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Volume 7  ---  Revelation 3:1-8
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The knowledge of this world poisons the church

As God warned the church of the transitioned from the 1st 8th Week to the 6th, so God today is proclaiming and announcing the transition of the church from the 6th Week to the 2nd 8th Week and warning the church of the coming 7th Week of Tribulation.

Poisonous wormwood, by which God will contaminate one third the world’s water supply is likened to the world’s use of Satan’s false knowledge, which has contaminated the faith of the church. God’s last call is heard, “Come out from among them. You must untether yourself from the snares.”Who will hear?

[Excerpt 1]

The book of Revelation by Apostle John explained. Why the church drinks Wormwood.In the false religious system we have pots and bowls full of worms; the grace that God gave to them for salvation, they never entered into covenant with God. They can't understand why the manna tastes different—Wow, when I ate this manna yesterday it was delicious in my mouth, but today it's rather crunchy and tastes a little different. In fact, my manna is moving around in my bowl. It breeds worms. That's the gospel of the false religious system.

God gives grace for salvation, and they savor it for the moment and rejoice in what they have received, but not being directed in the terms of the covenant, their priesthood falls into decay, and they end up eating worms. And that's what the church has been doing—they've been dining on worms.

When they hear the gospel of truth they don't understand—Why is it that your manna tastes different than my manna? And we have to say, Well, did you ever look at the expiration date in the bowl, on that which you have there? Notice that it's beyond the expiration date (28). Wouldn't it be good to rather smell the milk before you drink it? You've been gobbling down that spoiled milk.  Well, that's what the false religious system has done...[pg 12]

[Excerpt 2]

Why is it I'm not overcoming? Why is it we keep experiencing the same cycles of growth? The Lord keeps giving the same dreams over and over again. Well, have you ever considered the manna you're eating? It's beyond the expiration date. And (what about) your priesthood? Are you standing before the altar of the Lord, or are you sleeping in a side chamber there, as the prophets wrote about in the old testament?

These are as lazy dogs, loving their sleep, loving their slumber. And the wine that is given for the sacrifices of the Lord, the priest is taking and indulging himself in the chambers. Not only is he bored, he's depressed. And under that form of influence, you're wondering, Where’s the priest? Well, he's over there, he's like a bum in an alley, he's sitting over there, indulging himself in the alcohol (30). Well, he can't approach the altar of the Lord in that state. He'd end up falling in the altar, wouldn't he?

And that's the state of the church today in the false religious system. They're as lazy dogs, loving their slumber. And they're indulging themselves in the things that keep them ineffective at the altar of God. . . [pg 13]

[Excerpt 3]

The shortcuts of the system, which Satan was promising to Eve, is still the same gospel that's being preached today in the temples of Baal; shortcuts to divinity—just embrace the promise, and God will initiate and pour forth all his goodness towards you in order to support your aspiration and your covetousness. But that is a lie.

We know that's a lie because God doesn't work with the tokens of Satan. Even as Jesus himself said, “The prince of this world comes, and has no place in me.” “He has no part in me.”

“The tokens of Satan's kingdom are tokens of death. They cannot function within my kingdom. But my kingdom will prevail against his kingdom, because we're going to bring his kingdom to ashes, and upon those ashes, I will establish my throne in this dimension.” We see that in the book of Revelation.

The history of God is what we prophesy; we prophesy the things that are to come. This is the Spirit of prophesy which is on the lips of all the righteous. We continually prophesy of Christ and his work and his redemption. We're prophesying of those things that have already been established in the history of God.

Our conscience carries this testimony. And the gospel being preached continually addresses the testimony of God in the conscience, of all that will appear. “And he that has the ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” The history of God has already been imprinted in the conscience of every Adamite. And the gospel that is being preached, continually testifies of these things. And those that have ears to hear will reciprocate with faith, that their conscience is in line with God, tethered to his throne.

But those that resist the grace of God want the history of their flesh to be the heritage of their destiny. And it won't be; that is a lie. [pg 17-18]

[Excerpt 4]

“You have a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments;”

or, soiled their priesthood,
“and they shall walk with me in white:”
which (again) reflects the conscience;
“for they are worthy.”
their reward is equivalent to their faith.

The reward is equivalent to your faith. We see this in the book of Revelation. That's why the Lord is going to judge the mother of harlots, “double unto her double”. What she has defiled she must dine upon. And what she dines upon is her own poison.

We see this in the opening chapter of the tribulation, where wormwood will be sprinkled throughout the third of the world from the water reserves. Reservoirs of the world will be so contaminated that those that drink of them will be poisoned; thinking that they're quenching their thirst, they'll be poisoning their body.

That's the knowledge of this world; that's the prince of the powers of the air that works in the children of disobedience. whose garments are soiled (which is their conscience). . . Everything that the world exalts is an abomination to God because everything the world exalts lends certain credibility to their imagination. But that which lends credibility to the imagination is a credibility of a lie because it's going to perish. It doesn't produce faith, and it puts them in a state of wrath, not in the state of grace, but a state of wrath.

That's what the great tribulation is about. God is smiting the earth because of the defiled conscience, that they refused the testimony of God and his Christ. [pg 20]

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