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Volume 5  ---  Revelation 2:12-17   Transcription Excerpts

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 Satan’s Seat

False doctrine rules the church

Through Apostle John, God addresses the church of Pergamos, He identifies the presence of Satan’s seat in the church, and chastises those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. In this lecture, Satan’s seat is defined and parallels are yet again made to today’s church, exposing Satan’s seat in the 21st century church. The great mystery of Satan’s acculturation of the church is made known, the achievers of aspiration are held in ill repute as God again challenges the church to righteousness.

Ministers of unrighteousness have  tried to bring the things of this world (the wisdom of this world and the spirit of this world) into the church with carnal things. The problem is, the things of this earth, being temporary, satisfy the flesh, but they don't bring life to the soul. So, the soul, being empty of the tokens of God, only becomes the habitation of every unclean things, the hold of every demonic creature and winged fowl that is unclean. This is a message that can no longer be ignored!

[Excerpt 1]

The book of Revelation by Apostle John. The seat of Satan is discoveredRevelation 2:12: “And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which has the sharp sword with two edges;”

13: “I know your works, and where you dwell, even where Satan's seat is:”
Now, Satan's seat is any place where false knowledge originates and is promoted.

We can see that Satan's seat is like mushrooms in a forest—they sprout up in a particular period of time, and then they're dissolved. And during this time frame of death and darkness, and the times of the flesh, and the age of impiety, these mushrooms are springing up all over the place because they grow in places where there's a lot of moisture and darkness. They favor those particular regions.

Satan's seat is springing up all over the world. The earth itself is in the lowest of the heavens and the darkest of the heavens. . .

As we go back here, any place where Satan's philosophies prevail is called Satan's seat—where false doctrine originates and is promoted, that's the house of Baal. So, the house of Baal is the environment (12) that's favorable for this perspective because these doctrines favor the moral code, which is tethered to the flesh, which is tethered to Satan's kingdom.

Satan rules over the perspective of sinners. Those that are not in covenant with God are under (you might say) Satan's care; he dominates, he oppresses, and he rules the minds of the unrighteous until they cry out to God and come in covenant with him. Then your whole perspective goes through cycles of circumcision until Christ be formed within you, as the Apostle Paul says. [pg 6-8]

[Excerpt 2]

“But I have a few things against you”
It's not that Jesus was a fault-finder; he's not finding fault regarding character. He says, I have a few things against you, and finding fault is concerning your choices. I'm not charging you (with regards to) your form, because I made you that way. If I condemned you because of the way I created you, then the fault would lie with myself. But I created you in this manner to provide a covenant. In this choice, I find fault; because you have what?

“But I have a few things against you, because you have there them”

These are people that emerged as leadership because of their aspiration.

Notice that when we lived in the false religious system, the people that emerged in positions of leadership were the most aggressive with their aspirations. We watched a certain culture emerge. Those loudest in their aspirations became leadership, and they led aspiration with aspiration. They were not leading people by the Spirit of God, they were leading people by their own aspirations.

They got into positions of influence, but the influence was not by the choice of God, it was by the choice of man. So, those that were put in those positions of leadership were not called of God, but they were called of man, and therefore, they sought to please man. Galatians chapter 1 talks again about that; “For if my calling”, as the Apostle Paul brings out, “For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”  “But if my calling is of man, then it's him who I'm pleasing. But if my calling is of God, then I must please him.”

And those who are in covenant are standing in the position of pleasing God through the tokens, which he has given. So, as we continue to be steadfast in the faith, God continues to issue us these rewards; these tokens are rewards—in dreams, in visions, in the experiences.

God wants you to experience his kingdom, and he does this by providing tokens—the gifts, the callings, and the graces of God, which he pours out abundantly. [pg 14-15]

[Excerpt 3]

“But I have a few things against you, because you have there them”
those that are embracing the philosophies of the house of Baal; “Trying to bring them into the kingdom of my house; they want to bring them in my temple.”

Just like Ahab, or (one of the kings there) after he returned from Syria, he also wanted to have a design of the altar which he saw in Damascus, Syria. But that contaminated their faith. They had everything going for them except for these tokens of contamination—which today has to do with Satan's perspective (40).

He says, You that hold the doctrine of Balaam. So, we get a little more insight into the doctrine of Balaam as being independent of government; he had a calling on his life, but he wanted to remain independent of government to pursue his own idea of what the ministry was all about. He died in his sin. He didn't die the death of the righteous, he died the death of the wicked; he died by the sword.

“They taught Balak”
this form of stumbling,
“this stumbling block”
this stumbling block had to do (again) with the engaging; making barriers to the faith of the children of Israel, giving them false justification
“before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.” We talked about that.

An idol (again) has to do with the image of one's philosophy:
    A flag is an image of one's philosophy,
    Or a logo on the side of a building
That logo stands for the philosophies of that industry. 

Well, God also has a token, or a logo, which stands as a sign of his kingdom, and that's the Holy Ghost. My logo is the Holy Ghost; my logo is invisible; my logo exists within your temple. And the industry of my Spirit will bring forth the products of my kingdom. But the Holy Ghost, which is in you—the Comforter, which is in you, has been assigned to bring forth fruit within your life. [pg 17-18]

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