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Volume 2  ---  Revelation 1:17-20 to 2:1-5                                Transcription Excerpts

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The 7 Churches of Asia
The hour of temptation for the church

Jesus addresses the 7 churches of Asia for correction as they transition from the first covenant to the second covenant and also to warn the church of the clouds of deception looming as she enters into the 6th week. The church must endure deep sorrow, pain, anguish, and turmoil; not because of persecution, but because the church, having accepted the spirit of Jezebel, and the doctrines of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, has left her first love.

The 1st century church had to be circumcised of the things of that 1st covenant just as the children of Israel had to be circumcised of Pharaoh’s influence upon them. So also, the 21st century church, as she again hears the voice of God announcing a season of change, has to be circumcised from the influence of 2000 years of indoctrination that has kept the church in bondage.

[Excerpt 1]

The book of Revelation. The Apostle John and message to the seven churches of Asia.Revelation 2:2: “I know your works, and your labour, and your patience, and how you cannot bear them which are evil: and thou have tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and have found them liars.”

Now who are these apostles he's speaking of?  These are the apostles of the circumcision, the apostles of the tithe, which we read about in the books of Acts.

In the book of Acts we see that there were many who claimed to come from James (which was in Jerusalem), and they were claiming authority regarding circumcision. And they said this, “Except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses, you cannot be saved.” (Acts 15:1)

See the word, manner of Moses there? This is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Certain traditions which were carried forth. . .Now, many priests were converted to Christ; many priests were converted to the 2nd covenant, but they still wanted to maintain their Jewish traditions (their dietary laws, and certain statutes of customs, observing the Sabbath day) [of the 1st covenant]. They still wanted to do those things, but these were the things that were spoiling their faith. . .

Your faith cannot be made perfect with corruptible things because we see the Apostle Paul expound on these things, even in the book of Hebrews, whereas he spoke about the presence of death. And Satan had the power in the imagination with physical things.

It was by physical things that our father, Adam, fell; it was by physical points of contact that Adam fell. That's why when Jesus breathed on the apostles, he was reflecting upon that breath that he put first in Adam: “I gave Adam life in service to me. Now, I'm breathing on you to give you life in service to me.  Receive you the Holy Ghost.

The Spirit of the Lord works with this knowledge now, not with the knowledge of the past. He works with this knowledge, now; as Paul says:  “Forgetting those things which are past, and reaching forth for those things which are before”.

[Excerpt 2]

The angel of the church addresses these spoilers to repent; those who left their first love, which had to do with the priesthood, and government, truth and Spirit, in Christ. They abandoned [the doctrine of] Christ for the powerless tools, not the power tools (which have to do with tongues, and prophecies, and all these things—dreams, visions, words of knowledge, angelic visitations—the power tools).

But those in the house of Baal have powerless tools; they have tools that have no outlet (no electrical outlet to plug into). Theirs are the powerless tools of the Nicolaitans (communions, baptisms, Sabbath Day observations, tithing, circumcisions, dietary laws—just to name of few). All the issues of Adam's perplexity are birthed out of this Themistic law, birthed out of these things, the powerless tools of the Nicolaitans.

And their assemblies (not coming under government, as Balaam and Jezebel)...these particular individuals were using God to establish their own ministries and theology schools.

We see that Balaam did that; he had his own school of prophets. And Jezebel had her own theology school; she was also seducing and teaching (her own) servants of the Lord, seducing them by seducing spirits, addressing the things of frailty (the gospel of frailty), rather than the gospel of faith.

The gospel of frailty is being preached today from many pulpits all over the world. The gospel of frailty is not the salt of the earth. The gospel of faith in covenant is the salt of the earth. The gospel of faith in covenant is the light of the world, not that which is of the frailty of man. And because they're preaching these particular things, they're falling prey to seducing spirits and supporting fables. And Paul warned about fables, that people would turn their ears from the truth unto fables, because truth demands responsibility for faith.

When truth demands responsibility of faith, they don’t want to use the tools of the covenant. They don’t want to be responsible towards God. They just want God to bless them. They want all the blessings, they want their prayers to be answered, and they want to do these things for the purpose of a boast.

[Excerpt 3]

Revelation 2:4: “Nevertheless I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first love”

for these other tokens.

The priesthood of charity is now using the tokens of death. If you're trying to use the tokens of death, then you're going to also leave your first love.

5: “Remember therefore”
And reflect on these things.

“Remember therefore from whence you are fallen,”

That means, “As I am addressing these things, I want you to reflect upon them—What tools are you using?”

If you're using the tools of the Nicolaitans, then you still having the mentality of the house of Baal. But if you're using the tools of my kingdom, now you're understanding the rules of my house.

“Remember therefore from whence you are fallen”
That is, from faith, with these false tools of the Nicolaitans, “and repent,”
You have to abandoned those things.

“and do the first works;”

This is what the Lord is allowing at this present time of the second 8th week; he's allowing the passage of time. He's giving the house of Baal time to think, to observe, and to remove themselves out of that house. He's giving them time.

And he's saying the same thing (here) in the book of Revelation. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, say the Lord.” Now he says the same thing in Isaiah as he did in the book of Revelation.

Upon the presentation of this knowledge, make your choice because now is the hour of temptation. God is giving you this grace so that you can remove yourself from Satan’s snare and “Come into my house and live.”

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