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God is denying the religious aspiration the wheel of the true apostolic reformation.
False Apostolic Empowerment
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
Would you get into this car with this child behind the wheel, obviously intent on joy-riding? No!
I love this illustration because it points to the dangers of allowing children in the faith to take the wheel of the apostolic calling. A recent claim by columnist Ken Malone to have stepped down from the pastors role and into the office of the apostle is coming under scrutiny in this article . We will benefit from gauging how this minister is mis-handling the apostolic calling, like a child behind the wheel of a car.
You would not give your car keys to a child. The implications are clear. Nor would God put His stewardship into the hands of the religious aspiration.
[Listen to the message by the Holy Spirit “False Apostolic Empowerment” to learn how to identify those who want to take on the apostolic role being absent of the grace of God. CLICK HERE]
The Religious Aspiration
There are several obvious reasons why children are a hazard behind the wheel. So, we’re going to draw from that to show you why God is denying the religious aspiration the wheel of the true apostolic reformation.
1. Children are especially vulnerable to distractions. In his article “Why You Need Apostolic Empowerment in Your Life” (promoted by Charisma magazine), Malone is not really speaking of God’s apostolic empowerment, but rather he is advocating that the Church continue in their distracted pursuit of miracles, multitude, and money—a religious aspiration that just won’t quit!
2. Children have a huge knowledge to experience gap. Malone lacks experience in the true apostolic foundation and priesthood God is using to equip the saints so he is trying to fit the calling into the failings of his pastor role, trying to divorce himself from those failings.
Malone cites how he had failed to recognize the potential of each believer to hear from the Lord and to give each believer a platform to fulfill God’s dream for them.
The mistake Malone makes is to re-use, repeat, and reapply the old gauge (casting out devils, performing miracles, leading people into the sinners’ prayer). Basically redoing what has been done in the false religious system to continue to bind believers to that season of error. In his teaching, no transition has taken place nor is transition going to take place.
In reality, God has already transitioned the church into the New Covenant priesthood whereas each believer is now functioning fully in a way they had never done before, following the grace of God and ministering that grace to the Body of Christ.
For This Purpose
Refusing the restoration of the priesthood of Jesus Christ, Malone is barring the door of the Master, wishing to keep his vision a priority in ministry.  
When children of the faith ignore the foundation of truth, ignore the tools of the covenant, and ignore the priesthood of Jesus Christ, they redirect purpose into religious zeal void of the power of God. God’s true purpose for each believer to be fruitful in His kingdom.
2 Peter 1:3-4
According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue. Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
You can experience the divine power for the divine nature.
You can experience the impact of the grace of God upon your soul daily.
You can learn to steward the grace of God for the purpose of the increase of each member.
But you CANNOT do this apart from the steward God has called to equip you. You want to run before you are equipped and God doesn’t work that way. Each minister wishing to transition must start from the beginning – build the foundation of truth in your heart.
True apostles role model the behaviors God wants His children to have: Drawing from the foundation of truth to reflect Christ, drawing from the anointing in each growth cycle to steward the grace of God to the Body, increasing with the increase of God, being consistent with the tools of Jesus’ covenant to be a responsible, working part of the Body of Christ, showing the pattern God established in Jesus as the record of our faith.
Dream Big—Dream With God
In a recent article by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck "Dream Big: Dream With God", the Holy Spirit brought to light that we are to dream to the size of God’s heart. In the past where all believers and ministers had their own vision (as promoted by Malone) they were dreaming to the size of their own hearts. God had not given them the vision, but they ran with it nonetheless.
Now, in this season of transition to the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, you are being equipped to discern where your vision of ministry is in conflict with God’s vision.
We are in the season of change whereas the Holy Spirit is breaking the stranglehold the devil once had upon the Body of Christ.
[Maria vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Teacher in the government of God. She is co-founder of Second 8th Week® Ministries, IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum author, co-author of the book Breaking the Anti-Christ: The Blueprint of Deception and soon to be released book The God-Code: The Secret of Life. She is a regular contributor to the Prophetic Path and teaches Leadership and Body Ministry, mentoring elders in the government of God. She is co-founder of Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week®, ministering the grace of God to those seeking to build upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ. She is author and teacher of the Inclination Workshop Series. As God brings the church into a new era, Chief Teacher Maria is here to help guide your faith into the new work of the Spirit, pray for you, and answer your questions.]


Last Revised: 2016-06-15

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