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False prophets manifest the shortened hand of God.
  False ministers prophesy from the depth of their own heart. Their prophecy is a mirror of their conscience.
False Prophecy Manifests the Shortened Hand of God
By Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
God speaks through Isaiah a sure promise: that His hand is not shortened to heal, save, and deliver. So then, when the hand of the Lord is shortened in prophetic utterances, know that the minister is not speaking from the mouth of God, and their words fall to the ground.
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Isaiah 59:1
Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.
Did you know: False ministers prophesy from the depth of their own heart. Their prophecy is a mirror of the state of their conscience, which they are drawing from rather than drawing from the well of Jesus. When prophesying from a foolish, empty heart a minister will prophesy the very thing that is troubling them:
1. An empty soul
2. Confusion
3. Anger
4. Frustration
How do you know that false ministers prophesy out of their own hearts? They say so. A minister recently wrote, “How do you know when this thing is manifesting? Well, you feel so confused.”
The first thing they do is turn around and accuse Satan for the state of their conscience being defiled and the state of their soul being empty. The next thing they do is pin their confusion on the devil. Since God is not the author of confusion, they assume their error must be the devil’s fault.
The point is, that those who are in Christ are not confused. Those who are yet outside the covenant are without refuge and will be confused. God’s gift to the church is apostolic stewardship whom He authorized and sanctified to outfit your faith with His knowledge and tools.
Truth is the foundation from which we discern Christ to know how to work with the Spirit to fill our souls with His virtues. There is no confusion in the light. The hand of the Lord is not shortened here.
When ministers are confused (absence of the light) they blame the devil and direct their anger and resentment towards him as a child stomping her foot in a tantrum, crying, “Enough is enough!” Her frustration is understandable, but the abuse of prophecy is not. 
The Hand of the Lord is the Stewardship
Moses was the hand of the Lord and he had direct contact with the people to teach them and instruct them in the purity of the faith he received from God. But when the conscience is defiled then the hand of the Lord is shortened, which means there is no extension for contact.
The absence of the stewardship is seen in the state of the conscience. There’s nothing to draw from. The well is dry. And this is what you hear in the testimonies of many ministers. Their well is dry, and this is the reason for their confused state.
The woman at the well remarked to Jesus that the well was deep and He had no bucket to draw from the depth of the well to quench His thirst. But Jesus pointed to Himself, saying that He is the living waters, I’m God’s hand, I’m the living contact point.
The sound mind is a result of God’s hand. The conscience itself is an extension of God’s hand in the soul. But if the conscience is dark, it’s Satan’s shadow. That’s not God’s hand. That’s what Apostle John was bringing out, that if a man says that he has no sin, he deceives himself.
1 John 1:9
If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
It’s not God that is deceiving the false prophet, but she is deceiving herself by the doctrines she is building with, which is not God’s foundation. God’s foundation provides the extension of His hand.
When Truth is Present it Disturbs the Conscience
The state of confusion is a result of the doctrines a minister builds with. When truth is present it disturbs the conscience, and the unconverted attribute the disturbance to Satan, but it is God waking them out of a trance. God is awakening them. The conscience is being challenged and they are disturbed. And that is what Apostle Paul was bringing out, “Awake you that sleep and God will give you light.” (Eph 5:14)
The conscience is now able to labor with God’s gifts – with His covenant. The stewardship is giving the knowledge. Knowledge is an extension, but the defiled conscience denies the extension and, therefore, the well remains dry.
This speaks of the importance of the stewardship. If you deny the stewardship you cut your tether to God, but if you accept the stewardship, a bonding is there. In other words, you can draw from this well.
The Samaritan woman acknowledged the fact that the well is deep and you have nothing to draw with, but Jesus said, “I am that well – I’m the steward.” Jesus was pointing to Himself. The Samaritan woman said rightly that this was the well that Jacob gave to Joseph. And that’s true, Joseph was the next steward following Jacob, and Jesus was associating that to Himself, being the deliverer of Israel (as was Joseph). I’m bringing you out of bondage. God’s message to the church is the same today.
The Conscience is a Mirror of the Contents of the Soul
When a minister lacks the virtue of Christ in the conscience they feel it is their ministry to correct every kind of defilement in the world. They want this correction to stand for their honor. They want to do something right, and therefore pick on someone to make themselves look better. They select something that would seem like an evident sin to make their own virtue look good.
Did you know: God does not hold the choices of the sinner against him. The only choice he holds against the sinner is his denial of the light of Christ, which thing God also holds against the minister of unrighteousness
Hosea 4:14 and 17
I will not punish your daughters when they commit whoredom, nor your spouses when they commit adultery: for themselves are separated with whores, and they sacrifice with harlots: therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall.
17 Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone.
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