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“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”
~ Luke 21:11,25

“Revelations on Revelation” is an epic series of lectures by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck that brings out the very finest interpretation of Bible prophecy from the book of Revelation. Apostle Eric expounds verse-by-verse through Revelation’s 22 explosive chapters, unfolding the many  mysteries God desires to make known today.

Apostle Eric often says, “To understand prophecy you will have to understand its root history, which begins in the Father's Bosom. Truth began in the Father's bosom and the Door into this inheritance was prophesied in Christ.” In this series God brings man back to a full understanding of the roots of his history, which began in God’s bosom, and He makes man to know how prophecy awakens in him the seed of truth He planted in his conscience, and how this promise of life can only be realized through Jesus Christ.

This is a 38 volume set of audio recordings and beautifully laid-out transcriptions, which you will receive in a professional PDF file, allowing you to read along as you listen to each lecture. Each lecture is nearly one hour in length and each transcription is about 22 pages. Thirty eight hours of teaching from the heart of God that sets in order the events that are about to unfold upon the earth and the prophecy and purpose of our existence.

This treasure chest of teaching is soon to be released. What we are making available now is the first 11 volumes for free immediate download. These 11 volumes are a concise interpretation of the first 3 chapters of Revelation in which Jesus delivers His message to the seven churches of Asia through His servant, Apostle John. 

God’s End Time Message. How Will You Respond?

The book of Revelation delivers two personal messages from God to these two groups:

  1. The Church and
  2.  The World

The Church: The first 3 chapters of the book of Revelation is written to the church. Through Apostle John, Jesus chastises the seven churches of Asia. The church, having accepted the doctrine of Balaam, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, and the spirit of Jezebel is warned that the seat of Satan if flourishing and the message of the true Christ has been lost. Lukewarm Christians are warned that they must return to their first love and those whose hearts are pure are given hope to remain steadfast in the faith.

Believers from all denominational backgrounds have experienced the same sense of helplessness and despair in regard to their faith. How many different ways have you heard it said, that something is wrong with the church today? People don’t say this to be critical, they say it because they are discouraged by traditional church and have decided not to attend anymore.

Some say the gospel has lost its power. Some say that the church is so worldly, she is of no use to God anymore. Some say that most are following Jesus for the wrong reasons. What do you say? What is your experience? No matter where you stand on the issue, you know that God’s end time message must be heard. The church must be purified.

The same message God preached to the seven churches of Asia in the 1st century resounds prophetically to  the 21st century. God is again speaking to the church a message of change, restoration, and transition. This is the hour of temptation upon the church. As God again awakens believers to the true promise of life in Christ Jesus, He calls each believer into accountability.

The World: People throughout the world turn their thoughts to the book of Revelation with every passing disaster. With tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes increasing in the last days, they think about the implications of the human catastrophe that will occur when the prophecies announced in the book of Revelation are fulfilled. They contemplate the incredible devastation described and wonder if this is the end of the human race.

God is speaking loud and clear, the day of visitation is here! The world, having refused God’s grace, will openly accept their false messiah and bring upon themselves utter destruction and sorrow, the likes of which no human eye has ever seen.

The book of Revelation is the disclosing of God’s judgments upon man for having rejected His Christ. The Antichrist, False Prophet, and Dragon will come into power and fallen angels will again rule the world as in the days of Noah.

At the same time God’s message is heard, another message is also being heard. This second message is not from God, but from the enemy, the adversary of our souls. This message is about how we can save ourselves, how the disasters we see piling up around us are the result of global warming, and that we can somehow prepare ourselves for what is coming. We are told that each of us can be a ambassador to change the world one person at a time.

What message should we spend our time on? What should we actually be listening to? What’s worth noticing? With the noise of so many voices it’s important to focus on what God is saying before it’s too late. If you agree, then the 11 messages offered below are vital for you.

God’s end time message has 8 carefully laid out points

  1. Beginning of Sorrows
  2. Jubilee of the Priesthood
  3. Gathering of Israel
  4. Separation of Wheat and Tares
  5. Restoration of the Church
  6. Hour of Temptation
  7. Day of Visitation
  8. Second 8thWeek of Enoch; including the 3rd day of Hosea

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VOLUME 1 -- Revelation 1:1-18 

End of day. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.End of Days
The end of the human race.

