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Toxic Prophetic Prayer
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
The Lord gave me a dream last night to show me the seducing spirit behind prophetic intercession and prophetic ministry. I want to share this dream with you and bring out some of the teaching points of the Holy Spirit. In this dream I saw a woman with a microphone prophesying over people one-by-one as they lined up in front of her in eager anticipation.
As the minister paused before each person she would go into some sort of alternate speaking voice as if speaking in the voice of God—almost shouting in an authoritative way, uttering scripture, commanding resolution, releasing, opening, binding. You know the drill.
As I looked on at this scene I couldn’t tell who was more ecstatic, the woman with the microphone or the person receiving the words. This is a very familiar scene to many who have been exposed to this fleshly priesthood. In a moment we’ll get to the part of the dream where the Lord reveals that and I’ll share the shocking symbolism with you.
I want to pause on this part of the dream for a moment and borrow some words that are often used to describe what a person feels when they are in this toxic  environment. These often used expressions are going to help you see how this spirit works up a false anointing.
How the False Anointing Expresses Itself
You might recognize these popular phrases:  “this minister is an anointed powerhouse in the Spirit”, or she is a “God-glorifying, devil-busting prophetic intercessor”, or “the authority emanating from her was off the charts!”
This spirit uses the words “power”, “authority”, “anointing”, “joy”, and “peace” as the colors of their flag to mask the real influence behind these utterances.
In my dream, as the woman prophesied to each person, the Lord gave me a glimpse into the spirit world and I saw that this row of people was actually a row of thin TV screen monitors. Each monitor displayed the face of the person who stood in line. The monitor acted like a “mood ring” (a mood monitor if you will) and simply responded to the mood of the one prophesying, who was in turn responding to the spirit that was influencing her—and this was not the Holy Spirit, but rather an unclean spirit.
The atmosphere was electric with the power of this unclean spirit. God revealed that this seducing spirit keeps believers captive to a fleshly priesthood by creating illusions. Ministers who give themselves over to this spirit believe they are doing God a service when in fact they are tearing down His people by robbing them of the knowledge of the true priesthood God had assigned to the church for their liberty in Christ.
Psalm 14:4
Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.
I hope you are seeing how toxic this is to your faith. When believers are exposed to this spirit they catch hold of the same influence. This is what the Lord showed me in this dream. God has been mercifully drawing believers out of this fleshly priesthood and into the true new covenant priesthood for some time now, but because of the strong confirmation many receive through false ministers, it’s hard for them to break free. This has been their comfort zone for many years.
The New Covenant Priesthood is Restored
These days as ministers try to play catch-up to appear to be in sync with God’s work to transition the church back to true apostolic governance, they’ll try their hand at teaching the new covenant priesthood. But they’re still teaching the same fleshly priesthood they’ve been stuck in, and they want to keep you there too. God does not want that for you.
Things You Might Not Have Known About the New Covenant Priesthood
1.       The priesthood works with the stewardship, not apart from it.
2.      The new covenant priest first builds a spiritual altar using the 12 foundation stones.
3.      The priesthood of each believer is the basis of prophecy.
These are the three pillars of the new covenant priesthood. If any of these pillars are missing, know that you haven’t shifted from the fleshly priesthood—you’ve just given it a new name—your knowledge base has not changed.
Learn more about how to build the “Altar of Christ” and how the new covenant priesthood works. Study “Priesthood and Prophecy”. Take free courses will equip you with knowledge.


Maria vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Teacher in the government of God. She is co-founder of Second 8th Week Ministries, and is called of God to work with her husband, Apostle Eric vonAnderseck, to transition  the church into the fulness of Christ. She has co-authored the IDCCST courses, and teaches believers how to disambiguate the fleshly priesthood from Jesus’ new covenant priesthood, how to prophesy from the anointing, how to use Jesus’ spiritual tools, how to steward the grace of God, and conducts leadership training webinars.


Last Revised: 2016-12-12

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