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    God teaches you how He engages with you through the elements of the gospel.
The 12 Essential Elements of the Gospel
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
In this new apostolic era of change and renewal God has triumphed over the culture of Christian knowledge that has crippled faith. The Holy Spirit has challenged the various doctrinal keys and principles that did not frame truth to Jesus Christ. He has shown why these man-made traditions are powerless to save and to heal.
I’m talking about Trinitarian Principles, Purpose Driven Principles, Keys to Overcoming Principles, Prosperity Principles, and much more. None of these principles teach the church how to serve God according to Jesus Christ and the covenant for which He shed His blood.
You will notice that all man-made principles are common variations of the same themes, attacking perceived barriers to completion. They each speak the same language heard by the moral code of each Adamite: adjusting their sights to target the defiled conscience and arguing for the drive of the God-Code buried deep within the psyche of man. But these principles are not the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is for this purpose that God raised up an apostle to restore the Body of Christ to the original foundation of truth. As God only has one standard for faith, He has also only has ONE principle—Jesus Christ. In Him is manifested the whole of our redemption: body, soul, and spirit.
The cultured principles resulting from ministers who are not in covenant with God are problematic: advocating for oneness and unity while at the same time neglecting the tether of the Spirit and tools of the covenant leaves God’s saints without building material and without a priesthood, thus robbing God of the fruit He is expecting.
Know this: There is no life of Christ in scattered principles gathered by one’s moral code.
Tired of partial truths, in-house fighting, and broken promises, a minister sees the necessity of oneness and unity, quotes a scripture about it, turns that goal over to the God-Code of his soul, and thereby feels he’s achieved a crossover. Sadly, nothing has changed.
During this season of challenge for change, ministers who usurped God’s transition acted as the watch dog for the church: they warned against new age principles, they warned against the Jezebelian spirit, and tried to prophesy a new era for the church. Yet, God was rebuking them for their principles by which they deferred the hope of believers to their moral code.
Hope deferred (to the moral code, signature talents, and God-Code) makes the heart sick (Prov 13:2). You cannot claim to be a healer of the church while at the same time destroying the church.
When you begin to learn the 12 essential, life giving elements of the gospel you begin to read Jesus Christ. God teaches you how He engages with you through the elements, which experience you enter into as the anointing releases His charity through your lips.
God teaches us by example that He leads us into Christ by Christ. This is why the elements are binary. Grace begets faith, righteousness begets justification, sanctification begets holiness, peace begets rest, charity begets truth, regeneration begets the renewing of the mind.
The gift of God to man is Jesus Christ. Each element of the gospel is a building block. With these the Holy Spirit constructs both the altar of Christ and foundation of truth in your heart. By thus framing faith to Jesus, God is excluding the part your moral code wants to play, excluding the part your God-Code claims for itself, excluding the part your signature wants to adapt, to present Jesus only.
Play the Game
We’ve made learning the elements of the gospel fun and easy. Make sure to logon from a  laptop, as the game will not launch from an iphone or pad. You can play the game now by clicking the ad to the left. The 12 elements of the gospel are listed below.
Each element is defined by the Holy Spirit and presented to you in rich color. As a side note, the colors are not chosen to impart any kind of meaning. They do not reflect the multi-colored coat of Joseph. Each element defines the reality of Jesus Christ. Each element is embedded with a specific image that will help you remember the meaning of the element as it relates to the work of Christ in you and through you. You’ll begin to see God’s Intelligent Design for Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation®.
Each element of the gospel is a building block. With these the Holy Spirit constructs both the altar of Christ and foundation of truth in your heart.
Let’s review each element. Keep the chart of elements handy so that when you read the scriptures, you can underline the elements as you come across them; especially in the epistles, where the apostles brought them to the attention of the church.
1. The element grace shows us how God’s revelation, communication, illumination, and enlightenment awakens the soul to know Him. God does this to bring you into a covenant relationship with you and then continues to issue grace to you daily thereafter to bond and build with you. Grace allows you to see Christ through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
2. The element faith shows us how God desires our response to Him. Grace draws faith from the heart. Knowing this helps us to understand the need for the spiritual tools of the new covenant, for this is how God transfers grace from His throne to your heart. An equal exchange takes place that reflects the likeness of Christ.
3. The element righteousness shows us God’s standard and principle is Jesus Christ. God’s truth is the one measure by which we value Him. Our faith meets God’s expectation perfectly when we use His scale of truth. Grace + Faith = Righteousness.
