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The Founders of S8W Ministries

Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week | Apostle Eric vonAnderseckFor over 30 years God has been preparing Eric vonAnderseck and his wife Maria to be His voice, to bring the church back to the cross of Christ and to prepare the church for the coming of the Lord.

To preach the acceptable year of the Lord, the year of His visitation and the time appointed of His judgments upon the earth. This is a time of sorrow for the earth as God begins to shoot his warning shots over the bow of man’s pride. The earth trembles and quakes, the seas roar, and man observes the signs in the sky. These things preach to man the soon coming terror of the Lord.
To preach the restoration of the Second Covenant faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, to make known the mystery of Christ, to restore to the church the pure language of God, that each believer may learn to speak the same language of the covenant.
To announce the mating season of the Lord. As a bee to a flower so is man’s soul to God’s grace. Now is the time to come into covenant with God, to answer God’s call to increase His kingdom by the tokens of His Spirit.
The announce the end of open stewardship. The 6th Week of darkness over the church is finished. It is over! God has sealed the stewardship of the 6th Week to disallow His sanctification upon it. God will no longer accept faith in the open field. The wilderness Christians must come and serve God at the altar of Christ in His covenant under God’s sanctified stewardship.
To announce the jubilee of the Lord. This is a time of deliverance and healing and restoration. In every jubilee there is a priesthood. The Second 8th Week is the time God selected to restore the Christian priesthood for the healing of the soul.
To build a house for the Lord. A house of faith and covenant that is built by the hand of the Spirit and by the mouth of His grace.
To restore the altar of Christ, to rebuilt the altar with the living stones of His grace and give to the church the same education as the early church, that each believer would be schooled in the basics of the 12 Elements of the Gospel.
Maria vonAnderseck of the Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th WeekTo establish the testimony of God in His saints. Adam concealed himself in false tokens after agreeing with Satan and accepting his counsel, and ran from the presence of God. This is the testimony of death. Jesus Christ, the second Adam is the true token from heaven, that we may conceal ourselves in Him and be joined to God and live in His presence. The true virtue is God.
To establish the record in Christ and the tether in the Spirit as the power of Christ and strength of faith. The record of man is the lie and the tether of the flesh is death’s false witness. When the true tether is present for faith, the wrath of God is absent.
To establish God’s gift of inheritance in Jesus Christ. To be an heir of God means that God wants to bring us up into His throne, to rule with Him. This is what Jesus is doing now and this is the pattern He set for our reward. This is propitiation, where God makes man equal to Himself. Substitutionism is Satan’s twist, to make God equal to man, to bring Jesus down to the level of sin, where He shares in man’s sin, thus removing God’s sanctification from the spotless Lamb of God and placing sanctification upon sin.  
The check mate the presence of death in the soul. As you walk in covenant with God, He will undo every lie of Satan, heal every scar left by Satan in your soul, and reclaim you as His own, placing the fruit of Christ as a crowning virtue of your soul.
To return accountability to truth to honor God at the altar of Christ. Now the Lord has turned back the captivity of the church to release her prisoners who were held bound to many truths and false accountability systems of man. The truth of God establishes life in Jesus Christ, while the truth of man establishes life in the kingdom of deception.
To give knowledge true purpose by returning knowledge to the author, Jesus Christ. To return the church to the whole stones of Christ that have not been chiseled by man’s imagination. When knowledge finds its purpose in Christ the soul has substance for faith.
To break down the altar of Baal and to wash and cleanse believers in the truth to prepare them for the priesthood. Now you are washed, you are sanctified, and you are justified in the name of the Lord and by the Spirit of our God.
To teach the veracity of faith by the power it is subject to.
To Testify of Jesus Christ by placing the foundation of truth in the hearts of those who believe.
To challenge Satan’s perception in the soul.
In 1977 God called Eric vonAnderseck into the office of Apostle and a few years later, his wife, Maria, into the office of Teacher. By these two branches, the Lord rebuilt the church according to the true Vine of Christ, restoring to the church the pure knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing the end time stewardship, and giving back to the church the true priesthood of the believer.
Second 8th Week Ministries stands as a beacon of grace, hope, and light to the world, telling the story of Jesus Christ as God meant for it to be told. To announce the Beginning of Sorrows, the Second 8th Week, the Jubilee of the Priesthood, the Separation of the Wheat from the Tares, the Restoration of the Church, the Day of Visitation, and the Hour of Temptation.

