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What do you know about the Enemy’s way of taking the natural inclination of man and driving it for all it’s worth? Can the moments of anger, envy, suspicion, or guilt be traced to “seed thoughts” found in the inclination of man that the Deceiver is exploiting? Do you want to be equipped to spot the tactics of the Enemy to learn how to overcome?
We’re going to teach you how to uncover this plot of the Enemy to use your vulnerability against you. A special series of workshop courses will teach you about 18 inclinations that are common to man and equip you through a 5-step planning process to (1) identify the inclination, (2) assess your vulnerability, (3) identify the deception, (4) identify God’s perspective, and (5) overcome to gain the victory in Christ.
The theme of the Inclination Workshop is John 16:33. Jesus said, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
Are you ready to win the battle for your mind? God is ready to do a work in your heart! Let’s begin by looking at the 18 Inclinations of Man.
Gain everday answers! Win the battle for the mind! Christian workshops.The 18 Inclinations of Man are. . .
  1. The Inclination of Man – To Emotional Profiling
  2. The Inclination of Man – To Distrust God
  3. The Inclination of Man – To Build Faith on Human Relationships
  4. The Inclination of Man – To Justify the Flesh
  5. The Inclination of Man – To Judge
  6. The Inclination of Man – To Procrastinate
  7. The Inclination of Man – To View Faith From the Perspective of Life
  8. The Inclination of Man – To Focus on the Wrong Thing
  9. The Inclination of Man – To Build Upon Old Foundations
  10. The Inclination of Man – To Trust the Moral Code
  11. The Inclination of Man – To Make Straight That Which is Crooked
  12. The Inclination of Man – To Measure Ourselves by That Law That Condemns
  13. The Inclination of Man – To Please Man
  14. The Inclination of Man - to Remain Independent of God
  15. The Inclination of Man – To be Discontent
  16. The Inclination of Man – To Not Care For the Things of God
  17. The Inclination of Man – To Seek Equity in the Flesh
  18. The Inclination of Man – To Expect the Worst 
 Which inclination(s) do you feel you relate to the most? Which inclination are you the most interested in learning about? Which inclination do you feel is the most damaging? To read about each inclination in detail you can download the free eBook “18 Inclinations of Man”.
Why is it important to learn the 18 inclinations of man? Because God calls us to overcome. The first step and the hardest is to overcome is ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. We have to find out why that is.
The course is based on the 3-phase cycle of growth: revelation, resistance, and reward and is meant to assist believers as they move into the resistance phase to identify the natural rhythms that tend to occur. The study of the 18 Inclinations of Man is an excellent resource for Christian counseling.
Are you Confused About Spiritual Warfare?
Overcoming yourself, the world, and the devil and walking in the power of Jesus Christ is a promise God places before you each day. Yet, many are confused about spiritual warfare and don’t know how to use God’s power to make this a reality in their life. Instead of the flesh serving the Spirit, the Spirit is asked to serve the flesh. In place of confidence, is fear. In place of trust, is a nagging persistence that God is not enough.
Many do not know how to overcome depression, anxiety, fear, jealousy, and insecurity. Allow Jesus to subdue the power of the Enemy under Him. Allow Jesus to teach you His perspective so that you can walk in the power of His grace. The 5-step planning process mentioned above (Spiritual Warfare Wheel) will guide you through the steps: (1) identify the inclination, (2) assess your vulnerability, (3) identify the deception, (4) identify God’s perspective, and (5) overcome to gain the victory in Christ.
Building New Shields
Have you ever noticed that for the natural man, suspicion follows vulnerability, and projection follows suspicion? The Deceiver, seeing your vulnerability triggers the who, what, where, when, and why. He is seeking to drive you down a path that ends with you feeling pressed to build new shields. There are 8-steps to building new shields.
1. Vulnerability         2. Suspicion               3. Projection             4. Aggravation
5. Inferiority             6. Reasoning              7. Breach of Trust      8. Building New Shields
We think that we’re building a shield to protect ourselves and identify ourselves, but we are breaking ourselves down, not building ourselves up. The mind is occupied with its own history and need to build a positive self image.God is ready to break this destructive cycle.
Spiritual Workout Results Guide
If you are tired of the Enemy ruling your thought life, the Inclination Workshops will give you everyday answers that work! The series of workshop courses are free. You may download the lesson plans, helpful illustrations, and power point presentations, and share them with your friends.
We are introducing the Spiritual Workout Results Guide (SWRG) to help you make the most of each growth cycle. This wonderful daily planner is filled with ways for you to track the results of your spiritual workouts with the tools of Christ. While the Enemy has a plan to sidetrack your faith, God has a plan to keep your faith on track.