4. The element justification is our response to the measure of Christ. Our liberty in Christ allows us to go beyond the borders of the flesh as the anointing carries our faith by the wind of the Spirit. Justification means that we are free from condemnation, free to access Christ. An equal exchange takes place that reflects the likeness of Christ.
5. The element sanctification shows us that God initiated our separation from the world unto Himself by sealing our faith with His Spirit. This mark of adoption is the mark of Christ that brings us into His covenant household. God takes ownership of our soul and our origin and destiny changes from that of the flesh to that of Christ. Grace + Faith = Righteousness followed by the seal. These are the 4 steps to enter into a covenant relationship with God.
6. The element holiness is our response. We separate ourselves from the world unto God by the covenant knowledge, tools, and priesthood God sprinkled with the blood of Jesus for our access to Him. We are holy as He is holy in this equal exchange. God provided for our contact with Him, which we reciprocate by touching only those tools He gave us for faith to reflect and express Him. An equal exchange takes place that reflects the likeness of Christ.
7. The element peace shows us that God buffers our soul with His presence as we utilize those things of Christ (9 tools), which are from above. Grace works with peace as both accompany Jesus’ spiritual tools. This is how God nurtures your soul as He works within each cavern to cleanse and heal it of Satan’s scars. He removes the fruits of iniquity and in their place creates the fruit of the Spirit. This divine transformation to the likeness of Christ is not possible without God’s peace. He establish our peace by contact for our increase in His virtue.
8. The element rest is our response. We labor with the knowledge and tools of Christ to enter into God’s rest, ceasing from our own works, as God did from His. It is through our labor of faith with Jesus’ sanctified tools that He renews our faith with His visitations. He is our rest because He brings completion to the soul. An equal exchange takes place that reflects the likeness of Christ.
9. The element charity shows us that God initiated His love towards us through Jesus Christ in order that we might receive the tokens of His love to bond and to build with Him in His covenant house. As we reciprocate God’s love in our priesthood sacrifices to testify of Christ according to His truth, we return to God His charity in the same manner in which we received it. Charity is the delight of the Bride of Christ as the anointing attends upon each sacrifice we offer to beautify the soul with the virtues of Christ, which is the joy of the Lord.
10. The element truth is our response. We build our faith with the stones of Jesus’ knowledge in obedience to His commandment that we love Him with all our heart (the heart of faith), soul (the will to serve), mind (study of doctrine), and strength (to offer sacrifices of knowledge upon His altar).
Truth is standardized to Jesus Christ, drawing upon each element to map out a  blueprint to show us how to build our confidence in God.
We are also obeying God’s commandment to be fruitful in His knowledge, to increase His kingdom by sowing charity, and to defend Christ in our daily growth cycles. Grace + Truth are the new law of the Spirit. This is how God rules your heart, to govern your faith in love, thus replacing the law of Moses, which condemnation ruled the heart in guilt. An equal exchange takes place that reflects the likeness of Christ.
11. The element regeneration shows us the daily transition that takes place. Even as a butterfly emerges from his cocoon transformed, so also does the new man in Christ daily experience a divine transformation when we abide in Christ, laboring with His tools. This is God’s will and purpose, to receive us again to Himself, our vessels filled with the virtue and praise of God. We glorify God with the fruit that we return to Him. Fruit = virtue. These are not the fruits grafted into the vine of the moral code, but rather fruit that has grown upon the vine of Jesus’ covenant contact.
This is why you are called “the praise of the glory of his grace” (Eph 1:6). Of all that God created, nothing compares to the pleasure it gives Him to work Christ in you. Think of the new covenant as a womb in which you are developing the nature of Christ (2 Pet 1:4).
12. The element renewing of the mind is our response. Our minds are renewed by the anointing upon application with Jesus’ tools. Each growth cycle that is met with faith and patience yields the fruit that is born of Him. God’s way of giving us the mind of Christ is through this divine experience, whereas the old man is put off as the new man is put on. Our perspective changes through grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, charity, truth, and regeneration. All 12 elements work in synergy to reflect the likeness of Christ. An equal exchange takes place to  reflect His likeness.
[Eric vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Apostle in the government of God. He is the founder of Second 8th Week Ministries & founder of the Network of Apostles Today. He is the IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum author and author of over 100 ground breaking books and articles, spearingheading the return of the apostolic calling and anointing to the church.
Apostle Eric ministers extensively nationally and internationally. He is the pioneer of the new apostolic age and recognized as the leading authority in the fields of church growth, foundation building, spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, and the leading voice in the transition of the church into the new apostolic season and reformation.]


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