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Apostles Today: Straight Talk Series 01: Who Would You Trust?
by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

This is the first in a series of three articles in the “Straight Talk” series, that will provide a complete and comprehensive report on the topic of apostles today, to examine why God is reintroducing apostles to the church.

In this article we are going to talk about trust. The matter of trust is important. Because God is calling apostles today, the devil is also pumping false apostles into the church to counter God’s mandate. There are many today claiming to be the voice of God, claiming that they are ordained, called, anointed, and commissioned to speak for God about what needs to change in the church. You most likely have heard these ministers speak or have read their articles. Some of them openly claim the calling of apostle and others do so behind closed doors, in closed sessions.

As God takes the church into this season of change and new direction for the church, trust is essential. These are a few of the things I want to talk to you about in this article:


• Who will you trust? The guy who carries the signboard “CHANGE” or the person called of God to implement change.
• The rising dissatisfaction and unrest amongst believers
• The failure of the current Christian culture
• God’s true aim is not in the conundrum of pointless proposals
• How can I tell if a person’s claim to the apostolic is real or not?
• What is Your Aim: Progress or Truth?

New Direction for the Church

The question is, who has received direction from God to lead the church into the new apostolic era? Would you trust a person who claims to speak for God because he can cite the obvious problems in the church, or would you trust the one that God has called to fix the problems?

When a person cites the obvious problems in the church, he’s making limited observations. His sign boards may look authentic in that they all point in the general direction of “change”, but the exact steps to change are not outlined and the trend of action is simply to restate the obvious.

Naturally, we would trust the one that God has called to address and fix the problems in the church. This person not only has the larger picture, but is chosen and empowered by God to restore to the church that which was lost.

It’s a common mistake to speak from the point of need rather than action. The well-known dissatisfaction amongst believers has given rise to ministers talking about the infinite ways in which the current Christian culture is a departure from the truth of Jesus Christ. Urged forward by enthusiasm and zeal, they’ve presented their limited observations as true reform.

The Failure of the Current Christian Culture

Granted, there is a wealth of material to draw from, as the failure of the current Christian culture can be seen in a variety of ways: how worship is unfulfilling, how believers lack authenticity (their lives are a direct contradiction to the hope God set before them), how the truth they hear preached is wishy-washy, leaving many questions unanswered, how they don’t know what their faith stands for anymore.

But, the dissatisfaction and unrest of believers is common knowledge. Everyone is talking about it. It was hoped that the elements of the many sordid complaints, being unified and then somehow correlated with the good intentions of each minister who stepped forward as the agent of God, would somehow coalesce into something new – a higher standard.

It is painfully clear that sorting and sifting through the heaps of complaints to give believers a voice, has not led to fuller understanding, so the believer of today cannot improve the aim of their faith.

God’s True Aim is not in the Conundrum of Pointless Proposals

The gross simplification of the condition of the church led to presenting a one-sided view of God’s plan to restore the church. God’s true aim is not in the conundrum of pointless proposals that simply restate the problem, advocating: “We have to make worship more meaningful, we have to pave the way to make faith more authentic, we have to be more clear in doctrine.”

Would you trust an investment agent who took your money and advised, “You have to invest your money!” but never did anything, never gave you the specifics on his investment plans or your potential returns?

The same is true in God’s kingdom. A true apostle isn’t in the business of peddling the problem, hoping you will assume that because he is versed in the raw material of discontent that he is called of God to lead the church into the fulness of Christ.

What is God’s True Aim to Restore Apostles Today?

God’s true aim in the restoration of apostles today is to return the church to the instruction in doctrine to conform faith to the terms of His covenant, the standard He placed in Christ. This is a return of the church to the pattern of truth to which the Spirit bears witness.

True apostles are stewards of the mysteries of Christ. This is exactly what the Spirit of the Lord revealed through Apostle Paul, “Let a man so account of us [apostles], as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.” (1 Corinthians 4:1)

How Can I Tell if a Person’s Claim to the Apostolic is Real or Not?

You can tell if a person’s claim to have knowledge of the apostolic is real by his aim. His aim is not true if he is not conforming to the required standard, law, or pattern of the new covenant. The proof is in the pattern of truth.

This is why you’ll notice that ministers who claim to speak for God, to provide direction for the church, are speaking from their heart (desire) for things to be better and are driven by passion, not by grace.

Ministers don’t intend to make false claims about their calling to the apostles’ office. When speaking from his heart’s desire to be used of God, he may say things like, “I tell you right now, we need to make a shift, God is calling us to make a shift”. The problem with this is that he (or she) is speaking from the place of desire (like every other believer), not from the place of authority. He doesn’t have the mind of Christ and so he is speaking for himself, not for Christ.

To acknowledge that a shift needs to take place does not carry over into meaning that one has received direction from God to lead the church into the new apostolic era.

The True Restoration of Apostles

The true restoration of apostles in the church today is the instruction of doctrine to return the church to the terms and conditions of the new covenant in Christ. Apostles today are resetting the pattern of truth in Jesus Christ who is the required standard for faith.

When we examine the early church, it is clear that Jesus instructed the church through His apostles. They each started the same standard of truth in Christ, they started with Christ as the perfect measure of faith, they started with the one true and complete foundation of truth. They did not progress towards truth, but possessed the complete understanding of the blueprint of truth.

Two thousand years later, we’re seeing the results of the church having departed from true apostolic stewardship and believers’ misplaced trust in independent stewardship, they’re trying to backtrack their way back to a solid foundation.

What is Your Aim: Progress or Truth?

Their aim is “progress” not truth. It is believed that, “we need not solve the problem, all we can truly hope for is to keep picking at the problem, shedding light on the questions. And however dim this light may be, we will accept this as progress ”.

From the devil’s viewpoint, this is a perfect scenario. He can keep believers busy for another two thousand years setting their sights on false progress points, diverting their attention to the possibility of God perfecting the church in Christ, while actually not providing the blueprint of truth to set the standard in Christ for the normal experience of a believer.

The devil allows for the unsatisfactory and unfinished to stand as evidence of good faith that perfection in Christ is possible. But if you think about it, these words hint at a still higher standard that one does not possess. What this means is that truth is still out of reach and the church is still missing the standard God set for faith in Jesus Christ and that their faith lacks the quality of Christ.

The world works like this, offering half measures and the processes of logic as if it is truth, but this is not how God works. Consider the example of Moses, how God gave to Moses the completed 10 commandments. When Moses went up into the mount to commune with God he came down the mountain with the completed pattern and plan of the first covenant law, commandments, terms, knowledge, and tools that God then sanctified with the blood of an animal, signifying the seal of the covenant agreement in blood. (Exodus 25:8-9; Hebrews 9:18-21)

I’m here to tell you that the time of double standards is over. God has restored true and living apostles today and that means that the original blueprint of truth has been restored to the church.

Last Revised: 2015-01-29

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