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 How did we ever come to this place? (Fotolia)

Shocking Corruption Ministers Try to Hide
By Teacher Maria vonAnderseck
Talk show host, Gordon Robertson, began his interview with Bill Hamon with this loaded question, “If you ever wondered, how is it possible for a man of faith to have a spectacular fall from grace. . .”
A better question would be to ask Hamon, “How did we ever come to this place?” After 20 some years of promising the rise of the apostolic ministry in the church, Hamon has yet to unveil what he proposes he has pioneered. He has not brought the church into one faith, nor restored the church to the blueprint of truth, nor restored the terms of the new covenant, nor restored the priesthood to the believer.
Instead he is desperately trying to backtrack his way out of his doctrinal blunders by pointing the finger at other ministers; those whom he says are caught in personal indiscretions. 
You should be offended that Hamon misdirects the attention of believers away from God’s true purpose.
There are a few major slip-ups in Hamon’s presentation that I want to cover:
1. Why Hamon is transposing his error onto other ministers.
2. The dangers of Hamon’s Psycho-Phecy.
3. The missing blueprint of truth contradicts Hamon’s apostolic claims.
4. The signs of Hamon’s spiritual tic disorder exposes the lack of the anointing.

1. While Hamon talks about God dealing with unrepentant ministers who demonstrate personal indiscretion, in truth God is calling ministers to repent of their doctrinal crimes and to repent UNTO the new covenant terms God is presenting through His steward, Apostle Eric vonAnderseck. This is true repentance. We see true repentance demonstrated by Asa.

2 Chronicles 15:8
And when Asa heard these words, and the prophecy of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and put away the abominable idols out of all the land of Judah and Benjamin, and out of the cities which he had taken from mount Ephraim, and renewed the altar of the Lord, that was before the porch of the Lord.

We learn that king Asa put away the idols (philosophies and traditions of man that crept into faith), thus showing what he repented FROM. And then he renewed the altar of the Lord, showing what he repented TO.

