance to your hope as you confirm Christ in priesthood prophecy. That is another very big shift that has taken place.
2. It is commonly thought that God will lead you into a fuller truth.
People establish what’s right and wrong based on their own experience. When not in covenant with God, your knowledge of the way God works in the heart, the way salvation works—the truth of the gospel – comes from all these experiences you’ve gained stabbing at the truth, arguing with yourself, arguing with the devil, proclaiming victory. Your knowledge is not coming from the foundation of truth.
What had been missing is stewardship—apostolic stewardship. It was in the mind of God that His saints would learn truth from the human vessels He would call and equip with grace to teach and instruct. God has not changed His mind and this is why the church is being re-educated to Christ through apostles.
It is clear, truth must come from the headship of Christ through His stewardship. Apostles were rejected and replaced with independent ministries and the church went through a dry season called the 6th Week. People suffered and were greatly afflicted as God’s care and mercy in His covenant were cast off.
Today, the true office and calling of apostle is again made visible to the church as the apostle is sitting upon the shoulders of Jesus and Jesus is arising up out of the waters of obscurity. Even as the Lord said, “And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers.” (Isaiah 30:20)
When independent ministries ruled the church, people went to the Bible to glean truth for themselves. Truth was not pure, but rather was being passed through a number of filters they were not aware of: their signature, their moral code, their God-Code, the fruits of iniquity, the knowledge of this world.
When your truth (private interpretation of scripture) doesn’t line up with what someone else got (their truth), the habit has been to throw it to the wind and see where it lands (divination). Meaning, the spoils get divided between your aspiration, your principle, and your imagination. Each takes to himself according to this 3 pronged fork. These are the lies of the heart—the lie of the aspiration – the lie of the principle – the lie of the imagination.
“I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.” (Jeremiah 23:25)
Everyone wants to “speak the truth”. No one intends to lie. And this need to justify innocence of the lie is behind the elaborate system built into the current Christian culture. To the unregenerate heart of man, to tell the truth means to stand to one’s own principle.
In the false religious system, you sometimes build alliances and sometimes part ways. In the back of your mind you’re thinking that error doesn’t matter; as long as I’m moving forward, God will eventually show it to me. I trust Him to do that. However, this is not trust, this is blind faith. Trust has to do with contact; and faith is not blind.
This sorted and distorted way of discipleship is abusive. As each error is excused saying “now I see more fully” this way of progressively coming into harmony with yourself and others is appealing to the flesh. It seems like it is working. But what you don’t see is that “progression” is one of the fibers of the God-Code of your soul. The God-Code is manifesting in the heart and is being fed. So yes, that will feel good to you, but it isn’t God. You need to learn the difference between these two kingdoms.
So, relating this to how prophecy is judged by prophetic teachers, they’re discerning from one or more of the fibers of the God-Code: “I have progressed from where I was to where I am now. I feel I have set order and have experienced an increase. I can believe God to do the rest.”
Unless you are familiar with the fibers of the God-Code, this will pass under the radar of discernment and you will continually be ensnared of the devil and the next generation of believers will be brought up trusting this faulty GPS.  
On the other hand, when receiving education from God’s elect steward, your eyes are opened and you can see that they’ve allowed yourself to be led by your own heart and not the Holy Spirit. This is why the Lord said, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)
“But, I came to Jesus”, I can hear you say, “My heart is changed!” Yes, you accepted the testimony of Jesus, but did not enter into covenant with Him, so the foundation of truth was not laid within your heart and this is why you’re using the fibers of the God-Code for your discernment. And as you challenge yourself and read the Bible under the lamp of the God-Code you see an image of yourself (aspiration) and what you want to be (aspiration), but you’re not seeing Jesus (true faith). You’re calling your own image truth. I’m hoping you can begin to see the problem in that.
3. It is commonly thought that we should pursue the peace of this world.
The peace of this world has to do with the psychology of the mind: how you feel, how you relate to the world, how you can be a better version of yourself, how you can find and fulfill your purpose, how you desire a better life for yourself and your children, how you want to be protected, how you want to live life powerfully, wonderfully—fuller. This is what the world pursues for their peace and security.
The language of false prophecy carries this false concept of harmony as the heart pursues after the peace of this world to settle fears. It sounds right to the uncircumcised ear. The heart only knows its own desire (imprint of the God-Code and moral code) and reads that desire into scripture.
Worship, when it is taught by prophetic ministry is abusive in that it creates a false environment where the peace of this world is reciprocated. You’re taught bodily positions that help you act out humility. You’re taught how to let your body express the flow of the G0d-Code in dance; and because it flows from the inner recesses of the heart made bare—it feels to you like it is divine—but it isn’t.
You feel the release and call that the peace of God, but it isn’t. It’s the release of the God-Code, it isn’t the release of grace and truth. It’s like letting air out of a tire. Worship to the unregenerate mind (the carnal man) is about getting this release. But like a flat tire, your faith isn’t going anywhere. You’ve brought your soul into harmony with the powers of seducing spirits.
You might have heard people say that they feel God is filling them up during worship, but what is happening is that they’re feeling the expanse of the God-Code when it finds agreement with the moral code. The heart is answering itself. The tire is still flat.
Are you ready to end spiritual abuse and spiritual addiction? Pray with me, “Jesus, I have been a part of an abusive spiritual system that I see now is contrary to you. I accepted as good the expansion of the God-Code, but that was not you. I ask for your forgiveness and ask that you help me rebuild my faith your way by receiving instruction from your sanctified stewards, your apostles.”


Last Revised: 2016-01-28

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