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Dream Interpretation Study Guide
By: Teacher Maria vonAnderseck

Does God speak to you prophetically in your dreams? Do you want to know how to interprete your dreams with accuracey? Learn how to hear the voice of God!
For many years believers have asked, "Does God speak to a Christian in their dreams? Can Christians know the meaning of their dreams and how to interpret dream symbolism?" The answer is yes. But there are two viewpoints to consider in dream interpretation. One that is seen through the eyes of the world and the other that is seen through the eyes of God.
This Guide to Dream Interpretation is a vital first step to learn the importance of accurately discerning the  difference between the wordly and philisophical outlook on dreams and God's divine design. When a believer can't do that, they end up listening to the wrong voice and follow the wrong spirit.
Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Abuse
In this guide I want to address spiritual abuse and how it takes place when dream interpretation is pulled from the spirit of this world. I’ll bring examples from Perry Stone’s book “How to Interpret Dreams” published in 2011 to show you how a minister can fall victim to the spirit of this world and end up perpetuating abuse rather than minister Christ.
Abuse of Christians takes many different forms, some involving emotional addiction that leads faith on a wrong journey, some involving neglect where the foundation of truth is never properly laid, and others involving falsifying patrimony where the knowledge of our first birth perpetuates a linkage of trust to the flesh that keeps a believer a prisoner to Satan’s promises.
Learning to recognize how abuse takes place is the first step to help you know what you can do to stop it from happening to you.
6 Steps to Recognize How Spiritual Abuse Takes Place and How the Abuse is Present in Dream Interpretation Teaching:
Step 1: Recognize the Spirit of the World
3 things you need to know about the spirit of the world:
  1. The spirit of the world teaches you about yourself to gain your trust and deceptively place peace in the resolve of your issues.
  2. The spirit of the world teaches you how to handle the word of God deceitfully, teaching you how to match scripture to action to convince you that you are doing the will of God when you are actually carrying out your own aspiration.
  3. The spirit of the world teaches you how to associate with Bible characters so that the qualities that distinguished them will rub off on you to place your confidence in the flesh.
The spirit of the world speaks to us about ourselves and our needs, our relationships, our frailty, our faults, desires, and potential. The spirit of this world is anti Christ because it mimics and counterfeits Christ by drawing from man’s own soul a false record for salvation. The spirit of this world uses man as a template for faith and holds up Bible characters for man to see in them an honor for himself, thus emulating a virtue he does not possess to put the soul on a journey towards this illusive promise. The spirit of the world is thus deceptive. 
God uses Saul as a negative role model to teach us the spirit of the world’s deceptive twist of faith. Saul, as you may recall, discerned the will and voice of God by matching what he found in the scriptures to his actions. Saul handled the knowledge of God by his aspiration.
The scriptures reveal that God desires a sacrifice and Saul offered sacrifices to God. But God knew that what Saul was really doing was pleasing himself and trying to position himself for a blessing. Saul convinced himself that he was doing God’s will by matching his actions to a scripture, thus the knowledge of God was manipulated by his logic.
The linkage Saul made in his mind from the scripture to his actions describes the labor of his logic. He was trying to use his logic as a power.
Samuel rebuked Saul for this practice and Saul caught hold of Samuel’s cloak and begged him not to go. Saul knew the people would think well of him if they saw him associated with Samuel. (1 Samuel 15)
1 Corinthians 2:12, “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.”
Dream Interpretation by the Spirit of the World
Teaching will sound like this. . .
  1. Dreams about you and your needs and your relationships and your current situation. Dreams reveal a mystery about ourselves (about hidden talents, gifts, and possible solutions to a problem).
  2. Your dreams come from your heart and will express the things that are important to your heart.
  3. To decipher the meaning of objects and symbols in your dreams, use the principle of biblical interpretation called the “law of first mention”. First decipher the meaning of an object or symbol in the Bible and then apply that meaning to the same objects and symbols you see in your dream.  It is thought that this sets up a pattern of interpretation for it that holds true throughout the rest of Scripture. ~Stone
  4. Dream Symbolism – Door:If the door is locked, it indicates a closed opportunity or a hindrance to your progress. An opened door is an open opportunity, or the opening you should travel ~Stone
The Problems. . .
