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The Definition of Apostle | Biblical Evidence

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The Apostolic Season of Change is Here! The Church is in the New Apostolic Season of the Second 8th Week, learning why God is sending apostles to the church today. The definition of apostle offered by Wikipedia is greatly lacking in substance mainly because there are not enough experienced writers on the subject of apostles in the church today. The teaching is poor and prejudiced by modern thinkers. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of due diligence to properly define an apostle.

We are in a great day of awakening for the church concerning apostles. God has been speaking to the leadership that it is time for them to make the transition. Jesus said that in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established (Matthew 18:16). We have four witnesses of the New Apostolic Season in the voices of Barbara Yoder, Nicki Pfeifer, Mahesh Chavda, and Matt Soger, all saying the same thing:

1. Rumbling under the feet of leaders. . .God. . is calling us out of the old, out of the past.
2. Fresh Winds
3. New Movement
4. A New Way
5. Paradigm Shift
6. Awakening
7. Visitation
8. Beginning Anew
9. Time of the 3rd Day
10. Shift in Leadership
11. Fresh Season
12. God is Moving Outside the Walls
13. Open Mind
14. Don't Backup

Why God Says Fear Not!

The Lord says: "And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress . . . fear not!" (Malachi 3:5)

God says: "Fear not!" Thus emphasizing the fact that church leaders, upon hearing these tidings about a new apostolic season, will want to withdraw into unbelief and begin to do two things:

1) Church leaders will critique the new apostolic season for the purpose of undermining God's grace.

2) Church leaders will create their own apostolic movement to remove themselves from responsibility to the steward God has chosen to lead His church and draft for themselves the kinds of changes they feel they can commit to.

We see both of these reactions among church leaders today. For example:

C. Peter Wagner claims apostolic leadership and founded The New Apostolic Reformation organization . But is Wagner an apostle? He is still carrying the banner and doctrine of the previous generation of Christian leadership. Nothing has changed under Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation. He is still in bondage to the same errors.

Under Wagner, the government of God is not unified in one faith as the Bible says they should be (Ephesians 4: 5) as we would expect that God would do again in this new Apostolic Age. This gap is mostly due to Wagner's definition of an apostle where he neglects to bridge the apostles office directly to the oversight of Christian doctrine:

Wagner says: "An apostles is a Christian leader who is gifted, taught, and commissioned by God with the authority to establish the foundational government of the Church. . ."

Apostle Eric says: I disagree. The calling of apostle is defined by the measure of grace God gives to that office to teach the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ is the foundation of truth that must be set in the heart of each believer. This is the pattern we see in the Bible: God gives truth to the apostles and they give that knowledge to the church to believe. Hence, the radical change. All false doctrine is removed from faith and only that which is of Christ remains.

The church has not been of the same mind in Christ since the First Apostolic Age when the early apostles governed the church in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

The Oxford Dictionary, claimed to be the most trusted, also delivers a disappointing and short sighted definition of Apostle: "An important early Christian teacher or pioneering missionary." This surprising lack of clear information regarding apostles opens the door to speculation about what the foundation of truth is.

Disambiguate Foundation

When the early apostles spoke of "foundation" they were speaking of truth.
When false apostles today speak of "foundation" they are speaking of an organization.

We build faith with knowledge, we do not build faith with the bricks of an organization. The knowledge is called truth when it represents Jesus Christ perfectly. That is the meaning of the doctrine of Christ. Are you beginning to see why we need apostles today that truly possess the gift of grace?
The Second Apostolic Age (The Second 8th Week according to Enoch's time line) began in 1977, when God first announced His intent to restore Apostolic Governance to the church. This marked radical changes in the beliefs of the Christian faith.

What Needs to Change: Over 33,000 different belief systems sprang up after the First Apostolic Age (First 8th Week according to Enoch's time line). This lets us know that the Christian faith has been watered down, which in turn removed the power of God from faith, which in turn confused Christians, not knowing what to believe and wondering why their faith held no power.

Do you see? The disunity of faith marked the absence of apostles, not their presence. There is no apostolic leadership when there is no unity of the faith. Do you see the role of apostle? They are responsible to maintain the integrity of Christ -the integrity of His truth.

Destroy Truth and You Destroy Faith

Destroy truth and you destroy faith. It is really that simple. Can you now see why leaders fear a true, God inspired Apostolic Season? God is challenging their traditions, their doctrines, the error that they mixed into His truth, and their slowness to believe. God is going where they never gave Him permission to go-right to the heart of the problem. . .their doctrine.

Where did they get their doctrine? Who taught Wagner? Was he taught by an apostle? No. Do all members of the his organization believe the same Christian doctrine? No. What did Jesus do? He challenged the traditions and doctrines of the religious leaders of His time. He said that the truth (knowledge/doctrine) they embraced was the commandments of men and made their faith "vain", which means worthless.

So we see what makes faith worthless to God: The wrong knowledge. When the doctrine you believe is wrong, God calls it the commandments of men. Do we begin to see how important God places on doctrine? (Matthew 15:9)

Is Your Faith Worthless? Is Your Doctrine of Men or of God?

We have seen, and will continue to see, a lot of dancing around this issue of DOCTRINE and DISUNITY of the faith. Instead of coming into one faith (doctrine) Wagner and others like him draw change from other quarters:

Placing accountability in things other than truth, like relationship accountability and financial accountability.

Playing down the importance of unity in doctrine by diminishing its need and placing unity in carnal things and new traditions everyone could agree on.

Playing down the importance of unity in doctrine by claiming that truth is progressive, that is it not possible to know what truth is. This is the disclaimer that all false apostles make.

Playing down the importance of unity in doctrine by attaching to it a different value than God does. For instance saying it is "head knowledge".

Playing down the importance of unity in doctrine by saying that "love is more important". Thus proving oneself as a false apostle. True apostles never separate truth and charity. They share a binary relationship.

Diminishing the value of grace as the apostolic mark and formed ecumenical groups to discuss what their next move and compromise should be.
Diminishing the importance of building the foundation of truth by building physical church buildings and founding organizational structures.

Apostolic Groups Sprang up Overnight

The answer for the fear that Christian leaders experience is to throw together a quick fix. Apostolic groups just like Wagner's sprang up overnight, claiming to carry the apostolic torch, but there is no light in their lamp-there is no grace. The reason for their assembling is to change the way they have church or to change the way they govern themselves. The word reform is often heard. For example:

Lee Grady, Assistant Editor to Charisma Magazine, compiled 15 complaints he has against the church. This is not reform. This is fear. I believe it will be well worth your effort to learn more about Grady's Reforms and my 70 reasons why his reforms are losing ground.

The Second Apostolic Age began to receive worldwide recognition in 1999 under my leadership as God began to spread the embers of truth from one apostle (myself) to many apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers who have united themselves together under the banner of God's grace and truth.

Under my leadership the church saw these radical changes:

New Knowledge for Faith. Each of the12 Elements of the Gospel are reshaped and given their proper definition as the early apostles taught. God has restored the foundation of truth in these 12 Elements. Christians from all over the world are coming into alignment with God by coming into fellowship with His truth. This began a paradigm shift in the Christian faith.

New Spiritual Tools. God has restored the power of the cross of Christ by restoring the tools of Christ to the church. God has made possible a change from exploitative warfare to true spiritual warfare of the church.

New Priesthood. God has restored the priesthood of each believer in Christ. Christians all over the world are now understanding what it means to serve God at the altar of Christ with spiritual sacrifices. The spiritual priesthood of the believer is reborn.
The Gift of the Apostle to the Churc

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