The Apostle John unfolds for the church a series of events outlined in the book of Revelation, beginning with the correction of the church. As a chief elder and ambassador of Christ, the voice of the Lord through John establishes this pattern for the faith of all believers. Jesus confirms Himself as the true record and Oath for all creation and for the church. He is the Alpha and Omega.

Jesus also begins to addresses the lawless ones. Those as Satan, who desire to use their aspiration as the true faith. They want to use their principle as truth, and they want to establish a kingdom of their own oath. The description of our Lord in chapter one reveals God’s divine work, setting a parable for our learning. His rewards are many for the righteous and for those overcomers of the present contradiction.

VOLUME 2 -- Revelation 1:17-20 to 2:1-5

The seven church of Asia. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.The 7 Churches of Asia

The hour of temptation for the church.

Jesus addresses the seven churches of Asia for correction as they transition from the first covenant to the second covenant and also to warn the church of the clouds of deception looming as she enters into the 6th week. The church must endure deep sorrow, pain, anguish, and turmoil; not because of persecution, but because the church, having accepted the spirit of Jezebel, and the doctrines of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, has left her first love.

The 1st century church had to be circumcised of the things of that 1st covenant just as the children of Israel had to be circumcised of Pharaoh’s influence upon them. So also, the 21st century church, as she again hears the voice of God announcing a season of change, has to be circumcised from the influence of 2000 years of indoctrination that has kept the church in bondage. A vital message for today!

VOLUME 3 -- Revelation 2:2-8

Another Jesus. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.Another Jesus

The church of the 6th week is brought into bondage.

Chapter 2 continues with an expounding on how the doctrines of the Nicolaitans leaked into the church. As the Lord addresses the church of Ephesus and Smyrna, so He also addresses the church today; for the same conflict that existed between false knowledge and holy knowledge in the 1st century also exists now in the 21st century. Another Jesus emerged, which rivals the Jesus of the covenant and the church of the 6th week was brought into bondage.

There are two types of Jesus; one of Baal and one of God. The Jesus of Baal is a construction of the imagination, which the elders of Baal were upholding, trying to bridge the weeks between that of Moses and that of Christ by their own traditions. How will God remove the false Jesus from the church?

VOLUME 4 -- Revelation 2:8-11

Seven church of Asia corrected. False gospel exposed. The book of Revelation free study guide.False Gospel
Fables rule the church.

Apostle Eric continues his expounding on the 2nd chapter of the book of Revelations, contrasting the 7 churches of Asia to the church today, defining the gospel that is after God and not after men, identifying fables as a major contributor to the apostasy of the church, and the reason why the false gospel is accepted toady. What is a fable and how did Satan use them in the first century and how does Satan use them today?

While the church stands at the cross roads, wondering which way is the truth, God reminds believers that he does not put strong delusion upon the righteous; the strong delusion is upon the wicked. God will choose their delusions, and he will punish them for their choices. Because they choose to walk indifferent to him, God says, “I'm going to walk contrary to you. But, when you walk in cadence with me, I will reveal myself to you. I will breathe life into your understanding.”  Are you at the cross roads today?

VOLUME 5 -- Revelation 2:12-17

The seat of Satan in the church. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.Satan’s Seat

False doctrine rules the church.

Through Apostle John, God addresses the church of Pergamos, He identifies the presence of Satan’s seat in the church, and chastises those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. In this lecture, Satan’s seat is defined and parallels are yet again made to today’s church, exposing Satan’s seat in the 21st century church. The great mystery of Satan’s acculturation of the church is made known, the achievers of aspiration are held in ill repute as God again challenges the church to righteousness.

Ministers of unrighteousness have  tried to bring the things of this world (the wisdom of this world and the spirit of this world) into the church with carnal things. The problem is, the things of this earth, being temporary, satisfy the flesh, but they don't bring life to the soul. So, the soul, being empty of the tokens of God, only becomes the habitation of every unclean things, the hold of every demonic creature and winged fowl that is unclean. This is a message that can no longer be ignored!

VOLUME 6 -- Revelation 2:17-29

Doctrine of Balaam. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.Doctrine of Balaam

The church resists stewardship.

The teaching continues with the church of Pergamos again being addressed; for having accepted and promoted the doctrine of Balaam, believers accepted a new stewardship. False prophets and false apostles arose who confirmed the pattern of Cain and despised the altar of Christ.