  1. The problem is that. . .  your dreams are not about you or your issues, they are about your experience of Christ’s work in you. When dreams are thought to be about you, the teaching results in perpetuating emotional addictions that lead faith on a journey towards resolving emotional conflict. Just as Satan blinded Soul by logic so many are blinded today by that same spirit of deception.
  1. The problem is that. . .Your dreams are not from your heart, they are from God, revealing the things in your soul that He is addressing for healing, revealing the progress of regeneration. Here again we understand the necessity of understanding and recovering he teaching of the element grace. It would clear up the confusion that exists about how we hear from God and how the grace of God is present in the dreams of a Christian.
  1. The problem with. . . the “law of first mention” is that does not follow the pattern of Christ, it follows the pattern of interpretation invented by the spirit of the world. Even though it seems intriguing because the logic of man can make links from the symbol to the Bible, look at how it replaces the pattern of Jesus Christ. Where God intended to use the pattern of Christ seen in the Elements of the Gospel, His tools, and priesthood for you to interpret dreams, the spirit of this world invents another pattern for you to see. . .opportunities.
  1. The problem is. . . that your dreams are not about you (opportunities or hindrances to your progress or travel plans.) What would change for this symbolism if instead of using the “law of first mention” we used the “law of reciprocation in kind”? That would change everything and switch Stone’s emphasis from self back to Jesus.

[dreams-book]Step 2: Recognize Association Fallacy --- As stated above, association fallacy explains how a Christian is abused by teaching that directs him/her to associate with a Bible character to take the qualities and virtues that distinguished their life and make them their own. For example

  • The strength of Samson. . .  Judges 16
  • The faithfulness of David. . .Psalm 119:16
  • The endurance of Job. . . Job 42
  • The boldness of the prophets. . .Jeremiah 46
  • The builder, as Ezra.  . .Ezra 6
  • The favored, as Easter. . .Esther 5
  • Realizing the dissolving of impossible situations through the life of Ruth. . . Ruth 4
  • Realizing victory over death through the life of Lazarus.  . .John 12
  • Realizing the dissolving of sin through the life of the woman caught in adultery. . . John 8
People will associate with Bible characters to help fulfill the desire related to being a Christian. Just like people in the world want to rub shoulders with famous people because they want to slip into their lives, Christians want to associate with Bible characters to slip into their lives. There is a strong emotional addiction related to this practice that leads faith on a wrong journey to fulfill the imagination (passions of the flesh).
Yes, all God’s faithful servants stood as a type of Christ and we see in them the symbolism that was later fulfilled in Christ. But we cannot assume the virtue of Christ by associating our desire with their lives. The reason for the Elements of the Gospel is to give us the reality of Christ so that we can define these virtues by Him. Now that Jesus has come to shed His blood for the new and better covenant, He is the new token for faith. What is in Him becomes a living part of us by the Spirit.
Dream Interpretation by Association Fallacy
Teaching will sound like this. . .
  1. The lessons that can be learned from the development of Daniel’s character are applied to dream symbols. Words like “commitment”, “conviction”, and “knowing right from wrong” are meant to give dreams meaning and substance and relevance to the dreamer’s desire for these qualities.
The Problems. . .
  1. The problem is that. . .While many associations can be made between Daniel’s faith and how he pleased God, God’s pathways for building the character of Christ in the inner man follows the pattern of Jesus Christ. An assumption cannot be made that God is building the character of Daniel in a person just because parallels can be drawn between dream symbolism and what is discerned lacking in the person.
Saul, seeking to please God by the linkage of scripture to his actions was actually keeping himself from experiencing the power of God. So too do Christians today fail from the power of God. In reflection of Saul’s choices God said that he sought for a man after his own heart. The warning to us today is, Don’t be a Saul! Don’t carry faith in the conviction of your logic, which will persuade you of the things of your own nature and thus turn your heart from God!
Step 3: Recognize Patrimony –  Patrimony means: An estate inherited from one's father or ancestors. Any quality, characteristic, etc., that is inherited; heritage (from
Christians are claiming the patrimony of God by linking scripture to their actions and by looking at admirable qualities in Bible characters and assigning faith to this journey to obtain these qualities. As persuasive as this may feel and as right as this may feel, teaching like this is neglectful.
