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Volume 6  ---  Revelation 2:17-29
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Doctrine of Balaam
The church resists stewardship

The teaching continues with the church of Pergamos again being addressed; for having accepted and promoted the doctrine of Balaam, believers accepted a new stewardship. False prophets and false apostles arose who confirmed the pattern of Cain and despised the altar of Christ.

The voice of the Lord resounds, addressing the doctrine of Balaam as it is being played out in the lives of many of those that are claiming the calling of God today, but are standing against the stewardship (that which God has anointed by the presence of his angel, to sanctify the faith of the saints). A message that while intensely important, has been ignored for centuries.

[Excerpt 1]

The book of Revelation by Apostle John expounded. The doctrine of BalaamWe can see this today—the doctrine of Balaam is being played out in the lives of many of those that are claiming the calling of God, but are standing against the stewardship (that which God has anointed by the presence of his angel, to sanctify the faith of the saints), which joins them to the headship of Christ through that which God has ordained.

As also the Apostle Paul brings out in the book of Colossians, that they're denying the headship of Christ. But they stand only in the honor of those things that satisfy the flesh, which are those that will be called the unconverted sand people. They're not the unconverted rock people. The converted rock people stand within the house of God, but the unconverted sand people are building on the sand. Coming not into covenant, they pursue the promise apart from covenant. [pg 4]

[Excerpt 2]

Antipas was the faithful martyr. He was consistent with the things of God and stood against the doctrine of the Nicolaitans and the doctrine of Balaam. Those that breezed in, or blew in, claiming to have leadership qualities, and those that (even) had spiritual experiences. But they turned the grace of God into lasciviousness.

Turning the grace of God into lasciviousness has to do with taking that which God issues for illumination (for their conversion), and using it for the purpose of one's principle and aspiration. So, they take ownership of the revelation for the honor of man.

And we can see these things even being televised today. People talk about receiving a word of the Lord, or of God speaking to them, which things they take ownership of. When they take ownership of this grace, (they are) putting it within the context of their own logic, and they have defiled the grace of God. They use it to stand against the truth, yet to bring honor to themselves.

This is what Jesus said even to the Pharisees— “God gave you the key of knowledge, but you used it by taking ownership of it, even as Satan did.” [pg 6]

[Excerpt 3]

20: “Notwithstanding”
he says,
“I have a few things against you,”

...that even though you have embraced the things the apostles have taught, yet there is a particular individual here that's taking the ministry in the direction of her aspiration called, Jezebel. She received a calling of God, but she's using the gifts of God for her aspirations, and to make disciples, and to start her own schools. That's the Jezebelian ministry. She has a calling of God, but uses it for her own aspiration.

If the calling God has given you is not in connection to the stewardship, then it becomes invalid and you become a false prophet, a false apostle, a false minister, or any  minister of unrighteousness. . .

“I'm going to give them a religion that's going to be so sympathetic to what they want in their aspiration that they will actually call that, my will. But it's not my will; it's not my will that they die in their sin. It's my will to be saved. But because they choose their aspiration over faith, their principle over truth, and their covetousness (which they also call faith). . .

Even today the wicked bless the covetous because they believe that those who covet are those that are exercising their faith. But all they're doing is exercising their imagination with their aspiration and using scripture to validate that.

These are the ministers of unrighteousness. These are the spoilers. These are the tares, which are being bound together at this time in these last days. If these people don't hear and embrace the grace of God to escape that system, if they don't come out from Satan's stronghold (the house of Baal), they're going to die in their sins. They will not be taken in the rapture. And they would have to go through the tribulation.

So, he says here,
“Notwithstanding, I have a few things against you, because you suffer that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess,”
that's true; she's a prophetess.
She was called to that office, but she was using it independently of the stewardship,
“to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.”

The reason why the Spirit says the word, idols, here (and the Apostle John expounds on that also in his epistle (1Jn 5:21), “Little children, keep yourself from idols, Amen.”) idol is an image of one's philosophy. The roots of Satan's kingdom create an image of idol.

So, here, he says,
“and to eat things sacrificed to idols”
their communion is in representation of Jezebel's denomination; it's the first church of unconverted sand people; it's the UCSP—the first church of

This is the unconverted sand people (not the rock people who build upon that stone of Christ), but they're sand people who build upon the sand. All the endeavors of their great and wonderful works, their healing ministries, the casting of out devils, and doing many wonderful things—as Jesus said, “I do not know you; depart from me you that work iniquity.” “You're savoring the things of your own signature calling that, Christ. Your signature is not Christ; I'm Christ. The doctrine that I give through my stewardship is that which is in representation of the headship. If you dishonor the stewardship, you dishonor the headship which gives it.” [pg 16-17]

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