The voice of the Lord resounds, addressing the doctrine of Balaam as it is being played out in the lives of many of those that are claiming the calling of God today, but are standing against the stewardship (that which God has anointed by the presence of his angel, to sanctify the faith of the saints). A message that while intensely important, has been ignored for centuries.

VOLUME 7 -- Revelation 3:1-8

Wormwood. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.Wormwood

The knowledge of this world poisons the church.

As God warned the church of the transitioned from the 1st 8th Week to the 6th, so God today is proclaiming and announcing the transition of the church from the 6th Week to the 2nd 8th Week and warning the church of the coming 7th Week of Tribulation.

Poisonous wormwood, by which God will contaminate one third the world’s water supply is likened to the world’s use of Satan’s false knowledge, which has contaminated the faith of the church. God’s last call is heard, “Come out from among them. You must untether yourself from the snares.” Who will hear?

VOLUME 8 -- Revelation 3:7-11

The key of David. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.The Key of David

The key is given to the steward of God’s house.

The church of Philadelphia. God brings the key of David into the foreground to bring the attention of the church back to stewardship. The key of David is given to the stewardship for the purpose of giving direction to the church. Without this key, the spoilers will continue to rule over the minds of the ignorant to keep them in bondage.

The axe of truth is laid to Satan’s tree planted by the spoilers and the hour of  temptation is announced. The challenge for new direction is issued from the throne of God and a choice is to be made for either reward or chastisement. As God again gives the key of David to today’s stewardship we see the church purified and prepared to be received of Christ. Have you prepared your heart?

VOLUME 9 -- Revelation 3:11-2

Lukemarm Christians. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.The Lukewarm

The philosophy of wealth removes the heart from faith.

God addresses the church of the Laodiceans, the lukewarm and those who have allowed their faith to grow cold. As believers clothed themselves in the garment of covetousness, the Lord speaks to the true state of their souls: “You are wretched because your conscience remains in confusion. You are miserable because your soul is not full of light, it’s full of darkness, and the peace you once knew was removed from you because of the absence of faith.”

“You are poor (spiritually poor regarding the tokens of my Kingdom). You are  spiritually blind in your understanding. And you are also naked, regarding the vestments of your priesthood.” God’s correction addresses the penmanship of their own wisdom and their own history as He is doing again in the church today: “The wisdom of your own history is in error.” The soul must match that which is of the conscience of God’s history, and that only can take place if faith is present to mirror the image of God. This vital message will free your soul!

VOLUME 10 -- Revelation 4:1-5

The throone of God. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.The Throne of God

God reveals himself to his creation.

We’re going to notice in chapter 4 that the word “throne” is mentioned 12 times. The throne of God is our government; from the throne of God he issues forth commandments for his apostles to direct the church. If the stewardship is an unsanctified stewardship, then that stewardship is not receiving its orders from the throne of God, but is tethered to a different throne. That would be the stewardship of unrighteousness.

Also in this lecture: The voice of the Lord is again brought to our minds beautifully and wonderfully as God returns the church to the Word of his Oath. Also, in this lecture: We are made to understand how the stage is being set today for the release of the white horse of Revelation 6. God makes a way for each person to escape the wrath to come.

VOLUME 11 -- Revelation 4:5-11

The purified church. The book of Revelation from Apostle John. Free study guide.The Purified Church

The history of God is again accepted as our true history.

The history of God is again accepted as our true history as the church again embraces the covenant. As this restoration takes place we see that true praise is also returned to the church as they rehearse in doxology the holy plan of God.

God is the history of our faith. He is the Alpha and Omega. He has designed this history within our own conscience. And the gospel, being preached continually, challenges the sinner to reciprocate in kind to be healed.

The history of Satan, which is written in the hearts of the sinner, must be changed to reciprocate the conscience of God's history for faith to be born. Repentance has to show that there has to be change of your history, the change of your direction, from aspiration to faith, forever and ever.


If you have found it difficult to respond in the past, not knowing how God was going to purify a church that appears hopelessly lost in herself, these 11 powerful messages will empower you. Instead of avoiding the issue, share this message with your pastors, your friends, and your neighbors. Tell them the truth! Give them this teaching and plant a seed in their heart and let God water it and watch it grow!

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