Ministers are neglecting the true manner in which God shows ownership of the soul and by which the characteristics of Christ are daily engrafted into the soul. And they not aware of the mind-set they inherited from their first father, the devil, which is the mold of their thinking.
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect is that ministers are sincere and genuine in their teaching, but this does not absolve them of wrong doing. We are seeing a stronghold that God is tearing down. And that is the pride of logic, which is to assimilate yourself into the image of Christ by text.
The consequence of spiritual abuse is that Christians live by the priesthood of the flesh rather than the priesthood of Jesus Christ.
PRIESTHOOD OF THE FLESH --- God works for me to resolve my issues and to bless me. The flesh dominates faith. Reciprocation is on the basis of knowledge manipulated by logic. Faith is tied to the patrimony of the flesh.
PRIESTHOOD OF JESUS – We work for God. We serve Him. Reciprocation is by the Spirit not the flesh. The reason of grace replaces the logic of text and our experience is born of the Spirit. Faith is tied to the patrimony of the Spirit.
Patrimony of Humanity: When we were born in the flesh, Satan took ownership of us and christened us as a servant of his kingdom. Satan said he would watch over you by promises to resolve your difficulties by his tokens and counsel. Satan gave you a record to live by his word and drew upon the 5 facets of the flesh, the foundation of your own soul, to guide you. The 5 facets of the flesh are:
  1. The knowledge of this world
  2. The signature of the soul
  3. The God-Code
  4. The moral code
  5. The fruits of iniquity
Mankind inherited this mind-set from Satan. It is the foundation of his thinking. Patrimony of the foundation effects dream interpretation. If we draw the foundation of the flesh we are drawing upon our first birth. If we draw from the foundation of truth (the 12 Elements of the Gospel) then we are drawing upon our second birth in Christ.
It is important to remember that God is the true parent of all humanity. God is our natural patrimony. Satan, the deceiver came into this world to give humanity a new history in himself. The devil gave man a cultural patrimony that we see illustrated in the habits of the flesh and the mind. The language of the flesh identifies the culture you are tied to.
Dream Interpretation Following the Wrong Patrimony
Teaching will sound like this. . .
  1. If the dream symbol has placed you in a car going backwards then ask yourself, “In what area of my life do I feel I am going backwards and not progressing forward?”
  2. If the dream symbol shows you falling then ask yourself, “In what ways do I feel I am losing ground?”
  3. If the dream symbol shows you being chased you may ask, “In what ways do I feel pursued?”
  4. If the dream symbolism is people then ask yourself what part of your personality or character do they represent? Your quiet side? The authority figure inside you? The adventurer in you?
The Problem. . .
  1. The problem is that. . .The spirit of this world does not seek to preserve the patrimony of Christ to identify Christ; but thought it more advantageous to identify themselves and draw from the 5 facets of the flesh a psychology about life and self. The patrimony of the flesh is what is being explored.
The dream symbolism is spiritual because it is about the damage that is present in the soul. But it is not helpful because the Holy Spirit is not engaging you in this dream interpretation. The Holy Spirit first engages you with the tools of the covenant and God gives you dreams as “report cards” of His progress to heal the soul. Rather, seducing spirits are making application of the symbolism to your past history and everything is assessed by this prejudice.
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Step 4: Recognize Christian Psychology–
The patrimony of our first birth laid a foundation in the 5 facets of the flesh and from there conditioned the mind to challenge itself. You will see this misguided practice in 99% of Christian authors who teach dream interpretation. They use dream symbolism to speak to the condition of man and use the symbolism to challenge man to change.
Dream Interpretation Following Christian Psychology
Teaching will sound like this. . .
1. What emotion may be symbolized in the dream? It is good for you to face your emotions.
2. Dream symbolism helps you to see your blind spots and recognize the message the Holy Spirit wants to give you.
3. Dreams have significant meaning in our lives.
4. Our dreams show us areas where we need to trust God more.
5. Dream symbolism can point to attitude problems and the Holy Spirit may be showing you things you don’t want to see.
6. Dream symbolism can help you come to terms with your own weaknesses and problems.
The Problems. . .
