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Volume 3  ---  Revelation 2:2-8                                Transcription Excerpts

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Another Jesus
The church of the 6th week is brought into bondage

Chapter 2 continues with an expounding on how the doctrines of the Nicolaitans leaked into the church. As the Lord addresses the church of Ephesus and Smyrna, so He also addresses the church today; for the same conflict that existed between false knowledge and holy knowledge in the 1st century also exists now in the 21st century. Another Jesus emerged, which rivals the Jesus of the covenant and the church of the 6th week was brought into bondage.

There are two types of Jesus; one of Baal and one of God. The Jesus of Baal is a construction of the imagination, which the elders of Baal were upholding, trying to bridge the weeks between that of Moses and that of Christ by their own traditions. How will God remove the false Jesus from the church?

[Excerpt 1]

The Book of Revelation by Apostle John to the seven churches of Asia challenging the preaching of another Jesus.Revelation 2:2: “I know your works, and your labour, and your patience, and how you cannot bear them which are evil: and you have tried them which say they are apostles, and have found them liars;”

(Highlight the word, evil, and write the word, faithlessness, over that.)

Faith cannot be born out of false knowledge; faith is the result of holy knowledge.  So, when he says the word, evil, right here, he's addressing the elders of Baal, as we read  about in Acts 15; the elders of Baal which are giving them a different Jesus. Now Paul talks about the different Jesus, or another Jesus.

There's two types of Jesus; one of Baal and one of God. The Jesus of Baal is a construction of a relationship of the imagination; there's an imaginary relationship taking place through the exchange of one's feelings about how things should be, or how things should play out. So, there's a Jesus of the imagination, and there's a Jesus of truth.

The Jesus of the imagination is that which the elders of Baal were giving from the traditions of Moses, trying to bridge the weeks between that of Moses and that of Christ by their own traditions.

“and how you cannot bear them which are evil”

The faithless knowledge (or the doctrines and deeds) of the Nicolaitans.

 “and you have tried them which say they are apostles,”

because their functionality is by the aspiration and the record of their own soul.

“and are not,”

that is, they're not standing to the true record.
“which say they are apostles, and are not.”
standing to the true record,
“and have found them”
based upon what you already received through the chief apostles,
“and have found them liars.”
because they're bearing a false record. They're spreading the gospel of the false record, not the gospel of the true record, as (also) today.

During the time of the 6th week (which was the time of darkness on the church); the evangelism of that week was spreading the gospel of the false record: the gospel of health, the gospel of wealth, the gospel that addresses the circumstances of man. And they built an image of Jesus out of the character of their frailty, rather than out of the truth of God.

[Excerpt 2]

Now, going back to Galatians 1 there, where the Apostle Paul was addressing another gospel in verse 6; “ I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another  gospel”, which is the gospel of men (the wisdom of this world and Event Theology). 

If we evangelize the world with Event Theology, then everybody views Christianity through the event, rather than by the record of Christ.  If you view Christianity through Event Theology, then everything is going to be measured on that scale of the moral code with Themistic law and the probabilities, which means, you're going to be straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel. 

And that's what the Pharisees did. Jesus brought that to our attention because they were using tradition as a lens for truth, rather than the foundation of truth from Moses, the record that Moses gave them. When they did this, another spirit entered into it, which is a seducing spirit. This seducing spirit works with other doctrine, false knowledge; that's why they're called, doctrines of devils. Doctrines of devils appeal to the intellect, as a seducing spirit appeals to the feelings and the emotions. They both work together. (Back to verse 8,)

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed”, and removed from clemency.

So the Apostle Paul saw the danger, as also the Apostle John shared with him, concerning the doctrine of the Nicolaitans and the doctrines of Balaam and Jezebel, that these were injurious, that these particular ministries (they called them ministries back then, just like today. A ministry has to do with a form of service.), their form of service was not in God's interest, but in the interest of their own aspiration, which they called the calling of God.

God doesn’t call us to our aspiration, He call us to stewardship. When a calling of God is  received by an individual, it's always working with the stewardship, which God has anointed and sanctified as a refuge for their faith. But when individuals receive a calling of their aspiration, that calling is by a seducing spirit.

[Excerpt 3]

“For if he that comes, preaches another Jesus,” (2 Cor 11:4)
which also Jesus said they would do.
“If one comes preaching of his own aspiration, him you will receive.” We see that in the gospels, when Jesus was addressing the Pharisees and the people that were with them; “If I come in my own name, you would receive me, but if I come in my Father's name, you won’t receive me” (Jn 5:43).

When we come in the name of the true God, we are presenting the people with the record for their faith to be exercised with. But if we come in our own name, or in the name of a denomination, it's just going to address the customs of the people, concerning the moral code. We want to (more or less) fix the things of the signature, rather than giving them faith and allowing the effectual working of the Spirit to bring purging to the signature of man. 

When we try to use the plaster of precept to bring healing to the signature or to the discrepancies of your character in the signature, that's false regeneration. Because [what you're doing is] you're attributing these things to an environment, or form of knowledge that persuades your thinking and empowers your imagination, but doesn’t bring about the cleansing and purging of the conscience. 

The conscience is still defiled regardless of what form of knowledge you're embracing, or what denomination you're confirming. That particular knowledge will not purge your conscience. The Apostle Paul writes about that in the book of Hebrews, that even though they practiced all the religious rituals of that 1st covenant, still their conscience was defiled, simply because they had to continually loop back in repentance; they continually tried to build relationship upon character flaw of that 1st covenant, rather than reflecting and mirroring Christ (12). 

[Excerpt 4]

6: “But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans,”

So here the God of love says, “I hate this. Those that use wrong tools have the false priesthood, and I’ll judge them.” There were those at Ephesus that began to see that there was some distinction here, and they began to separate themselves. . .

7: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches”
Only the Holy Ghost can circumcise the heart to hear, and circumcise the understanding to weigh these facts and to set order to this knowledge. Without the tokens of God you cannot behold the face of the Lord. By the tokens of God, of the Spirit, you can behold the face of the Lord. 

We behold the face of God everyday in dreams, in visions, in the tools of the covenant, and in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. I behold the face of the Lord every day. I carry the knowledge of God in my forehead. This is what he said: “I write my laws in their hearts and in their minds will I put them.” (Heb 10:6)

“Their whole perspective would change by the working of my Spirit in their hearts.” And through this priesthood, we have a form of engagement, communication, and fellowship with the living God, and I behold the face of the Lord every day. So, the crown of God, which is His peace, continually resides upon my conscience. 

“He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; To him that overcometh”

The overcoming has to do with a form of transition. “If you endure the transition from your previous education and false knowledge into that which is the foundation of truth, if you endure the transition by faith, I have a reward for you; I have a token reserved for you, if you overcome.” 

The Lord will fill the souls of the righteous with all his tokens. These are powers (with which) we can see the things to come. These powers give you a lens to see; eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to perceive.

The veil is removed by these tokens, but those that try to serve God carnally, without having an uncircumcised heart, will never behold the face of the Lord. These are the people on the journey; they're on the journey of their own promise; they're following the words of the spoilers. The spoilers are leading them. “Those that spoil shall be spoiled, and they that deal treacherously shall be dealt treacherously with”, as the prophet Isaiah said (Isaiah 33:1). 

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