Hamon, not wanting to call down upon himself God’s censorship, side-steps the fact that he has introduced many idols into the church and is guilty of doctrinal crimes. Instead of obeying God and removing these idols, he shifts the attention to the lack of regeneration in the lives of ministers.
These ministers that Hamon is censoring are unconverted believers, meaning that, as Hamon, they are not in covenant with God, and therefore continue to walk according to the flesh. That will not change until the altar of Christ is renewed in their hearts. Accept God’s steward and renew the altar and you will have a new man in Christ.
How is it Possible to Claim to Love Jesus and not be Saved?
I hear you asking, “How is that possible?” How is it possible for ministers who say they love Jesus, they pray in tongues and prophesy, to be an unconverted believer?
In our morning conference, Apostle Eric and I were discussing this very subject, so I’ve transcribed that part of the conference to share his teaching points with you.
“This [a minister’s claim to salvation] is something Jesus addressed in speaking to His apostles. The religious leaders were laying claim to their sanctification in the presence of the temple, which was built by the word and hand of God. But since they defiled their faith with false doctrine, the temple was no longer sanctified for them. We see that in Matthew chapter 23.
Matthew 23:16-17
16 Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!
17 Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?
“The temple was sanctified by God for its proper use, but if you stripped off a piece of gold from the temple and used it as a book marker, is the book sanctified? No. The gold of the temple does not sanctify the fleshly tokens it touches.
“So Jesus is talking about the sanctification of your faith. The temple sanctifies the gold, but once you separate the gold from the temple is it sanctified? No. In the same manner the truth of the gospel is sanctified as long as it is joined to God’s apostolic steward. Once you peel the truth off for yourself, is it sanctified? No.
“And here we get to the heart of the matter. The same is true for tongues. Those who pray in tongues and use this tool contrary to God’s design, claim they are sanctified because the tool of tongues is a sanctified contact point of the new covenant. But once they removed tongues from the new covenant and stewardship is it sanctified? No. It is being used to promote themselves; their circumcision has become uncircumcision, even as Apostle Paul said (Rom 2:25).
“So anything that is separated from its sanctification is not valid for your salvation. Your salvation is in question. When the Pharisees despised Jesus’ stewardship He responded, ‘You are of your father the devil, and you will die in your sins’ (Jn 8:44,24).  
“They claimed they loved Abraham, yet they hated Jesus. Yes they were the descendents of Abraham, but they did not carry his faith, for they rejected the One that  Abraham accepted. Jesus would say to ministers today: Stop trying to figure things out in the state of darkness, claiming you love me. I see that you have taken my gifts to yourself and do not return to me, therefore I do not know you.
It’s a familiar thing. Just as the Pharisees laid claim to Abraham, so Hamon lays claim to Jesus’ love, and he lays claim to prophecy, and to tongues. Your inspiration is not coming from God when you reject the stewardship. Biblical history shows that. God gave us a testament of how He selects a steward.
The pattern has been that the elder must serve the younger, just as Joseph’s brethren were to consent to Joseph’s stewardship, and David’s brethren were to consent to God’s selection of him though he was the younger. And we see this in Jacob also, how that God said, ‘Esau (elder) have I hated, but Jacob (the younger) have I loved’ (Rom 9:13).
“Hamon is trying to establish that he is the older brother, that he has been around longer, ministered longer, and thus has the authority. No. The authority is in the anointing, not in your time card. His priesthood is invalid. Jesus said the same thing: that they who are last receive more than those who were first, and of course they were offended at Him for this saying. And Hamon is offended.”
2. This brings me to my second point. One of the most outrageous idols Bill Hamon introduced to the church is the great subterfuge of Psycho-phecy.
God gave Apostle Eric this word of knowledge – “PSYCHO-PHECY” – to describe prophecy that comes from one’s own heart. This word has helped believers understand an ungodly union, whereas the psychology of one’s mind and heart is partnered to prophecy to speak of the struggles of life and the defiled state of the conscience—that’s psychology.
Apostle Eric goes on further to explain, “Hamon promoted a dangerous practice of prophecy that is anchored to the flesh, and it is a grievous doctrinal crime. God fleshes out the problems He is addressing through apostolic stewardship. The problem is that we cannot serve God with these powers that come from the natural man.
“False prophecy is a mirror image of false regeneration, whereas a minister selects the desired virtue from scripture to benefit his moral struggles, which is false regeneration. This is an affront to God’s grace, which births all these virtues by the covenant. False prophecy confirms the moral struggle, it does not confirm the virtue of Christ.
“Conviction arises where faith is absent, replacing guilt with false justification to free the conscience to resource the powers of darkness to rule the inclination and birth the principle. Now an offense is built to beget pride, and false prophecy helps keep this deadly cycle going.”
True prophecy is that which the anointing supplies daily for the saints from the foundation of truth. This restored prophecy takes place in the restored church every day. The  subterfuge is a corrupt practice of prophecy Hamon is trying to hide from God, and God is now demanding repentance. You cannot preach and teach these doctrines that do not represent Jesus Christ perfectly.
Psycho-phecy is the practice of the Jezebel prophets. It is prophecy that works with the aspiration of man in place of the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. It is prophecy that confirms the record of man in place of the record of Christ.
Psycho-phecy is to prophesy a psychology about God that is absent of any truth or power. Psycho-phecy is not true prophecy; it is will-worship. And here I want to again quote from one of Apostle Eric’s lessons, “Will-worship births fables as grace is turned to one’s religious aspirations, which does not answer to God, but reaches the filth of their moral code as the holiness of Christ (Gal 5:19)”
Apostle Eric’s teaching on the subject will help wash this sludge off your faith.
The False Prophetic. CLICK HERE.
Prophesying the Dirt of Your Lives. CLICK HERE.
How did Hamon ever come to this place of shocking corruption of the priesthood of Jesus Christ? The poisonous well is trying to feed the church. Ministers are a river of pollution of false doctrine and no one has been able to stop this sludge from splashing onto the church until God again sent an apostle into the church to correct her. Many false ministers have become the conduit of error, and now they are trying to correct themselves.
3. While Hamon claims to have led the way into the prophetic and apostolic calling, he clearly lacks the blueprint of truth. He has talked much about the need for apostles (as many ministers have), but he does not function as an apostle, nor has he trained any apostles.
Hamon tries to claim restoration by prophesying about it, while at the same time denying it. He prophesies that it will take place, but never gives a sign of its presence, and therefore he is looking for something he cannot hope to possess. He discerns the work of God by punch lines, spiritual tics, and a lot of hopeful prayers.
The missing blueprint of truth contradicts Hamon’s apostolic claims. One cannot build with hope and prophecy. One can only build with covenant truth to help the saints progress in their regeneration.
The shocking corruption Hamon can no longer hide is his doctrinal crimes against God. It’s an all too familiar story, a new convert is given false doctrine as his foundation and as a result his faith in God is in a constant state of crisis, and the minister says he is not to blame.
Pastor Zander voiced what ministers have been saying behind closed doors, “We’re not seeing lives transformed!” His 2005 full confession shocked many believers. He wrote, “As pastors we’re doing what we’ve been told, but we’re preaching a very narrow gospel. We’ve been throwing a lot of seed, but it’s not taking root, it’s not producing fruit. We are not seeing people’s lives transformed. There is a growing sense of failure among the church leaders I talk with, and we are looking for something more meaningful.”
The “growing sense of failure” tells the story of willful doctrinal dysfunction and indiscretions, rather than personal indiscretions. Twelve years after Zander’s report ministers are still saying the same thing, “Something is wrong!”  
4. We must cover Hamon’s spiritual tic disorder. The signs of Hamon’s spiritual tics expose the lack of the anointing. Let’s talk about this frankly. You can see a manifestation of it in the video posted by CBN. Hamon is seen to shout a stream of declarations, followed by a fist in the air and the shout “hallelujah!” This is supposed to be a sign that he is under the anointing, but it is a spiritual tic disorder. It is not the true anointing of God, but rather manufactured by the brute force of his aspiration. Gordon Robertson, the talk show host, picks up on the adrenaline of the flesh and imitates the spiritual tic as he also shouts “hallelujah!” Do you see how quickly error is imitated?
If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it here.
Many times you’ll see a minister do what they might call a “Holy Ghost dance” or “jig” as if to demonstrate that they are under the power of God and cannot control their movements (so of course it must be of God). We saw this spiritual tic disorder in the laughter movement as well. We see it every time ministers start to shout declarations and prophesy loudly as if under the anointing, but the imitation is not life giving.
Learn more about the Spiritual tic Disorder that seems to plague many ministers. CLICK HERE.
Hamon is hiding behind hills of chaff (false justifications). But it is the heaps of wheat that God rejoices in, not the hills of chaff.
[Maria vonAnderseck serves the Body of Christ as a confirmed Teacher in the government of God. She is the co-founder of Second 8th Week® Ministries, co-authors with Apostle Eric vonAnderseck in development of IDCCST® Christian Education Curriculum. She is a regular contributor to the Prophetic Path and teaches Leadership and Body Ministry.
Maria is the co-founder of the Network of Apostles Today, ministering the grace of God to those seeking to build upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ. As God brings the church into a new era, Teacher Maria is here to help guide your faith into the new work of the Spirit, to pray for you, and to answer your questions.]


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