  1. The problem is. . .It is God’s will to heal the soul of the emotional scars and damage inflicted by Satan, but the healing takes place in the environment of the covenant with the knowledge and tools of Jesus Christ.
    • The dreams God gives you is a report of His work that we may take confidence in Him.
    • If, through some neglect, the Christian has not had the opportunity to learn the knowledge of Christ and gain this experience then the dream is carnal. The dreamer is merely taught to read into the dream what he has read in the Bible.
    • Do you see how the wound of Satan is covered by psychology?
  1. The problem is. . .Dream interpretation as taught by the spirit of this world is merely stating the obvious about the human condition and our emotional challenges, hopes, and dreams.
    • Saying that emotions are symbolized in our dreams and saying that
    • we all have blind spots is like
    • saying that when you close your eyes you can’t see anything.
    • Stating the obvious is not teaching dream interpretation from God’s perspective. It is simply restating what is common to man.
    • This practice is abusive because a Christian leaves the teaching with the patrimony of their first birth reinforced, comforted by Satan’s promises to resolve their problems.
    • Do you see the addiction? The logic of man works for peace and security by resolve.  Do you see the abuse?
  1. The problems is. . .While it is thought that we gain insight into ourselves by gaining insight into the dream, it helps to think of this “insight” as a bottomless pit. Now picture the spirit of this world shoving you into it. There is no end to the analogies and ways in which a person can see the relevance of dream symbolism to their own personal life. But this is not the ways of the Lord. We see again how easily emotional addictions and cravings pave the way in dream interpretation, leading a person on a journey towards resolving emotional conflict.
  1. The problem is. . .The problems started by the spirit of the world are continually perpetuated.
    • There is no getting away from the deceptive way in which the spirit of this world directs you to yourself. We need to create a different strategy. Thank God, He provided a real way for us to live the faith of Jesus Christ by giving us the knowledge and tools of His covenant.
It is easy to learn about the New Covenant of Jesus Christ and His new knowledge, tools, and priesthood. Go to. . . Free Online Courses. . .
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Step 5: Recognize Mixed Messages
-  Although Christian authors of dream interpretation books state that we need to maintain a dependence upon the Holy Spirit to reveal what the symbols mean in a specific dream, they do not draw from the foundation of Christ to draw the dream symbolism to Him and His work, the Elements of the Gospel, or His priesthood. Neglect occurs.
  • Neglect occurs when ministers choose to include the record of man into faith and ignore the record of Christ and exclude it from faith.
  • Neglect occurs when ministers disconnect dream symbolism from the covenant of Jesus Christ.
The consequences of neglect are cumulative. The record of Christ together with His knowledge, tools, and priesthood are the means by which we receive a whole patrimony of experience. Apostle James taught about the dangers of drawing from the patrimony of two kingdoms.
“Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?
 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.” ~James 3:11-12
Dream Interpretation Containing Mixed Messages
Teaching will sound like this. . .
1. God has amazing ways to speak into your life through your dreams. Don’t limit Him by dismissing your dreams.
2. Dream symbolism is a way in which we can involve God centrally in the restoration process and allow Him to totally free us without condition.
3. Earthquake meaning: An earthquake is said to symbolize to the dreamer that a spiritual shaking will occur. The presence of a valley in a dream may be symbolic of a time of suffering ahead.  And the presence of a mountain in a dream may be symbolic of difficulties faith needs to remove. ~Stone
The Problems. . .
  1. The problem is. . .God is not limited by dismissing our dreams so much as He is limited by us dismissing the elements and principles necessary to build faith in the image and likeness of Christ. If Christ is not represented in your faith He is not represented in your dreams. You may be connecting to the psychology, but you are not connecting to God.
  1. The problem is. . .Have you noticed that while Christians say that Christ is central to their lives they carry the testimony of sin. The centrality of sin comes out in dream interpretation where a person is seen to go over their faults and shortcoming and unbecoming attitudes. And while it is said that God heals the soul without condition, God did set the conditions for our healing in Jesus Christ. God did set the conditions of reciprocation in the 12 Elements of the Gospel. God did set the conditions for trust by our contact with Him.
