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The manifested sons of God.
The Manifested Sons of God
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Are you one of the manifested sons of God? In this new apostolic age, God is cracking open the eggs His anointing has been sitting upon and the sons of God are emerging. This is the new season.
In this season assigned by God for the emergence of the sons of God, we also see a pruning taking place as God has manifested the hearts of ministers who mix the Old Covenant with the New Covenant to keep the church in bondage. What happened in ancient Israel is happing again in the church today. In ancient Israel when mixing the covenant of Moses with the covenant of Abraham, the people began to build altars on every high hill and under every green tree, or in the groves. They had the grove relationship with God instead of the altar relationship with God.
[Listen to the recorded message “The Manifested Sons of God”. CLICK HERE]
God was no longer sanctifying every individual altar on every high hill and so He  reproved Israel for that. The emerging sons of God can distinguish between the altars erected in the groves and the altar that God sanctified for faith to be expressed in Jesus Christ.
God’s gifts of power (tokens of grace) bear the likeness of Christ, takes root within us to assist us to communicate according to Christ Jesus. When we communicate Christ, the uncircumcised ear does not understand it. All they know is that it is a strange language. We’re not speaking the language of the flesh (need, desire, lack, sin, death). We’re speaking the language of Christ in His new covenant (fruit, virtue, and the power of an endless life).
Bullet points from my recorded message “The Manifested Sons of God”.
- What happens when the grace of God is given, but does not take form in you?
- What God has to say about the Millennial reign of Christ upon the earth.
- Why true worship is not in songs we sing, but at the altar of Christ’s knowledge.
- Are you redounding to the glory of God?
- Where to find the overflow of God.
- How to become competent in God’s kingdom.
The sons of God manifest the mind of Christ. Grace is the treasure of the Father’s heart and puts us in the mind of Christ. Miracles is not the mind of Christ. Money is not the mind of Christ. Multitudes is not the mind of Christ. Miracles, money, and multitudes are not the witness of God because these things can manifest apart from the Godhead. We know that because the Beast is going to do that: he’ll work miracles, heal the sick, and walk on water, but he cannot give life.
Even so false ministers today, as the Beast of Revelation, wrangle the grace of God to flatter the beastly nature of the natural man, thus denying Christ.
Apostle Paul also brought this out, that these works can be manifested to give witness to another kingdom (2 Corinthians 11:15). Just because you say the name of Jesus in multiple languages does not mean you are giving honor to Him. Jesus is the Master of His own virtues, which He sows within the heart. Christ is the mind of Christ and the manifested sons of God manifest Him to the praise and honor and glory of God.
Romans 8:19, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”
[Eric vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Apostle in the government of God. He is the founder of Second 8th Week Ministries & founder of the Network of Apostles Today. He is the IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum author and author of over 100 ground breaking books and articles, spearingheading the return of the apostolic calling and anointing to the church.
Apostle Eric ministers extensively nationally and internationally. He is the pioneer of the new apostolic age and recognized as the leading authority in the fields of church growth, foundation building, spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, and the leading voice in the transition of the church into the new apostolic season and reformation.]

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