Your SWRG is your personal spiritual workout planner. You’re asked to first record the results of your labor with the tools of Christ, to then identify the revelation received, to then identify when faith moves into resistance, to identify the inclination of man, the facet of the flesh manifesting, the yoke you are carrying, and the choice you are making. You are asked to record your reflections, God’s reward, your goals, and to identify the motivation.
SWRG Users’ Manual
The SWRG Users’ Manual will help guide you through the experience of overcoming. All the tools you need to reach your daily spiritual goals are in this one manual. They have been selected for their relevance to spiritual growth and highly practical nature. The manual’s clear presentation and layout combined with practical teaching are designed to help you experience how rewarding it is to grow in the grace of God and to glorify God with the fruit that each cycle brings forth to Him.
Providing clear and user-friendly guidance on all aspects of faith, discernment, and the operative power of God, this manual is the first truly comprehensive guide to spiritual warfare. It gives realistic advice about meaning-focused coping, allowing Jesus to give meaning to each cycle of growth, that the powers of the Enemy might be subdued to Him, and leads you though the wonderful processes of daily transformation, showing you how to use the divine power to experience His divine nature.
Curriculum can be used as an individual study guide or facilitated through group discussion. It supports both “Why Christians Suffer” course and “Aspiration: Jezebel Yoke” course and is designed to work with the “Spiritual Workout Results Guide”(SWRG). It is meant to be flexible, allowing you to work from any particular focus presented in either course. You are encouraged to track your daily results using your SWRG as the workshop progresses. The courses and SWRG and Users’ Manual are excellent ministry tools for Christian counselors.  
Access free lesson studies: “Why Christians Suffer”
Gain everday answers! Win the battle for the mind! Christian workshops.
Inclination Workshop -01 Introduction
The first Inclination Workshop introduces you to the course, defines the inclination of man, and focuses on the new tools you are receiving to help you track your cycles of growth and learn from them. First of all, we introduce the Spiritual Warfare Wheel, which is the 5-Step planning process designed to help you: (1) identify the natural rhythms that tend to occur, how they are inclined to follow that rhythm, (2) assess your vulnerability to the inclination, (3) identify the deception, (4) identify God’s perspective, and (5) overcome.
Discussion questions include: Why are we inclined to hold onto anger, resentment, blame, and guilt? Why are we inclined to project for peace and security? Why are we inclined to think negatively? Why are we inclined to shield ourselves with aspiration?
We examine: Why we lean towards building strong ties with the likeness of self for confidence of life. God calls us to build the likeness of Christ, but the aspiration calls us to build a likeness of self.
Further discussions include: Why it is necessary for God to challenge the inclination of man. What is the natural man looking for in his/her history?
We introduce you to the 8 Steps used by the natural man to build new shields. You will learn how the natural man copes with his vulnerability by building new shields and you will find out how to break the cycle.
Gain everday answers! Win the battle for the mind! Christian Workshops
Inclination Workshop -02 Emotional Profiling
Inclination Lesson 02 explores the deep reaches of the Enemy when he exploits the first inclination of man: Emotional Profiling. Attendees will (1) use the Spiritual Warfare Wheel (5-Step Planning Process) to assist them to overcome themselves, the world, and the devil, (2) track their results using the Spiritual Workout Results Guide (SWRG), and (3) utilize the 8 Steps to Building New Shields chart to break down barriers.
Discussion questions include: Why do we have a compulsion to Emotional Profiling? Where does the prejudice come from? Why is it trusted? Why should we question it? What path does it take us down?
We examine: Satan’s prejudice that is sown in our thought patterns, which God challenges in our cycles of growth. We also examine the underlying appetite and drive of the soul that makes us inclined to Emotional Profiling to discover the natural rhythm that tends to take place.
We go to the God-Code to get some real answer:
1.      Turning off the God-Code and turning on the priesthood, you turn away from expressing  
       that which is in rhythm with yourself to instead expressing Christ.
2.      Turning off the God-Code and turning on the priesthood, you also turn away from the
       Enemy when he emotionally profiles YOU to yourself.
Further discussions include: The promise of Satan in Emotional Profiling. You will then use the 8-Steps To Building New Shields to discuss the path Satan’s promises take. At what point can Satan’s promise be understood as a lie? For example, the promise of self discovery is seen as a lie when the path leads to suspicion and feelings of inferiority.
The imagination, once proved false, is continually set aside as we draw from God’s perspective to gain the eternal prize. Equally important, you will learn that  grace is the power of God upon our choice to reciprocate Christ, inviting us further to partake of Him. As faith grows we stand in gratitude of the heavenly Father’s ability to preserve our soul in Him.
More workshops will be added to the page as they become available.
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