The problem is. . .That mixed messages about God’s work shows that we are putting confidence in the flesh. We are to trust God, not the flesh (Philippians 3:3). The spirit of the world turns faith towards the flesh to put confidence in the flesh.
Trust is not something you decide to do. . .
  • It is molded by the Spirit of God through contact.
  • We have trust established upon many cycles of growth.
  • Our overcoming has never been apart from Christ, but by Christ.
  • We can trust the promises we have not seen because God is faithful to oversee our cycles of growth daily.
3. The problem is. . .earthquakes, valleys, and mountains are universally understood by many cultures to have these same meanings stated by Stone. God requires a Christian to distinguish their faith by taking the symbolism to the covenant, not merely make a spiritual application.
The problem is. . .That faith has been disconnected from the covenant knowledge, tools, and priesthood of Jesus Christ. When the symbol is disconnected from the covenant we walk after our own thoughts.
I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts.” ~Isaiah 65:2
Step 6: Recognize Fortune Telling
When the interpretation of dreams comes from the viewpoint of the world, a person’s thinking does not change. Dream symbol interpretation follows the thinking of the spirit of this world and are said to be either “good signs” or “bad signs”.  They are said to have “positive” or “negative” values.
This is an indication that dream symbolism is abused to addressed the affairs of life rather than address faith in God.
Dream Interpretation Containing Fortune Telling
Teaching will sound like this. . .
  1. Perry Stone’s interpretation of the symbolism of smoke in a dreams: “Smoke in the result of a fire. Smoke is never a positive imagery because it represents the remains of something that has been burned. . .”
  2. Perry Stone consistently weaves the practice of fortune telling into his dream interpretation teaching:
    • Gemstones Meaning: . . .”a good sign that there is coming a great blessing in some form. . .”
The Problem. . .
1.  The problem is. . .Stone neglects to take into consideration the connection between dream symbolism and regeneration (the divine change that takes place in the soul daily as one continues in Christ). The author also neglects to take the symbolism to the covenant of Christ.
The normal process of regeneration requires a believer’s activity of faith at the altar of Christ, where the smoke of our spiritual sacrifices are pleasing to God. The smoke of the altar is seen as part of our Christian faith and Christian heritage. Sometimes, when there is smoke there are altar fires. Where there are altar fires there are spiritual sacrifices being offered to God. This interpretation speaks of the increase of our faith by the increase of this sanctified activity.
  • There is an exhortation there for a Christian to increase their activity at the altar of Christ and to reflect on the “Law of Reciprocation in Kind”. God’s grace present in the sacrifices will ignite faith in the heart. This is one aspect of the symbolism of smoke that cannot be ignored.
2.  The problem is. . .Christian authors speak of dream symbolism as “positive” or “negative” omens or signs is that they are not familiar with the normal Christian cycles of growth or how the Lord communicates the progress of His work to the believer.
Everyone looks into the Chrystal Ball looking for something good; they are not looking for something bad. People go to psychics looking for something positive: How can I increase my happiness? How can I increase financially? The psychic gazes in to the Chrystal ball, ready to give the answers people are looking for.
We can see how people, in their ignorance, look at a Chrystal Ball as a tool to project for positive things, using it as a form of counsel to divine a person’s choices and direction. Sadly, Stone’s book reveals that believers today are looking for a Christian Chrystal Ball. They want a spiritual fortune teller.
Dream symbolism is always positive because it shows God’s active involvement to heal the soul of the damage Satan inflicted upon the soul. God reveals where you are at in your growth cycle: revelation, resistance, or reward. God may also reveals what He is addressing for healing and what you are overcoming. 
It is impossible to write a book about Christian dream symbolism when one’s Christian experience is outside that which would give the symbolism meaning. The covenant of Jesus Christ, the altar of Christ, the cycles of growth, the tools of the covenant, the sanctification of the Spirit, the manner in which we die to the aspiration of this world, the value God places upon the instruction of grace. These all hold enormous meaning for a Christian who is walking with God. It is the shared culture of the covenant believer that cannot be perceived by believers who don’t speak covenant language.
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       3. Wheel Chair:
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       5. Bridge:      
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