God's End Time Church Government

The Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week
Apostle Eric formed the Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week to fulfill God’s vision to restore church government under the headship of Jesus Christ. Today, under the stewardship of Apostle Eric, God raised up many apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers who all carry the same truth of Jesus Christ in the unity of one faith. Today, the 5 callings of God’s spiritual government are restored, and the true body of Christ is emerging and there are many branches upon the vine of Christ. We are the heartbeat of the Father. We are the face of Jesus Christ. We are one voice that is being heard all over the world.
God’s vision is to use this ministry to reach the world with the restored message of Jesus Christ and to usher in the coming of the Lord. Second 8th Week Ministries is God’s end time provision to equip you to walk in the fulness of Christ.
Satan’s Jealousy
Satan will be moved to jealousy that God is removing his lies to make a way for man to return to God’s love. Satan will be jealous that God raised a ministry and stewardship that will restore to the church the knowledge she lost. And Satan will try to inflame the minds of the unrighteous with his thoughts of jealousy, trying to stand against God’s chosen branches as if defending Christ. But here is the mind of the righteous. . . .
Just as the tree is not moved to jealousy when an apple is picked from one of its branches, so the Vine is not moved to jealousy when the fruit is picked from one of His branches. The grape was put there by the roots of the Vine. Meaning that, it is God that put the fruit there. The branch honors the Vine by the fruit it bears and the fruit rejoices that in the image it bears.
Because God raised up these two branches first to equip the other branches of His house, Apostle Eric and Teacher Maria are regarded as the chief elders or chief stewards of the House of God.

New Christian Education for the Church

IDCCST Christian Education | Second Covenant teaching
IDCCST® Christian Education: God’s Intelligent Design for Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation® begins with understanding God’s language to communicate Christ to us. Transformation of the soul from darkness to light is by divine design, not by our imagination, hopeful wishes, or the lies of Satan. Learn about the 12 Elements of the Gospel and how God put the design of Christ in Element one for you to see Him and express Him and experience Him.  
Learn About the 9 Tools of the Second Covenant
God further set the design of Christ into each of the 9 tools of the Second Covenant. Learn all about the New (Second) Covenant tools and how God empowers these tools for you, that Christ might represent you before the throne of God and that He might be represented in your faith. Learn why the covenant is the environment for spiritual healing to take place.
Learn about the Record and the Witness, the Sign and the Token
God’s intelligent design for Christ-Centered spiritual transformation is lived by understanding the how the transformative power of the Holy Spirit moves upon the record of Christ (the pattern of His truth) to form the divine nature in the soul. God placed His sign (power and witness) upon the tokens of Christ that you might be a partaker of Him.
The Christian Priesthood
The true Christian priesthood has been lost at the defiled altar of self where the soul does not experience the liberty of Christ, but rather continues to experience the lack of Christ. This lack is of the virtue of Christ is profoundly felt by the soul.
The promise of life in Christ Jesus is experienced as we learn to reciprocate to God according to the design of Christ at His altar. There is no greater joy to the heart of God then to see His children take on the likeness of Christ.
Learn About the Signature of Your Soul
It is no good us trying to worship God with the things we find in ourselves. This is one of Satan’s lies that God is now destroying. Satan led the church to believe that we could draw from within ourselves to find the gifts of our signature talents worthy of Christ. Satan taught the church how to place these signature gifts and talents upon the altar of Christ as gifts to God. Learn how to undo that damage and set aside your signature to use the signature (record) of Jesus Christ as the only worthy gift to God.
Learn What Fables Are
Learn what fables are and how Satan uses them to lead Christians down many rabbit trails seeking for answers and keys to resolve their problems. This is not faith. This is Satan taking ownership of God’s mercy to direct your faith into the imagination. Human aspiration drives the imagination (lust). This Satan hopes you will accept as grace because he is hoping you cannot tell the difference between these two inspirations.
Learn to Disambiguate
There are 2 kingdoms warring for ownership of your soul. Satan wants to own you just as much as God does, but for different reasons. Just as there are 2 kingdoms, there are 2 inspirations, that of light and that of darkness. There are 2 value systems, that of the soil and that of heaven, that of the aspiration of man, and that of grace. There are 2 powers: the power that speaks to the flesh about the value of the signature of man and the power of God that speak to the soul about the value of Christ.
There is a difference between the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God. There is a difference between that which is godly (a product of Christ) and that which is ungodly (absent of His virtue). Veracity is measured by the power the soul is joined to. As you learn to disambiguate the kingdom of light from the kingdom of darkness and stand in the light of Christ, God is teaching you the reality of His kingdom and that the kingdom of Satan is but a passing shadow.
Learn to Win the Battle of the Mind
Satan’s power is in the mind. He hopes to occupy your mind with many struggles. The struggle of sin, the struggle of worth, the struggle to overcome, the struggle to place the value of life in Christ, the struggle to build something worthwhile for God, the struggle to end the struggle.
This is a time of separation. You have to make a choice. God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh for the purpose of this time. God is clearing the forest so that they now have a clear path to this knowledge. That is why the separation is taking place in the churches. Thousands of Christians are leaving institutional and denominational churches in search of the truth. It is phenomenal.

Last Revised: 2013-05-22

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